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  1. Boone says could return next week. Yep, crickets. No one gives a **** cuz it's too little too late.
  2. He's definitely flying under the radar. Legit 40 homer threat next year, along with like 80/100 in R and RBI. I (thankfully wrongly) thought this was a lost season. Very impressive return from a fractured hand.
  3. All the position eligibility makes him look very attractive as a keeper. In Yahoo I think he will qualify at 2B, 3B, SS, CF at least, and offers 20/20 potential. Not a fan of the ugly BB/K ratio but that could improve with more experience. Where do you guys see him going next year? Around 100?
  4. I think you mixed me up with something else? (Sure hope no one else suffers from the smurf curse lol)
  5. It's not like no one saw it coming. The Mess front office was probably one of the few who didn't.
  6. 16 team league. Drafted well in some spots and bad in some spots. Late breakout picks include Kepler and Escobar. Picked up Dozier Laureano Garver, etc. Actually my best offensive lineup ever. The bad is didn't get steals. Altuve's become a power hitter. STanton, Olson went down early. Didn't cause me power though. But the lack of steals hurt and BA was pretty bad. Pitching is where I screwed up. Picked Wheeler at pick 130 something which I thought was not bad... but I really should have paid attn to him instead of just looking at 'perts' rankings. The dude's not a pitcher. Also a fateful decision was picking Lucchessi instead of Biebs. Go with the NL guy in a pitcher's park I thought. Yep that worked out. Carrasco got cancer. Montas (another good early pickup) went down, and that marked the end of my season. Piscotty got cancer too, but that was a bad pick even before. Again, another one where I listened to perts instead of doing my own HW. Laziness did me in. Without the injuries I might have had a shot. A big maybe cuz the number 1 team will cruise to the title. It's already over.
  7. Sure looks like pitchers figured him out. I view him next year as a 15-15 candidate with mediocre BA and risk of losing starting job. Not even sure if he will start 2020 with a fixed position.
  8. I would prefer to have the 3rd pick, then the decision is easy... hahaha. If you get the first pick, you're gonna be second guessing yourself. (It would suck to have the 4th pick though and miss out on those 3. Oh well there's always Mookie.)
  9. Curious, why do you think I live in BOS? (I don't)
  10. Yeah, injuries usually dictate who wins when teams/owners are close in talent and ability. The first place team in my league is running away with the title. To his credit he made great picks. At the same time, he's not had a single major injury. Meanwhile, my season was over by early June. Incredible amount of injuries and DTDs. Stanton and Olson went down in the first week. Even had two player cancers and one PED suspension. The trend hasn't stopped. I've just now stopped making roster moves, I am just letting the DTDs fill my roster now.
  11. I find steals really hard to project. At 1 I am taking Trout, the sure thing. I play in an OBP league, I would throw Bregman in the top 10. I personally would take him ahead of Arenado, who's basically a product of Coors. Yes he's an above average player, but his career road OPS is 800. True talent level as a hitter is more 850 OPS, to be generous. Bregman is a legit 900+ OPS guy.
  12. I wonder if spring training may give a hint. Tough to say since spring stats really means nothing.
  13. FG grades his speed at only 40/40. Does he steal successfully because of good instincts? I find it hard to imagine he will run much playing in HOU.
  14. There are very few RPs who are truly elite year to year. Before last year Diaz really wasn't that great. Great stuff but iffy command. A career year kinda inflated the perception of him. Only gave up 17 walks last year in 70+ innings. That was the key. He's not as bad as this year (few pitchers are) but the Mess were dumb to acquire a one inning pitcher after a career season. Smart teams trade them away. It would be such a Mess thing to trade him away now. Everytime I think a team can't be THIS stupid, the Mess prove me wrong.