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  1. Boston Red Sox 2018 Outlook

    Should be a pretty good world series. I am rooting for the Brewers but I think the Dodgers would probably be the tougher opponents. Hard to envision those MIL SPs surviving that BOS lineup. Hader can't pitch every inning.
  2. David Price 2018 Outlook

    It was game 5 and his team was up 3-1 so he had a lot of leeway, but still give him credit for a W.
  3. David Price 2018 Outlook

    If you are BOS do you use him in a critical game. What a handicap.
  4. David Price 2018 Outlook

    Another stinker vs. HOU. Telling that after giving up 4 runs in less than 5IP, Fenway actually cheered for him. What is it like the first game that a team has won a postseason game that Price started?
  5. Does the Draft really even matter anymore?

    Rarely are leagues won in the draft. It's a long season. Definitely need to draft decently (You can't have 15 holes to start and expect to win) but it's what you do during the season that'll make the difference.
  6. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    3b looks pretty deep. I am not worrying whether he qualifies at 3b or not. 1B is surprisingly not that deep so Myers may end up being the better play at 1b anyway. Next year I'll probably look to just draft some other positions first and see which 3B falls to me. A guy like Lamb probably could be had very late as a backup and he could give ya top 15 value and end up the starter for me (assuming he has a job next year, which I think he should). Just pair him with some guys you can rotate (for daily leagues when Lamb faces a lefty). I play in a keeper league and the top guys aren't available anyway. For redraft leagues, obviously go for Ramirez, Arenado etc. early on.
  7. Aaron Boone - Yankees Manager

    Now the Sox just to avoid having to use Price against Yanks.
  8. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

    I have Altuve. I would disagree with him being so high. He should be better next year than this year, but I don't think you can count on 2017 Altuve returning. I think baseline you have to assume 20 steals and not 30 steals. Maybe 15 homers. So like .315 15 25. Is that better than Trea? I think I'd rather have the younger guy. Yelich 35% HR/FB rate. Next year he's gotta slide back under 30 homers right?
  9. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    I personally have him around 200, as a result I will not have him on my team next year because I am sure someone will take him much earlier than that. The guy will be 28 next year, all he needs is some kind of foot/knee/hamstring issue and the 25 steals ppl dream about will become 8. So you have a .250 25 8 hitter with maybe 80 runs and RBI. To be honest though, he's not the kind of guy who will play with a nagging injury, so chances are he won't push it through to play enough to hit 25 homers if he's injured. So I guess it's either 20 homer - 15 SB baseline if he's healthy enough to play 125 games or something like what we saw this year. If he gets off to a good start next year, I'd look to trade him. I traded him after his lone good streak this year and was thankful I did. Didn't get much, but it was better than what he did down the stretch.
  10. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    I like your optimism. If you don't reach for the guy, he's alright to roll the dice on. It just won't be me.
  11. Jose Altuve 2018 Outlook

    I really think he had leg probs most of the year. I agree steals will drop with age but I believe he has at least one more 30+ steal season left in him. The thing that might stop that is the HOU lineup is too good.
  12. David Price 2018 Outlook

    Probably shoulda played more Fortnight so he coulda missed the game. The dude is a major choker. GOAT. I read he's the first SP to not have a win in 10 postseason GS? ERA 6+.
  13. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    In 2016 and 2017, he was primarily a 1b. Could just be coincidence. Next year will tell, if he sticks at 3b. If he's healthy, I think you can reasonably expect a BA around .250 with 20 - 25 homers. The SBs are where he either sets himself apart or just becomes another run of the mill DH type.
  14. Adalberto Mondesi 2018 Outlook

    I didn't even realize this is Raul Mondesi Jr until today lol! lists Raul Mondesi Jr as his bro. Seems like this year there's been many guys taking their game to another level.
  15. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    Do ya think he is next year's number 1? This year was not a fluke in anyway. The dude puts the barrel on the ball so frequently that the only thing that can slow him down is an injury. Plus, he plays in a hitter's park and has a great supporting cast.