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  1. Giancarlo Stanton 2018 Outlook

    Last year, 7.6 WAR, this year 3.4. Worse yet, a bunch of other guys took their power game up to the 30 homer level so his ~35 homers isn't even much of a standout.
  2. Jean Segura 2018 Outlook

    The king of DTD in the 2nd half. His season kinda feels good, except the numbers aren't that great. 9 homers and 20 SBs and 11 CS. Basically a repeat of 2017. Looks like injuries dragged him down. Post-June numbers quite bad.
  3. Eddie Rosario 2018 Outlook

    Looks like he's done for the year so folks still playing for something can punt. What a disappointment since June. OPS for season is barely 800. Y'all think he's a Top 100 player next year? Hopefully we get some explanation why he disappeared when July came around. Had 2 months with 1000+ OPS, below 700 in the other 4. (Not counting March)
  4. September Closer Thread 2018

    Is romo hurt? I have been out of it
  5. Collin McHugh 2018 Outlook

    Struggling a bit lately. Probably dead arm period.
  6. Sean Manaea 2018 Outlook

    Some kind of shoulder thang. Decent season. A's in the hunt so he's probably gonna try to rush back. Hope it doesn't hurt his career.
  7. Wil Myers 2018 Outlook

    There's still time left to be hurt another time after this one.
  8. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    I made lineup moves last night at yahoo. Just found out they didn't save... I am stuck with Nola on the bench.
  9. CJ Cron 2018 Outlook

    he is not very good. He's kinda like Duda Morrison Alonso etc. Right handed DH type. Lots of those 25 homerun low BA guys around. 0 for 4 again while everyone else hits.
  10. 8/22 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Zach F Lin. Really effing it up. He's been crappy since June
  11. Eddie Rosario 2018 Outlook

    Yeah what a disappointing turn of events. Looked like he was really jumping to another level, but he's been MIA for 2 months.
  12. Charlie Morton 2018 Outlook

    What do you guys think of him as a keeper candidate? Definite punt right? This year looks like a lightning in a bottle kind of season. Staying healthy and effective all year. Can he do it for b2b seasons?
  13. Jose Altuve 2018 Outlook

    Basically gotta root for a tight finish to the AL West. Otherwise Altuve probably won't be running much even if he's capable. Nursing a knee. HOU looking to repeat.
  14. 8/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    F u minter
  15. Jean Segura 2018 Outlook

    Yahoo has him NA, but no news...