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  1. I like both of your counter offers. If he doesn't bite, I would still work on it. If someone is that eager they (usually) will eventually pay up.
  2. I hear what you're saying (re: Conforto), but he got ice cold and I was trying to stop the bleeding (it hasnt worked). I also say they have been trash this year, not they are trash. All of them have failed to live up to expectations to a huge degree up to this point in the season. I am leaning towards taking the trade, if for no other reason than to shake things up.
  3. My team is totally dead already. I am in last place in literally every single hitting category. 6x6 roto (OBP, HLD) 8 team league. I took SP with 3 of my first 4 picks (deGrom, Sale, Cole), but took hitters with the next 9 picks: Machado, Rendon, Votto, Albies, Vlad Jr, Nelson Cruz, Mitch Haniger, Juston Upton, Conforto. I missed on literally all of them. They have all been junk. Haniger and Conforto have already been dropped. I dont think its salvageable. It is an 8 team league. I am 21.5 points BEHIND 7th place. That is not a typo. I am a mere 49 pts out of first place. Should I drop Votto? I got offered a trade of my Votto and Chris Sale for their Jose Ramirez and Madison Bumgarner. Should I do that? Votta and Ramirez have both been trash. Sale start off weak but has been amazing lately, while bumgarner has been serviceable. I think ramirez has a better chance to turn his season around than Votto, but the drop off from Sale to Bumgarner is pretty big.
  4. I tried to post a screenshot but it doesnt look like it worked. Screw it, its super dead already. Ignore this post. Can't edit or delete anymore.
  5. My team is in the ****ter. I don't know if it can be saved. I am by no means a fantasy baseball expert, but I have been playing for awhile. I almost always go hitter heavy at the top of my draft, and that hasnt worked out for me the last few years, so I went very pitcher heavy this year. I barely know where to start when trying to address this team. I have already made a bunch of moves to try for some short term gains but not much has worked. 8 team AL/NL league. 6x6 roto. OBP and HLDs are the extra categories. 3 IL slots, 1 NA slot. 1475 innings limit.
  6. Sorry, misread. Reynolds and Conley. Moore is way behind those to in my mind, with Watkins out.
  7. Reynolds, pretty easy choice. Targets are there, they have shown they can support 3 fantasy WRs due to lack of TE usage (unlike the chiefs). Moore is a distant third.
  8. Golladay is going to have absurd targets. Hard to pass that up.
  9. What a trifecta of disappointment. I think its Allen Robinson, although all ugly choices.
  10. Reed has been quite good with McCoy at QB. I would play Reed until he is inactive. I would pick up some insurance though, probably Hooper or Njokou.
  11. I *think* Adams will play, so I am going adams. Cohen could be great, but could get zero. Adams is going to get carries, assuming he is healthy.
  12. I think I would play Sanders AND Hilton over DJ Moore, but you have a lot of good choices. I like Sanders the best of the ones you listed.
  13. All those option sucks. You are going to get it on, its just how fantasy works. I think Ateman in a game they will have to throw, but they are all ugly.
  14. Latest news this morning is that Adams is "on track" to play. I have pivoted to playing Adams with Sproles as a backup option. Leave me a link.
  15. I am 6-6 and have to win to get into the playoffs. The plan was to flex Josh Adams (I had already decided to play him over Ingram, which was looking like the right call). However, with him being Monday night, and popping up on the injury report today, I can't risk it can I? I can play Peyton Barber instead, which isnt great, but its also not terrible. I would be looking at flexing a WR from the Monday night game if I gambled on Adams and he can't go, and all of those options are really bad. I think I just have to bite the bullet and play Barber, right? Leave me a link.