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  1. Luckily you've got a couple of SP's that will be back soon so that should help. I do think a solid closer would help you out. Maybe explore a deal for a closer?
  2. As a Blackmon owner there's not a lot of players I'd trade straight up him for. Trea & Kluber for Blackmon & a pitcher of your would be a starting point. Good luck! Help?
  3. I'd do it. Your getting the best player in the deal plus Hendricks is hurt. Good luck! Help?
  4. Adams needs to be owned ASAP! Even when Freeman comes back it sounds like he'll stick at 1B. Help?
  5. In a keeper league that's a tough one. I'd probably pass plus your team seems to be doing well as it is. Good luck! Help?
  6. I was just offered D. Price, Bellinger, & Rich Hill for Votto & Ian Kennedy. Yay or Nay? H2H League - team & scoring in signature below. Help in advance for any help!
  7. I remember when Rivera got hurt a number of years a go (shagging fly balls) & everyone assumed it would be Robertson since he was the "closer in waiting", the 8th inning guy, had the better stuff, etc. then after a couple of appearances they went with Rafael Soriano. Point is, you never know....
  8. 11:05 EST game tomorrow. We should know nice & early at least.
  9. Not sure how serious a cervical spasm is but it sounds like it could be pretty painful. Hopefully not real serious for Osuna. Grilled Cheese is the obvious add.
  10. Shhhhh. Hopefully the secret won't get out. I'm confident he'll way out perform his ADP & SS ranking.
  11. Definitely bummed he's hitting so low but you have to think if he hits like's capable of he'll hit higher at some point. Bring on some RBI's!
  12. Finally, the voice of reason! On that offense with the amount of touches he'll get he should have productive season. Don't over think it....
  13. I guess it depends on the definition of lengthy. 5-7 seems about right. I think back in the day that's about what James Shields & Coco Crisp got for their brawl (but I don't think any punches landed if that matters).
  14. Watch the replay, not even close. He slid way past bag aiming to take out knees. A split second from blowing out right knee as odor planted it to make the throw. Which is why there is no way in hell Odor will get a lengthy suspension. BS. You can't throw a punch & clock a guy & not expect a pretty lengthy suspension. Even if it's justified. I'm sure he'll appeal whatever the punishment is so he should be able to keep playing for awhile.
  15. He didn't go down. I think that says a lot about his toughness.