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  1. I just wanted a reason to post the gif.
  2. Tyler Gaffney got released.
  3. Exactly. And if he turns in a good season on a one-year "prove it deal," he could cash in for $10M in 2018 on a new deal. Revis playing in 2017 is all about another potential big payday in 2018.
  4. This article explains it well. I didn't realize anything Revis signs for comes off the $6M the Jets owe him. So really, it comes down to how much Revis wants to stick it to the Jets. If he plays for the vet min of $1M, the Jets still owe him $5M. Regardelss, Revis gets $6M minimum to play in 2017. Kinda crazy...
  5. Doesn't he get the $6M from the Jets regardless? So he can sit on the couch and make $6M, or play for $4-5M on top of the $6M guaranteed from the Jets. Didn't he say recently he'd play for the veteran minimum? That guaranteed $6M probably has a lot to do with that.
  6. If Tyreek Hill is going in the third round right now, it's time for me to start drafting for 2017.
  7. I'll probably get crap for this, but I don't like the loss of Ted Ginn. Say what you want about Ginn, but he made plays in Carolina and had good deep ball chemistry with Cam. Who do they have to take the top off the defense now? Olsen wasn't as good last season, and after a monster Week 1 KB turned in a crap season. I do like Funchess, so there's still hope, but the lack of weapons is a bit of a concern to me. That said, if Cam can make up for some of that with his rushing, he should be ok. I was all over him 2 years ago at his price (10th round plus in most leagues) and considered him a DND at his ADP last summer. The biggest thing I'll need to see is if Cam goes before the likes of Winston and Mariota, because if he does, I'll probably just wait and try to snag one of those two (or TyGod if they aren't there).
  8. The whole appeal of Gordon to me is he's the only show in town on what I think will be an elite offense. Add in a young stud like Mixon, and I'm nope-ing him down my draft board to the point where I would never own him.
  9. He interests me because coming out of college he reminded me of Marshawn the way he ran. I owned a ton of him his rookie year and none of him last year after they signed Foster. What appeals to me is still his running style, Miami's offensive line, Gase's hand in the offense, and the lack of another potential 20 touch back currently on the Miami roster. I also feel like if I choose to go WR early, Ajayi could be a player that falls to me in Rounds 3-4. Would anyone be surprised if a full season of Ajayi > a full season of Howard next year? It could happen, only you won't have to draft Ajayi in the first 15 picks.
  10. Just draft Mike Evans or A.J. Green instead.
  11. If I'm drafting an RB in the first round, it won't be a one dimensional one like Howard. As of right now I'd rather have Bell, Zeke, DJ, Gordon, McCoy, Murray and maybe Freeman/Ajayi. I worry that Howard will be too gameflow dependent to take that high, whereas these other backs rarely leave the field (aside from Freeman who shares with Coleman). This is from a PPR perspective though...
  12. Agree with the others about Doctson – love his measureables and upside, but I can't say he'll be a hindrance to Pryor until I see him play at the NFL level. Also, I don't read too much into the money because Pryor's situation is unique. How much do you pay a backup QB with freak athleticism who decided to switch positions and turned in a good season his first year playing as a WR? I guess we found out the answer.
  13. Kirk Cousins led the league in air yards last season - he likes to push the ball downfield and challenge the defenses with long throws. With Djax gone, the Redskins have no proven WRs to fill that deep threat role. Reed is certainly capable, but he's not as explosive as Pryor. Crowder is a slot guy and Garcon, another decent deep threat, is gone. While they may not run their offense through Pryor, I think he should at least get the same amount of targets Djax got while there. Add in his usage in the red zone, and it's easy to see why people think Cousins to Pryor will be money in 2017. Also, I don't understand your Garcon comment. He was clearly brought in to be the top WR there.
  14. Definitely not promoting Baldwin as someone you want to be your WR1, so no need to compare him to the Julios of the world. Ideally I'd love to have him as my flex, but if somehow I end up with 2 RBs in the first 3 rounds, I would be fine with him as my WR2.
  15. I'd be pretty surprised if Cooks, Hopkins and Allen all went after Baldwin in drafts. I'd guess by August the ADPs will change. Other names I could see going before Baldwin are Watkins, Marshall, Jeffery, and Robinson. Long story short - I do not think Baldwin will be the 11th player off the board or a top 25 pick come the summer. I'm thinking 4th, 5th round is where we see him go in 12-team leagues.