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  1. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Ah, but it has everything to do with Cooper. When you say you're starting him, how can we trust you? You need to regain our trust, Mr. Cleats. Otherwise I feel like I'm trusting a used car salesman.
  2. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Titans have a bye after this game too, so it would make sense to rest Murray this week to give him some extra rest.
  3. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    My whole world has been turned upside down after seeing you benched Henry. Food doesn't taste the same, colors look dull, and I often sit staring at the wall pondering the meaning of life.
  4. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    But is he better than Alex Collins?
  5. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    I can't be inconvenienced with reading this dumpster fire of a thread.
  6. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Unless you offer insight into how you've arrived at this conclusion, no one will care.
  7. Jordan Matthews 2017 Outlook

    Without knowing your record, your roster and your settings, this question can't be answered fairly.
  8. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Does Peters shadow? I want to guess no, but I'm not entirely sure. If he stays on his side away from Cooper, Amari could be in line for some more looks as Crab battles with Peters.
  9. Marlon Mack 2017 Season Outlook

    There were at least three designed passing plays for him in the game Monday night, but he didn't come down with any of them. I know one of them was a bad throw by Brissett. With Turbin gone, you'd think Mack would step in to take his touches. But who knows with Pagano. He might have some "lessons" to teach the rookie for whatever dumb reason, and we could see Matt Jones be the new Turbin. Mack is worth a stash, and I don't mind gambling on him this week in the hope that Pagano gets his head out of his a** and gives the kid some more playing time.
  10. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Don't let things like this make your decisions for you.
  11. Jordan Matthews 2017 Outlook

    Obviously, but it's a pretty good bet that he'll see most of the targets not going to McCoy once he fully returns. Even if you don't have a great need at WR, he's good depth to have on your bench. And I'd rather pick him up now when he's free than after a game where he gets 10 targets. Of course, it doesn't mean sacrifice your matchup this week to get him on your team now. If you have the room, now is the time to add him.
  12. Jordan Matthews 2017 Outlook

    Pick him up now before it's too late.
  13. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    Tough to trust now that Lewis is getting some of his touches, and the return of Burkhead looms. He's nothing more than a bench stash, break glass in case of emergency player for me right now, and in ppr Im not holding unless my rbs are an absolute disaster.
  14. 2017 Rotoworld Mock Real League

    This league is fun. With Baldwin a game-time decision, I had to move him into my flex position. If he's out, I'll have to roll with McKissic unless news comes down that Reed won't play and I can flex Vernon Davis.