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  1. Yes, def. I was on vacation in Lake George, NY from Wednesday-Sunday but we just got back today so I'll be available.
  2. Garcon for a $1? Steal.
  3. Im ready to rock whenever. Settings look fine to me.
  4. Not all defenses need to "cheat up" to stop the run. And Melvin will face the 25th worst RB schedule this season based on last season's fantasy points allowed to RB rankings. Don't get me wrong, he's still a first rounder. I just don't think it's all sunshine and lollipops for his outlook. That schedule could be an issue...
  5. Yeah, we're talking like Tomlinson in his prime ridiculous considering he had like 2000 total yards last year when you include his receiving stats.
  6. 1200 for DJ last season. *shrug*
  7. Doubtful. I would bet on Bell, DJ, Zeke, McCoy, Gordon, Ajayi, Murray and maybe even Howard before Fournette.
  8. Fournette 3.6 McCaffrey 4.3 Mixon 5.3 Cook 6.3 Hunt 7.3 Joe Williams 10.10 Kamara 11.8 Mack 12.10 Jamaal Williams 13.4 Foreman 15.8 Connor 17.3 Gallman 17.7 McNichols 18.11
  9. Took the dive on LF in the 3rd round of a 12-team ppr draft. Love the talent and the RB schedule for him this year, though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about a rookie RB playing with Bortles. I do have a glimmer of hope that if Bortles sux again, Coughlin will force him out as the starter for Henne.
  10. Only until Week 8 when the rookie unseats Smith.
  11. My updated take on Tyreek is I think he's being unfairly compared to Tavon Austin and CPatt. Hill has already shown he can beat man and zone coverage, and he can also track and come down with the ball on deep routes better as evidenced by his contensted catch rate. Also really like the multiple gif highlights I found of him beating Chris Harris and Richard Sherman. Those are two of the league's best, and Hill just straight up beat them. I do think he'll be second in targets behind Travis Kelce, just because Kelce is more of a mismatch in the middle of the field. But among WRs, I don't see why Hill couldn't be the top target. Alex Smith will always limit the weapons around him just because he's so conservative, but at the right price I wouldnt mind owning Hill as a flex. I know he was going 3rd round before, which is crazy, but I have a feeling he's probably being a little underdrafted now bc people just assume he'll be a gadget player.
  12. It wasn't a trap. Harris got burned but Alex Smith got hit on the throw, causing it to sail. Otherwise would have likely been a huge gain for Tyreek.
  13. I haven't seen a Rob Ryan choke that bad since the last time his defense played Tom Brady.