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  1. I plan to. Mariota as well. We'll see. If someone I like is there in rounds 6-7 I'll pounce (Brees last year, Cam year before). If not, I'll just wait and take someone like Eli, Tyrod, Cousins, Wentz.
  2. The poster child for late round QB, though it seems like the secret is now out.
  3. I think he'll be a weekly RB2 with a few big games sprinkled in. A very solid choice in Round 2 in both standard and ppr. The addition of Foreman via the draft, I think, is more for depth than it is a problem for Miller's job security. Both Savage and Watson, whoever starts, should be an upgrade over Bork Erswerler.
  4. Sounds like Cincy is over the Hill. Mixon is my early favorite for rookie of the year. Hill sucks and Gio is coming off a bad injury. I believe they have a favorable RB schedule on paper too. Sign me up.
  5. They have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. Those who pass on Cam this year in the mid rounds will regret it.
  6. The Titans had the 2nd overall run defense last season in terms of rushing yards allowed per game (88.3). The Chargers were 10th and Pittsburgh was 13th. Not sure how those 4 matchups would equate to "RB1 games."
  7. Means nothing for skill position players. You'll be eating your words in two years assuming you are still around.
  8. TO isn't in because of his antics. Tony Gonzalez is not only one of the greatest RECEIVERS of all time (top 6 in yards and TDs among WRs all time), but he's a class act on and off the field. You are dead wrong if you think he won't get in on the first vote, and I would bet you literally anything if you disagree.
  9. I'll take Cam in the 6th if he's there. The Panthers have one of the easiest schedules on paper this year, so I expect a big bounce back from this team overall.
  10. Um, no. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer and will easily make it in when he's eligible in 2019. Where on earth did you read that he "may be" a Hall of Famer but it's going to "take some time." Not only is Tony one of the best TEs ever, his statistics rank him among the greatest WRs of all time too. #end of history lesson
  11. Bold Prediction: Lynch finishes the season as a top 12 PPR back if he plays all 16 games. I understand Lynch is coming back from retirement, but the RB landscape as a whole is a pretty big steaming pile of ish aside from a handful of players. I like his offensive line and his offense as a whole, and he has obviously shown he can be a workhorse. I think at worst you'll get a TD dependent back that ends up being no worse than Latavius Murray was with Oakland last season. Fourth round? Seems fair.
  12. Gonna be funny when Ingram gets benched for fumbling, AP comes in, fumbles as well, and Travaris Cadet leads the team in snaps the rest of the game. I see this happening at least once next season.
  13. *complement. Unless you think the Dolphins will sign Charles so he can tell Ajayi how cool his dreads look.
  14. Hogan, Gillmore, Gillislee...I can't wait until Tyrod Taylor leads the Pats to a win in Super Bowl 54.