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  1. Anyone get sniped bad in this one? @ToO_BaD put me on tilt three times by taking Damien Williams, Hooper, and Big Ben right before me.
  2. Notes on my last player picks. Not doing notes on kickers or defense. J. Winston: QB in Arians system. Spread em and shred em. Chronic underachiever. Weapons galore in Evans, Godwin, Howard. Make or break season. Soft NFC South schedule. Stream worthy at the least. M. Andrews: 34-552-3 in '18 as a rookie. Improved when Ljax took over. Led rookie tes in yards after catch (198). Top graded rookie te by pff. 129.9 passer rating when targeted. Can stretch defenses. 2.01 yards per route was behind only Kittle, Ertz, Kelce, Howard. D. Prescott: 3884-22-8-67.7 in 3rd year. 305-6 rushing. 25 yrs old. Career passer rating of 96.0 is better than Wentz (92.5) and Goff (94.7). Opens season with Cooper/Cobb/Gallup as primary WRs. Return of Witten. C. Herndon: 39-502-4 as rookie in '18. Suspended first 4 games. Led all pass-catchers with 152.7 passer rating when targeted in the red zone. Deadly from slot. PFF's 2nd highest graded rookie TE (Andrews). D. Samuel: 5-11, 214, 4.50. 2nd round pick. Returned 4 kicks for tds at S. Carolina. Forced 21 missed tackles on 62 catches (4th most in '19 class). Could be #2 for 49ers with Jimmy G. return.
  3. No, Reed is way low in my TE rankings due to his injury history.
  4. 12.14 Dak Prescott 13.01 Christopher Herndon
  5. I love Isabella as a prospect but Kirk looked every bit the part of a stud WR despite crap QB play and a season derailed by injury. I think it's a little extra to already say he's the best WR. Again, I have big expectations for Isabella but Im not ready to say I like him more than Kirk yet.
  6. The "slot dynamo?" He played more than 63 percent of his snaps outside the hashes at UMass. You're most likely looking at Kirk/Isabella on the outside with Fitz in the slot, though they can all play inside and outside. I do love Isabella though, just not sure where this slot wr stuff is coming from.
  7. Disagree. I think it'll be Moncrief. Reports saying he's looking good already.
  8. I was all set to go Moncrief and Hooper. Thanks, jerks. 10.14 Jameis Crablegs Winston 11.01 Mark Andrews
  9. Too bad you couldnt pair him with Alshon Jeffries