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  1. I'm on board with Patterson and Dorsett as nice bench stashes, depending on league format. FWIW, Dorsett has been running with the first team for a while now in their base 11 formation (3WR, TE, RB) with Hogan and Edelman. Obviously with Edelman out 4 weeks, that leaves a spot open for a guy like Patterson. Rumors beem floating around here for a bit now that they will add another WR via trade. A few names mentioned have been DT, Sanders, Cobb, Golden Tate, Parker. If that happens, Dorsett and CP84 will probably be afterthoughts.
  2. Thus completes the 2018 Roto Experts League Draft. Fitting that @predator_05 had the last choice, as he will likely be finishing last in the standings as well. And before you respond, shut up.
  3. Wink takes Robbie Gould Bratwurst takes Dallas Goedert from the one and done SB champs Manti Taobball takes Donte Moncrief @predator_05 is otc, and it is ticking.
  4. Pete takes Darren Sproles, RB, AARP I'll take Jonathan Williams, RB, Nawlins @Impreza178
  5. Delanie Walker, TE, Titans @Impreza178 @Lord_Varys
  6. It's about damn time they moved him to the slot. I can't wait to see what play action to Royce opens up for Sanders over the middle.
  7. Think his upside is Golden Tate once Fitz retires. Happy to own both in dynasty.
  8. The way things are going you might not be able to get him at the 2-3 turn for much longer.
  9. Prez takes Alshon Jeffery, WR, Eagles. I'll take Chris Thompson, RB, Redskins.
  10. I'm not a fanboy of OBJ at all, just trying to look at it from a logical standpoint. So because I questioned your logic I'm just a blind fan of the player who can't look at things objectively? Yeah, ok. For anyone wondering why I rarely post on these boards anymore, here's a prime example. Done wasting my time. ??