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  1. Need another owner for this, for the Az can trade in your franchise.....want to fill quickly.
  2. I have a 16 team franchise dynasty league where you get to keep draft picks your franchise makes....other than that, no ties to franchise. Got one opening. Email if interested.
  3. Been on Flea for many of my own leagues....I'd join your 22 keeper league...but not interested in GroupMe....if that's a deal breaker.
  4. Full dynasty with farm teams Quality squad that finished 6th....Aho, Drouin, GibsonJ, etc, etc.
  5. You can have anyone on your team...not tied to franchise....but you get to keep franchise draft picks each year. Anaheim and Dallas are open...but owners can trade in for other open franchises.
  6. Not exactly roto, but started this Fleaflicker Dynasty Points league. Good owners.....trying for 16 draft as soon as filled. Might go with less teams to get started.
  7. Still need some more owners to fill this...have 10, was set for 16, but may stop short....need more than 10 for sure.
  8. I'm interested for sure....but hate to say I don't do live drafts anymore.....any thought to the pro portion also being slow live?
  9. I have two deep Yahoo dynasty leagues, if you are still looking. 1) 16 team franchise get to keep your franchise draft choices, if you see fit. 16 keepers....think have 2 openings. 2) 17 team dynasty roto.......full dynasty...unsure if any openings yet. Both leagues have been around for many years, and are not going anywhere. You can reach me at
  10. Not sure if you filled yet.....I'm interested, but only if not a live draft.....well experienced and run many of my own leagues.
  11. What site do you use? Too many forget to post that here:(
  12. If you want another, I started a new dynasty points league on Fleaflicker:
  13. Free, full dynasty, with email draft