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  1. Please choose 2 I need pf right now I have kuzma and aminu. Thanks
  2. Points and 3's help needed WHIR

    Keep murray.
  3. Or should I drop lavine? Thanks
  4. I would pick ariza and wcs. Your drop would be josh,markannen.
  5. He was drop should I pick him up and drop who? Jaylen brown or john collins?
  6. He was drop should I pick him up and drop who? Jaylen brown or john collins?
  7. Porzingis for Curry?

    I would do this trade. You will have towns and curry wow!
  8. John collins or len?whir

    Thanks dropping len for collins
  9. Who would you have, I need blocks and rebounds. william is out until nov and Collins upside is nice too. For team 2. Thanks
  10. Pick up which FA?

    Well lebron is the best player in nba right now, in fantasy?? Not really haha I think your a hardcore laker fan haha
  11. Pick up which FA?

    Haha this is fantasy and not real basketball. Ofcourse in real basketball I would choose ingram. Ingram is your weakest player thats why. Im not saying ingles is better than ingram. What I tried to say is i like ingles more than ingram because of his contribution in all stats.
  12. Pick up which FA?

    Will see, I watched basketball a lot. And real basketball and fantasy is No need to argue if you know a lot then why bother ask help here. Its my opinion and if you dont like it you can just ignore it. Im not into arguments. Haha
  13. Pick up which FA?

    Ok its your team. Ive been in fantasy basketball in awhile. And by the way, I like ingles because I played roto. Lets see if ingram will breakout this season. I expect ingles to average 10pt 4reb 4assist 1.7 3s and 1.5steals.