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  1. Would you guys draft seth curry over hield, markief morris and josh richardson?
  2. No i wont do that keep your picks
  3. Or evan turner?
  4. Thanks. So ill drop seth curry for jrich?
  5. How about dropping markieff also?
  6. Who do you think my drops? Fa: tony parker,lawson,jennings,evan turner, bogdabovic,josh richardson, stein,noah,dedmon
  7. Thanks by the way this is a roto league
  8. 9 cat 12 team roto. 1. kawhi 2. millsap 3. isaiah thomas 4. myles turner 5. teague 6. russell 7. thad young 8. kanter 9. hood 10. capela 11. hield 12. markieff morris 13. seth curry
  9. Vucevic too.
  10. Please rate these bigs. Brolo,lamarcus,pau,marc and porzingis. Thanks
  11. Fournier no doubt.
  12. Im thinking picking up lowry as my 2nd round pick. Would it be crazy to pick dipo instead of lowry? Whir thanks
  13. For me kaminsky powell jakob warren nik
  14. I would choose dunn at 2dollars