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  1. Thanks i just need rebounds and points. I dont know if its a good trade for me. I just got also griffin and wiggins.
  2. if this is a keeper then i would go with jokic if not get horford and beal
  3. Do you think i lose this trade?
  4. I traded away kawhi millsap and d angelo rusell for westbrook adams and harison barnes. Is it a good trade? I need points and rebounds. Thanks
  5. Should i drop hood or clarkson and use my waiver 4? By the way i already drop kanter for zubac.
  6. Sorry for the post i wont accept this trade
  7. Would you do this? Thanks
  8. If your good in pg spot i would take dieng.
  9. You need embid more than bledsoe so i would keep him
  10. Iam number 1 right now in roto league espn. Iam down in rebound should i make this trade?
  11. I would do this trade hill is too injured prone.
  12. Yes if you want paul, paul>lillard.
  13. Stay put but i would consider millsap offer.