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  1. Waiver wire help!?

    Need it long term. Melo, mcgruder or tj warren? Whir
  2. Trade accepted, whos winning? WHIR

    I like the allen side long term
  3. Crowder or Hart? WHIR

    Crowder for me
  4. Who wins? Whir

  5. Drop melo for Jerami? Whir

    Yes and its hard to find steaks and blocks
  6. Drop sexton? Whir

    Dont mind my sig btw but still in a 14 team league
  7. Drop sexton? Whir

    Would you drop sexton or hold?
  8. Where To Improve WHIR

    No link
  9. Who would you drop and for who? WHIR

    Siakam still on waiver? Get him now and drop sga
  10. Trading Giannis? Please Help - WHIR

    Nooo keep giannis.
  11. I like that trade. If he wants another piece try to get caris and give gallo.
  12. Rate my team WHIR

    Your team is good but i think your weak in steals. I would drop anderson mkg anf turner and add playera who can shoot 3s to compliment harden and lillard.
  13. Trade help! Whir

    Yes booker lebron davis too
  14. I need pf do this trade? Thanks