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  1. Trade help!

  2. Trade help!

    My middleton adams for his kanter redick and ingles. I like the offer what do you think?
  3. Trade help! Will help back! 100%

    Try middleton for turner

    I like jrich but if your in head to head ill go with klay and gordon
  5. My booker thomas bryant for nurkic dsj? Help

    He also offered me my kat for his kemba and turner But i declined..
  6. I really need nurkic for his rebound and blocks. Should i do this? Booker will be rested soon too. Accept? Thanks
  7. I need blocks should i do this?
  8. I have prince gary harris and booker. Who would you suggest please rate them. Malik beasley, dotson, bembry, bridges
  9. Holmes or mitch rob?

    14 team roto. Thanks
  10. Pick 4 of these! WHIR 100

    Gordon, green(steals blocks 3s), matthews, jerami
  11. Best Free Agent...WHIR!

    Drop sato and green, pick kieff and jj