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  1. I need fg% assist and rebounds. Accept blake for millsap?
  2. D angelo. But i already rejected the offer. How about millsap for griffin?
  3. Thanks. Forget the past offer. I talked to griffins owner and i think his okay. Should i do griffin for millsap? Thanks
  4. Kat side just because i dont trust ad's health
  5. This is for my team 1. Need fg% assist and rebounds. 1. My millsap russell for his jimmy butler 2. My millsap teague for lebron plus either bogdanovic, mkg or henson Thanks
  6. Keep bradley. I would trade lou kcp clarkson.
  7. I think i would keep williams and drop della for green or ersan
  8. I would go with kat. His a top 10 player. Plus adding avery. I would take this
  9. I think he should add another player to make it fair.
  10. I need 3s and ft%. Should i do this? Would you choose love over millsap without knowing needs? Thanks
  11. Accept this? Anyone else?
  12. Thanks. His drop is murray.