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  1. High probability for tons of garbage points.
  2. I agree. He's my only option though. Let the fantasy gods be on our side this week.
  3. So you don't see this game as possibly having the same script as the NE game? LAR will find ways to put points up on the scoreboard and Da Bears will be playing keep up. Also, with Talib back, the perimeter is not where you wanna be chucking the ball too much against the Rams. Burton is better with Trubisky than Daniels, that;s for certain. I dunno.....I'm not particularly high on the kid but all the arrows are pointing in his favor to put up numbers in this game. We'll see... With the news of Trubs playing, I am rolling with Burton over Brate. N.O. has been air-tight against TE's this season.
  4. Wait, whu?! I just scooped him up due to being desperate with Gordon on the sidelines. Crowell DNP yesterday and today and is banged up. BUFF isn;t all that great vs the run. Also, hopefully Darnold checks down more than McCown. Not saying that I am plugging in Elijah yet but if Crowell doesn;t go, he is as good of a dart throw as one can hope for for the Gordon owners in Week 14. I can't rely on Jordan Howard. ugh
  5. Yahoo needs to get it's act together. Complete BS that Samuels still has TE eligibility.
  6. So, who has the guts to start this guy in the playoffs? And over who? thinking of starting him over Lamar Jackson.
  7. This is the only week I have been optimistic about Sutton and the first time I am putting him in my lineup. Like the above poster said, if it doesn't happen today, it won't.
  8. That KC game is gonna be HUGE so I can see them wanting him to go for that game. Just hope he is healthy enough and doesn't reaggravate anything. At least this time off will heal up his hamstring issue too.
  9. Same with Hunt. He ran a 4.62 and was said to lack burst. Williams has proven himself when given the opportunity in college. He was just stuck behind Fournette and Guice. He's worth a wth stash if you have a spot to blow.
  10. Depends on who you got, but yes, absolutely.
  11. Who benefits more if Mack is out? Wilkins or Hines? Both are probably on the WW in most leagues.
  12. This guy doesn't need many touches to produce. Risky play but huge potential.
  13. Thanks for the reply. It seems like that would be in the main interest of the player/agent and not the team though. Not sure they have that call to limit themselves... I just hope he's able to play and remain healthy enough to be very productive. If not, hopefully we can get the news sooner rather than later. I'll be paying attention to Schefter's tweets tonight/early AM.
  14. Could one of you guys explain this to me? I'm genuinely interested in why this may have to do with his contract.