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  1. Oddly no one wants to talk about this, which is the most important matter considering the purpose of this forum. They just want to debate what constitutes assault. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. ? I don't own Adrian Peterson. What's your point?
  3. Sooo all this bickering is fun and all but to get back on topic... Hunt can be safely dropped in redraft leagues? Or is there some reason I should continue to hold onto him? No chance he plays again this season on another team, right?
  4. They had put a waiver claim in on another player who was previously dropped (Sanu) and must not have been paying attention to the news and the claim got processed the day after the Hyde trade, and the player they were dropping in the claim was Chubb. The owner must be beating his head against the wall right now. So Chubb is on waivers. I have $29 left of my $100 FAAB. Do I go all in and spend all $29 on him? My other RBs are Hunt, McCaffrey, Peterson, R. Freeman, Clement. I'm thin at WR so considering moving Peterson for a WR if I get Chubb.
  5. WR Coutee vs BUF or WR K. Cole at DAL Standard
  6. Standard: RB Clement @ Giants or RB Peterson vs Panthers Clement Pro: Believed to lead the backfield, better pass blocker than Smallwood, usually gets red zone snaps Clement Con: Smallwood might lead the backfield who knows, has looked good in recent weeks Peterson Pro: Clear lead back, has looked good, practicing in full as of Thursday Peterson Con: If Panthers take lead early he might get replaced with Thompson, shoulder injury that held him out 2 quarters could limit/get reaggravated
  7. Rumblings that McCoy could be traded to the Eagles. Would Ivory be the number one in Buffalo were that to happen? Considering grabbing Ivory just in case.
  8. Why'd you show me this? Now you've got me figuring out who to drop to stash him. First run had incredible downfield blocking, but second big run was beast, juked that dude outta his shoes!
  9. For Denver DST owners who have a bench spot, if the Seattle DST is available they not only make a great one-week fill-in since you don't wanna start Denver DST against KC, but the next few weeks they complement each other perfectly with the matchups through week 8.
  10. There was a lot of debate about Murray's value in this thread. Now that Week 1 is in the books, what do you guys think? Cook vs Murray snaps: Player Team Position Started Total Snaps Off Snaps Off Snap Pct Def Snaps Def Snap Pct ST Snaps ST Snap Pct 33-D.Cook MIN RB YES 57 57 80% 0 0% 0 0% 25-L.Murray MIN RB NO 14 14 20% 0 0% 0 0% Cook vs Murray stats: Player Tm Att Yds TD Lng Tgt Rec Yds TD Lng Fmb FL Latavius Murray MIN 11 42 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dalvin Cook MIN 16 40 0 15 7 6 55 0 17 1 1
  11. I just picked up Hunt in a trade. Guess I was buying low. Happy to be aboard! Hoping he leads me to the promised land! Though as a lifelong Eagles fan, I know OH SO VERY WELL how frustrating Andy Reid can be when it comes to the run game. Like others have said, I'm hoping a prolific passing attack open things up in the run game. The question is... does Andy then actually run it?
  12. He gets: RB L. Bell TE J. Reed I get: RB K. Hunt 12-team non-PPR. Neither of us own RB J. Conner. The Hunt owner just lost TE G. Olsen to a broken foot.
  13. I like the idea of opening up some spots for Cook/Enunwa but you would be overpaying for Rivers I think. Maybe one or two of your lesser WRs plus Jimmy if he, seemingly, is looking to boost his WRs. And I like the Enunwa grab the most but I see your other TE is Reed (I just traded him away). He's solid but he's fragile and has a week 4 BYE anyway, so you'll need another TE pretty soon. Cook might be the more practical grab, but if you free up two spots I'd grab both.
  14. Hold Chicago for reasons others said (ROS value). Grab Engram. I am a Cole owner too and want to hold him to see how things pan out but I think Engram will be more valuable to your team. And you'll be needing to drop someone for a TE week 5 anyway.