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  1. The team is now filled. Thanks for the interest.
  2. We need a replacement for the Stanford Raiders. This is our 11th season. 16 teams keep 20 out of 24 Draft (4 rounds): Sunday (1st) 10pm est. Same order each round. 2 RB, 3 WR, and OP (super flex) Roster rules: We have unique roster rules in this league. This is from our constitution: You must represent a NFL team, and a college in the the same state. You represent them by having a minimum of 4 franchise players made up from a combo of the current NFL team, and the college's alumni. You must keep a 4 min at all times, and a minimum of one from each. At a minimum these are the following combos you need to have one of; 1 from your college 3 from your NFL team, 2 from each, or 3 from your college and 1 from your NFL Team. It is up to the owners to stay of top of their rosters and keep up with the requirements. If they don't then there will be penalties enforced (usually loss of draft pick). You may make slight adjustments to your team name, but in some way the Location must represent the school, and the Nickname must represent the NFL team. You can change the NFL team and college you represent, if you have or acquire the players needed to make the change. The team needing to be replaced is the Stanford Raiders. To be honest, it's in pretty bad shape (especially after losing Luck) but it has some pieces and the 3rd pick in the draft. Link to Roster: Settings: The new owner needs to be a strong player, knowing the incoming rookies well and having the commitment and patience to bring this roster back to contention. This is a project in need of a BOSS. If that's you, hit me up. Sky Email:
  3. This team has now been filled. Thank you for the interest.
  4. Last place team isn't setting his lineup so he's gone...... THe team has Harper, Vlad, Bregman, Bauer and more. We keep 30 of 40 (10 round draft, same order each round). LInk to settings: Link to team: Trade deadline is Sept 10th so the new owner has time to make deals for next year. If you want the team tell me a bit about yourself and I'll get you in if you are a good fit. Serious owners only please. -Sky
  5. It’s not. It’s commissioner has control. It just takes too long for nine people to vote. I’ve been running money leagues for many years, there will be no funny business. If needed league members can vouch for me. Hey man (and everyone else),kind of a busy day here I’ll check back at lunch. Thanks
  6. Hey. Thanks for your interest. ESPN no longer defaults to Eastern time. If you live on the west coast the draft will say 5:30. The time is 8:30Est/5:30PST. It's set to "none allowed" so no one picks any players up. ONce keepers lock I set it to unlimited. Yes it's the ESPN soft limit. Because so many games start simultaneously there is no way to know which starts should be the 12th, 13th etc, so adjusting after the fact is impossible if people go over. IT's not that bad. IF people stream that hard, they end up decimating their team. It's a pretty deep league, there isn't a lot of pitching available on the wire.
  7. Replacement Needed: This league is going into it's 11th season. It is highly competitive and has a great core of owners. Every year it's a tough fought battle. 16 Teams H2H Points $40.00 (League Safe) Auction Draft, 0-6 keepers. Value based on previous season's auction value, plus inflation scale. Settings Link: Pays out: 1st Place= $320, 2nd Place= $160, 3rd Place- $80, 4th Place- $40, Most Points For after the Regular Season- $40 The draft date is Sunday March 24th, 8:30 PM Est (not negotiable). Team Needing to be Replaced: "Coming Soon" Best keeper options: Scherzer $24, Wilson Ramos $6, Matt Chapman $5, Shaw $8, Scooter $1, Moustakas $14 A good drafter could make this team great. Stud players are always available in the draft. Keep in mind, you aren’t forced to keep anyone if you don’t want. (0-6 keepers) If you would like to join us, please email me at and let me know a little bit about yourself. I can also send you the league's constitution to check out. The new owner would need to make the LeagueSafe payment right away. About me: I’ve been running $$ leagues on ESPN for 12+ years. I run smooth, competitive, no BS leagues. You can join with the confidence that you won’t have to put up with bush league crap like so many of these leagues advertising on here will put you through. Thank you for your interest. Sky Emerson
  8. No max/pace for roto leagues, are you kidding ESPN?! ...and that's just one deal breaker for the crappy new format. Any slowdraft fantrax leageus out there? Or fantrax league needing a replacement? IF so hit me up. Sky
  9. Looking for a replacement owner for someone who didn't show for the draft. Free ESPN 11th season H2H (each category) 16 teams (many of the original owners) 10 cat (standard 8 plus TO & DD) 4 keepers. Must keep a 2 min from the NBA team you are affiliated with. Must carry 3 during season (from affiliate team). Snake Draft (8 rounds) Settings: The team needing to be replaced is the Spurs. It's not in great shape and needs a strong owner to get it going on the right track. Even if this ends up being a rebuild year, it will be worth joining this league. The new owner will need to immediately add a 3rd Spur player, as the old owner on autodraft failed to meet the requirement of 3 Spurs. Changing franchises is an option if the new owner can add the necessary players from a franchise not already taken. Spurs roster: I don't like replacing owners. Please only join if you're highly competitive and in it for the next 2 seasons at a minimum. If you would like to join, email me at and tell me a bit about yourself. Post draft waivers clear tonight (the 12th), so if we get you in now you'll have a shot at the top undrafted players (besides the Spur you'll need to pick up). Thanks for your interest. Sky-LM
  10. It looks like we still have room for one more!
  11. This league is now full. Thanks everyone who reached out.
  12. Looking for a couple of owners for 12 team roto: 3rd season 12 teams Standard Roto $40 LeagueSafe (pays out top 4) No keepers (redraft) Draft order randomized prior to draft (once filled/paid) Snake Draft: Sunday Oct 14th, 7:30 est Settings: I've been running Money leagues on espn for 10+ years. You can expect a competitive league with no bush league bs. Please only join if you can immediately make the leaguesafe deposit. Once the new owners make their payments, I'll use the rotoworld draft randomizer to set the order. If everything sounds good, email me at and tell me a little bit about yourself. Thanks for your interest, Sky-LM
  13. Looking for two replacement owners: Free ESPN 11th season H2H (each category) 16 teams (many of the original owners) 4 keepers. Must keep a 2 min from the NBA team you are affiliated with. Must carry 3 during season (from affiliate team) Snake Draft: Thursday at 9:30 est Settings: The teams available are: Utah Jazz: Picks 15th Obviously Porzingis being out sucks, but this team has a strong core and could be a contender with a strong draft. Going into the draft with: Anthony Davis Ricky Rubio Kristaps Porzingis Rudy Gobert Charlotte Hornets: picks #1 This teams is obviously not strong and needs a good owner! I've replaced this teams owner more than once, and we really need a motivated person to swing some deals and pull off the long play of bringing this team to contention. The number 1 overall pick helps. Going into the draft with: Bogdan Bogdanovic Nicolas Batum Malik Monk Kemba Walker I don't like replacing owners. Please only join if you're highly competitive and in it for the next 2 seasons at a minimum. If you would like to join, email me at and tell me a bit about yourself. Thanks for your interest. Sky-LM