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  1. Week 1 I score 202 and lose by 3 points, this guy in the last 3 weeks has scored 120,131 and 77!!! Yesterday I needed anything/something from Prescott and Cooper vs his Elliott, but his Elliott scores b/c Jarwin couldn't get in the end zone. I lose by 2.9 points, would have been .9 if he doesn't throw that INT at the end ----- DJ couldn't get 1 more receiving yard for 100 and my 5 point bonus?? OK I feel a little better now
  2. How did he get a W however? I see other pitchers before him...
  3. Going to lose to start in all 3 leagues: 1 league gonna lose 17-1 due to my wonderful pitching 1 league guy had 13 starters and due to my starting pitching so losing that points league by 60 lastly going to lose by 50 or so points due to my starting pitching see a trend here? Love Eduardo Rodriguez
  4. Yankees are just plain brutal ---- seems like they switched uniforms with the O's and Tigers ----- Fantasy Baseball ..... gotta love it ......
  5. 5 teams 0-5 didn’t score 100 in any of them —- already way behind in points for any tiebreakers. Already hating football
  6. that's dumb, a 3 run lead is a 3 run lead
  7. Maybe I'm stupid, but why did Neris not get a save --- it was a 3 run lead correct?
  8. Anyone know when Knebel will be activated, I saw this week but no time table, I would love to start him over trash bag Neris..
  9. Between Mike Davis Chris Ivory Ju Ju JCrowder I currently am starting JuJu and Davis Good to go?
  10. To a certain extent, but game is in Buffalo, if Miami different story...