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  1. This changes literally nothing, it's just fan fare to make up for the donut against NE last week.
  2. Primetime football would be unwatchable without game threads. NFL Redzone gets you spoiled
  3. Lol that was a freaking sweet throw by Dalton.
  4. I am not really a greedy owner, but I don't get why you don't throw it to Green one on one there?
  5. Green is god compared to Parker
  6. Sweet, sack for my DT Atkins. IDP!
  7. 60 more yards and another TD for Green?
  8. When I am out and just trying to get a buzz of course I am going to choose the cheaper beer. I drink Dos XX almost exclusively though, I don't know how you beer people feel about it but its good enough for me
  9. @pdog109 Gio looks huge this year
  10. Yeah it is tough, I have always done at least 2 leagues though except for a couple years. 3 is pushing it for me
  11. Going against Green in one and have him in another, so conflicted
  12. Wish we saw that more, just let him go get it Dalton.