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  1. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    Don't worry you know Robrain will disappear any day now because he literally never posts during the season. He makes long a** posts all pre-season and then not a peep until next June.
  2. Does he still get lost all the time?
  3. Derrick Newton kinda sucks but he only kinda sucks and doesn't really suck like most of the Oline so that is loss
  4. That show is terrible but so is this game so tough choice
  5. Drew Brees 2016 Season Outlook

    Since fantasy is mostly a roll of the dice anyways, I don't see the big deal. Every QB can have bad games during a season, Brees' have just largely been skewed to his road wins. Also I can't be bothered to roster a streaming tier QB just to plug him every so often.
  6. Drew Brees 2016 Season Outlook

    I mean, the numbers don't lie, he is better at home than on the road. But he is still a great QB who is very well capable of having a productive day on the road and for that reason he is an every week starter without question.
  7. Yeah I had some hope from him even knowing Plod would get work. He just hasn't impressed me much running the ball, he falls down on first contact a lot and even with his great speed/quickness, you are going to have to run through some arm tackles to get into the second level
  8. Ware owners you guys are super annoying this year...sorry haha, but good job drafting/picking him up though. I stayed away from Charles because his price was just too high for his risk, but I assumed he would be the lead back by this point of the season.
  9. Landon Collins dropping a 30 burger for me in my IDP league.
  10. LeSean McCoy 2016 Season Outlook

    I am starting him and benching Gill and not really worrying about it after that. McCoy has been around for a good while and he has had plenty of productive games over the years while playing less than 100%. Only outcome of this game that will really upset me is furthering the extent of the injury.
  11. 2016 Season Celebration Thread

    Had Brees, David Johnson, and Shady this week. Could have beat anyone in my league with those 3 players alone.
  12. 2016 NFL TV Ratings and the Future

  13. Jerick McKinnon 2016 Season Outlook

    He looked really good last weekend against the Giants, but pretty pedestrian this week against the Texans. I know he is a smaller back, but he ran with so little power yesterday. That being said, his O-line failed him a lot too and Clowney got to him in the backfield at least 4 times before he ever had a chance. Definitely disappointed in this performance though.