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  1. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    Don't worry you know Robrain will disappear any day now because he literally never posts during the season. He makes long a** posts all pre-season and then not a peep until next June.
  2. Drew Brees 2016 Season Outlook

    Since fantasy is mostly a roll of the dice anyways, I don't see the big deal. Every QB can have bad games during a season, Brees' have just largely been skewed to his road wins. Also I can't be bothered to roster a streaming tier QB just to plug him every so often.
  3. Drew Brees 2016 Season Outlook

    I mean, the numbers don't lie, he is better at home than on the road. But he is still a great QB who is very well capable of having a productive day on the road and for that reason he is an every week starter without question.
  4. LeSean McCoy 2016 Season Outlook

    I am starting him and benching Gill and not really worrying about it after that. McCoy has been around for a good while and he has had plenty of productive games over the years while playing less than 100%. Only outcome of this game that will really upset me is furthering the extent of the injury.
  5. 2016 Season Celebration Thread

    Had Brees, David Johnson, and Shady this week. Could have beat anyone in my league with those 3 players alone.
  6. 2016 NFL TV Ratings and the Future

  7. Jerick McKinnon 2016 Season Outlook

    He looked really good last weekend against the Giants, but pretty pedestrian this week against the Texans. I know he is a smaller back, but he ran with so little power yesterday. That being said, his O-line failed him a lot too and Clowney got to him in the backfield at least 4 times before he ever had a chance. Definitely disappointed in this performance though.
  8. Isaiah Crowell 2016 Season Outlook

    You can't say this with any certainty since you are not in our leagues. Selling high on a guy like this entirely depends on how the specific people in your league view him, not everyone is every league was giving up studs for Crowell. Sometimes you just have to enjoy something while it lasts, don't always have to sell a player just because he is out performing his ADP.
  9. Kenneth Dixon 2016 Outlook

    Haha, touche. Fantasy football and lunacy often go hand and hand, but still, starting a guy like Dixon in this situation just seems silly. He is a bench stash right now, not a starter.
  10. Kenneth Dixon 2016 Outlook

    Wilson and Dixon are most certainly comparable NFL talents. Starting this guy today is absolute fantasy lunacy; he has never played an actual NFL snap, coming off a significant injury, and is the backup...and you are going to start him over a top 10 RB in Crowell? Rotoworld never ceases to make a simple game more complicated that it should be.
  11. Jerick McKinnon 2016 Season Outlook

    Surprised the hype train is not picking up more steam, I guess everyone else picked up Dwayne Washington instead. Oops. He looked really good last night, was really close to breaking a long one a few times. If I know anything about Houston I know their propensity for letting players go off. Slow LB core and blow average tacklers in the secondary, this spells 60 yard TD potential.
  12. Charles Sims 2016 Season Outlook

    Man, one week really changes people. As a Martin owner, I look forward to his hopeful return after the BYE, but definitely not dropping Sims at this point. Really the problem here was we should have never started him against Denver, only elite players should be started against that defense at this point.
  13. Lamar Miller 2016 Season Outlook

    Yes, and I have watched all of them... The O-line is very bad, it is hurting the whole offense because Brock is not good enough to beat pressure in his face all game. Miller basically just dances around a bunch of players in the backfield and then finds what little holes he can and falls forward for positive yardage. Duane Brown might help a little, but this o-line is just crappy and not much can be done about it.
  14. Isaiah Crowell 2016 Season Outlook

    I have started him all 4 weeks, definitely didn't expect him to be quite this good though. Nice surprise Duke Johnson is pretty irrelevant to his role as some may have suspected coming into the season