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  1. Implying that you have sort of acquired ability to make such distinctions just shows how ridiculous your ramblings are. You try to sound enlightened and proverbial but in reality what are you really accomplishing here? Fantasy football is a game that is based on another game and you are simply another guy with a keyboard, an internet connection, and a whole lot of free time. But don't worry, you will soon be humbled just like every other poster that comes here and puffs out their chest and proclaims to be the all knowing god of fantasy football. Because no matter how much stats you read, or posts you make in the off-season, or clever quotes you put in your signature, you will still be wrong just as much as you are right.
  2. Your stance on the level of meaning of preseason has in relevance to fantasy football is all over the map. One player thread you paint it as meaningless because it fits your preconceived narrative; and in another you highlight it as relevant to again fit what you have been rambling about all off season. Drafting Josh Gordon has risks and rewards but among the rewards will be a pretty entertaining thread that will certainly have multiple editions. Hopefully the servers don't crash again after his first 150 yard 2 TD game.
  3. They were the 28th ranked run blocking unit and it showed on the field. Many of Lamar's low carry games would start off with 4 or 5 early runs where the line would get blown up and he would get nothing or lose yards. Then the opponent would score and the Dolphins brilliant coaching staff would just decide to let Tannehill chunk it every single down. One thing we know for sure is BOB will stick with the run game and Lamar till the end. I think his overall merit as a HC in the NFL is still in question, but so far he has shown to be a very fantasy friendly style of coach. The real question is; does BOB posses the same magic that his mentor Belichick to make serviceable O-lines out of journey men and 6th rounders? Make no mistake though, the offensive line is very important to the overall production of the offense, but losing one rookie C should not cause a panic among all fantasy owners. Seasons are long and grueling and by week 4 you will be facing a whole new set of problems.
  4. This. Losing a rookie center sucks, especially since he was a 2nd round pick, but Brown and to a lesser extent Newton are much more vital to the run game. That being said the general feeling around Houston is that Newton will likely be ready for the opener but Brown is still a ways off and will probably miss the first couple least. Still love Miller this year both as a prospective fantasy owner, and a Texans fan, but I expect some growing pains on this offense. Without Newton or Duane in the lineup, Hopkins and Xavier Su'a-filo are the only 2 returning starters on this Texans offense...k
  5. Every year we obsess over draft prep and preseason, and every year the rant thread is 100 pages long by November. Also if you ever feel compelled to buy into preseason hype, please just speak the name "Zach Sudfeld" 3 times in front of a mirror. Plus preseason is basically just live training camp nowadays with the current CBA.
  6. I think this Plato quote better suits you than the one in your signature.
  7. My eyes tell me that he is a small(er) QB who is fast and will open himself up to some high speed collisions. However he did show some toughness last year playing through some things, it is still something to consider. Also add in the fact that his #1 passing option is a viable injury risk, and it increases the likelihood that Tyrod will struggle at times this year. I think saying that he has a quality team around him is a bit of a stretch at this point, the Bills were 8-8 last year and there is no guarantee that finish any better than that this year, especially with the Dolphins expecting to get at least marginally better, and the Patriots and Jets are obviously superior teams than Buffalo. The offense definitely sputtered at times last year, and Tyrod only had 5 multi-passing TD games last year, 9 with 1 or fewer. All that being said I do like his ability a lot and we all know how valuable those rushing yards can be a to a QBs stats. I do think that he is someone you should pair with another solid late round guy, going into week 1 with him as your only QB could handicap you at some point in the season.
  8. Lol nevermind what a s---y way to lose. See ya next year fellas
  9. Only up 3.5 against Walsh, don't think I am gonna hold on, send some good juju my way guys
  10. Hard to watch my lead dwindle to freakin Blair Walsh
  11. Blair Walsh is going to beat me lol
  12. Do you know who that is in your avatar I have no idea. Reverse google image search is your friend