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  1. Week 14 I don't think he saw the field till like close to half time. week 15 it seems like he got majority of his points on the last drive of the game when they were trying to send the game to overtime. week 16 of course he will be getting 25+ touches while on your bench.
  2. no one posting here because everyone watching this game fell asleep.
  3. Embrace being call a snake. Keep putting up these lines and there might be a spot for you next to the black mamba.
  4. No one drafted Durant this year? So quiet here, must be a good night for Durant.
  5. Since no one seems outraged by all these drops that we are hearing, I am guessing 1 for 1 Kawhi trades are not vetoable?
  6. Anyone here still feels like top 30 minimum to get Kawhi?
  7. Pete Carroll set the standard for bad goal line play calling when he lost that Super Bowl not running with Lynch. Andy Reid is a tier below.
  8. Pete Carrol "Great play calling , I would do the same."
  9. He has not been trying really really hard lately.
  10. Ok more serious answer this time. Gary Harris is currently rank #36 and with Milsap being out for a while most are expecting him to do even better. I don't want to turn this into AC answer so I will let you figure out Reddick and Smart's value on your own.
  11. hahahaha maybe try adding 3 more waiver guys in there, to form trash players Voltron and try to get Harris that way.
  12. lets see if he can keep it up though, its one thing to be able to pull it off for a couple of games but I doubt he can do it with Lonzo Ball consistency.
  13. congratulations you don't have to find a new league or hear about guys on here wanting to join your league next year.
  14. He will have to try really really hard to not get over 15PPG.