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  1. Go with Baldwin here. Please help with mine.

    I would go with Mack and Cooper. I’d also go with Doyle and stuck with him for week 13. Please help with mine.
  3. Tevin Coleman or Josh Adams?

    Adams here. Please help with mine.
  4. Who at flex? Whir!

    Got to go with AP here. They’ll continue to lean on him with Smith our. Please help with mine.
  5. I like Brate here over the others. Please help with mine.
  6. Week 12 TE: Doyle or Reed ***WHIR***

    Doyle. I thinks it’s his turn this week instead of Enron. Please help with mine.
  7. ROS Players Help (WHIR)

    AJ Green and Diggs. Please help with mine.
  8. Baldwin, Ridley or Smith in the flex?

    I would go Baldwin here as he sat out I believe to get rest. He’s finally coming on and being Wilson’s most reliable target. Please help with mine.
  9. I would go with winston here. He’s more proven than Jackson at this time. Please help with mine.
  10. I would go Jacksonville and Howard here. Please help with mine.
  11. DJ Moore, DJax, or Tre'Quan? WHIR!

    I would go with DJ here. Matchup is great. Can’t trust Tre’quan due to injury news. DJax is intriguing but again still don’t see him out producing DJ this week. Thanks for answering mine.
  12. Stafford or Winston WHIR !

    I'd go with Winston. Please help with mine.
  13. Why would you start & why?

    I'd have to go with Sanders here as he's the biggest stud out of all 3. Thanks for helping with mine.
  14. Streaming QB...WHIR! 100%

    I’d go with Rivers here. Thanks for helping with mine.