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  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    I have to agree with others that history tends to repeat itself and good ol Fitz will probably come back down to earth. But I honestly don’t remember this much hype on the guy and the weapons around him are overall better than the past (even better than Marshall and Decker in my opinion). I honestly hope I’m wrong since I was able to scoop him up in a few leagues. Starting him with confidence.
  2. Taking a beating with Bell, Mixon, and Goodwin. With Josh Gordon gone, Callway becames very intriguing. Any of you guys think I should stash him and if so, which player to drop for him. The logical choice would be either to drop Galloway and Buck Allen for him. WHIR as usually.
  3. See team below. Should I pick up Latavius Murray and drop Buck Allen or Gallup? Thanks in advance!
  4. Javorius "Buck" Allen 2018 Outlook

    Aboard the Buck train. In a deep league and missed out on the waiver wire. Hoping with Dixon sidelined and Collins's ball handling woes, Buck ends up capitalizing. Heres to a long shot...
  5. Trade Help, WHIR

    I like this deal for you. M. Williams is at the bottom of your pecking order as you have WR depth already. Thanks for answering mine.
  6. Drop Robby Anderson for Buck Allen?

    I would do this. You have have other serviceable WRs instead of Anderson. You're in need of an RB with Bell out and McCoy playing on a putrid team. Buck has some upside for you especially for 0.5ppr. Thanks for answering mine!
  7. Robinson II/Ajayi for Coleman/Gordon

    I wouldn't do this since I think the long run Ajayi + Robinson II will get you more FF pts. Ajayi looked great the first game and was a bright light in that offense under Foles. I would do this if you could replace Robinson out with another player. Thanks for answering mine!
  8. Not liking the backfield situation in Indy with Mack possibly coming back. With Dixon on IR and Collins having fumbling issues, I'm wondering if Allen is a good add here and has more potential down the season compared Wilkins? Thoughts? WHIR!
  9. Why are they not playing Ajayi?
  10. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    Starting off the FF season with Ajayi. Good luck everyone!