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  1. Bears should be undefeated, growing pains of an immature team.
  2. I can't remember a time a decent RB was traded mid season and had as good or better performance on his new team that year. Trent Richardson, anyone?
  3. Bell is a once a generation player. Conner is not and never will be. The Steelers know this, and know they can't turn Conner into anything like Bell. They won't let Bell walk.
  4. Seriously? The GOAT or a rookie with 1 decent game under his belt? Either you are trolling or your ex wife deserves to beat you.
  5. Also, it is impossible to make a move and cover it up. The commish cannot delete commish activity. Relax, it was legit.
  6. You guys are amateurs. In Yahoo, waivers begin to process at 3am CST. If anyone has any type of a claim on a player (this does not mean that player will be picked up, IE it could be their 3rd claim and end up not processing), that player remains locked in W status until waivers process, usually an hour or 2 later. Any player with no claim on them, immediately goes to FA status at 3am CST. Source: Half of my competitive league has their alarm set for 3 am and has been doing this for years.