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  1. In a deep mini-dynasty league I wouldn't take a near 30 year old over a 24 and 25 year old with similar stats. I've learned the hard way that taking players based on who you think they will be playing with is a disaster waiting to happen. All it takes is a coach to decide to "shake things up" and your stud is now getting 3rd line minutes with a plug. So leave Okposo alone. It comes down to Trocheck and Schwartz. I see these as pretty much the same player. Will get you 60 - 70 points. So looking at your peripheral stats SOG and Hits greatly favour Trocheck. Special teams probably favour Schwartz. Schwartz has received Lady Byng votes in the past so PIMs would be Trocheck. I think because he greatly outperforms Schwartz on a few categories and would be basically even with him on the other categories I would go Trocheck. If you have any spot on D though Parayko is the way to go.
  2. What site are you planning on using? The biggest issue I find with dynasty hockey leagues is keeping track of minor league players. None of the major sites really build minor league spots to keep players. Here's some ideas on different formats: There really is endless possibilities. You have to decide how important waiver wire is as opposed to drafting. IMO a true dynasty means focussing on prospects so a deep minor league roster is important. You could easily make it 8 to 10 guys/team without impacting NHL rosters. You'll probably want to limit goalie rosters. Guys will hoard goalies and after a few years it'll be tough on new owners or weak owners to field a decent goalie and thus continue being weak or unable to change their fortune and will lose interest. As for rosters, the standard 6F, 4D, 1G should work best for a starting lineup. You have to decide whether to split the forwards into Wings and Centers or Left/Right wing and centers or just leave it as F. Again that depends on the site as some are better than others at determining position eligibility. As for bench spots....My keeper (which some consider a dynasty given the keeper league rules) has 16 teams with 20 spots on the pro roster (excluding minor leaguers). People have no problem filling those spaces so with a 12 team league you could go as deep as 24 or 25 roster spots. Throw in extra categories like Blocked Shots, or Hits and you'll expand the player pool enough where even 5th or 6th d-men on a team will be worthy of a roster spot. Cheers and good luck
  3. Sorry are you giving up Fleury and Gibson and getting JVR and Marner? I think that's great if you can do that. I like the goalies you have left. Carolina is a decent team that has had horrible goaltending. Their d is young but I'm a big fan of Darling and I think he's going to succeed there. Reimer will soon take over from Lu so you'll have a decent guy who starts more than half the games and then Rask is the #1 on a consistent winner. I would be quite satisfied moving forward in a dynasty with those 3 in net.
  4. From CBS. On track for mid May probably.... Mets' Steven Matz: All is good with start of throwing program April 20, 2017 3:56 PM EDT | by RotoWire Staff | Special to Matz (elbow) continued his throwing program Thursday and felt good afterward, Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News reports. The left-hander still seems to be a ways away from returning to the Mets' rotation, but it seems like he's progressing well. It's unclear how much throwing Matz was able to partake in, but as long as everything goes as planned, he likely will continue to ramp up his throwing over the next week before resuming mound work.
  5. Geez, what kinda team did you have this year. That's a great list to choose from. Definitely McD and Matthews. Then have to decide between Crosby, Kucherov and Laine. I think you get more back in a deal with Crosby and Laine because of the name factor and keep Kucherov. He'll have Stamkos back next year and the team was pretty solid down the stretch.
  6. Nothing sucks like a Dyson
  7. tough call. I'm a big Kuz fan but he's not a keeper over the four you have marked. Is he better than one of your d-men. I would probably say yes. Not sure what your categories are but Doughty or Jones could be droppable. I also see some major changes happening in LA. They are too old and slow for the league and we might see a cleaning of the house and rebuild with new management. That could dampen Quick's relevance. Good goalies can be had if you're fast on the waiver wire. Those would be my suggestions depending on league variables.
  8. Tough call. CBJ playing 3 in 4 nights and Chicago coming off a semi-long road trip. I would lean toward Chicago winning but if you think you can get away with sitting both I would do that. Crawford's hasn't finished a couple of his past few games so I think there's a lot of questions with both tonight.
  9. The four you got are the best options. I picked up Reimer a few weeks ago because he has taken over from Luongo but Florida isn't that good and they have a rather tough schedule ahead. Detroit is horrible too. Of the 6, I think you have the best goalies from the 4 best teams. They may not instil confidence but you've gotta run with the horses you have and hope it's enough. Good luck.
  10. I read Alford had a great fall league. He dropped a lot on many of the prospect Top 100 lists out there but an injury plagued 2016 would do that to anyone. Is he undervalued right now? Still a raw project but isn't over the hill yet.
  11. If it's not a keeper then yes Reimer over OEK. Reimer is slowly taking the starting job away from Luongo and Florida is healthy again. Reimer is probably better than Helly for that matter.
  12. Still yes. easy. Giroux has quite a few more years left to outscore Monahan.
  13. Solid lineup. Add Barkov if you can. He'll outperform Coyle, and Miller in my opinion. Boudreau will bounce Coyle around the lineup and could find himself anywhere from 2nd line to 4th line, so I think his scoring is going to be inconsistent. With Zibanejad back for the Rangers Miller's ice time will drop as he goes down to the third line. I think you've got the most out of those two guys this year and Barkov is a top line and top PP guy for Florida who is finally fully healthy. Edit: Judging by your handle, dropping Miller may not be an option. I get that.
  14. St. Louis will turn it around. Parayko over Green.
  15. Yes. Easy