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  1. That is the funniest thread I have seen on this forum. That's a passionate parent right there. haha
  2. 12 team standard PPR league. We can keep 3 players. I have Zeke and Barkley as my two musts. Hilton is my top WR. I have a chance to trade for OBJ for a 2nd round pick or AJ Green for a 4th rounder. There both upgrades from Hilton imo, but are they worth the value of those picks (especially with Green's injury status)? I'm tempted to just sit on Hilton and keep the picks. Would anyone do those deals?
  3. Going with the consensus. Michel and Lockett are top two here. Thanks for the help on mine.
  4. RBs - Crowell, Jones, McCafferey, Penny WRs - Evans, D. Adams, Diggs, Fitzgerald, Mike Williams, He's also throwing around Eifert not sure if its in addition to or in place of someone.
  5. Sanu. That's going to be a shootout.
  6. Valid point. My bad. QB - Rogers, Wentz, Darnold RB Barkley, Elliot, Burkhead, Morris WR - Marvin Jones, Hilton, John Brown, Godwin, Anderson, Ross We start 2 RB and 2 WR and a flex.
  7. The offer: I give up Elliot for Diggs my choice of Mike Williams (LAC) or Fitzgerald my choice of Crowell or Penny It's a standard PPR league Would you do the deal and if so who do you choose for those options. WHIR
  8. dolittle makes valid points. Not knowing roster limits for me it's hard to pass up on Keller or Rantanen in a keeper league though. Shattenkirk and Werenski are above average but you're hoping for their ceiling. It really depends on what would be available in the draft. My guess with 4 teams top d won't be made available and will likely be eaten up in the first round so keeping someone above average like Shattenkirk or Werenski makes total sense. However, if you feel you can stock your d through the draft then I would that trade for Boeseor and Raanta. IMO Arizona is going to surprise. They had a great record the last few months and if Raanta can stay healthy he's a quality #1 who will play most of the games. Keeping Boesser, your other top 3, and then drafting Rantanen or Keller first overal (as long as you can start all of them i.e. roster limits) is a helluva a group to overcome a weaker D
  9. I would have leaned toward Eichel and now with Skinner on his side I think he's the easy 1st pick. Then I would go Rantanen, Barkov, Koptiar then Carlson.
  10. From CBS: Brewers' Corey Ray: Logs four-hit effort Sunday Ray reached base in all five of his plate appearances Sunday in Double-A Biloxi's 11-4 win over Jacksonville. He recorded two doubles, two bases, a walk, a stolen base and scored three times in the victory. The four-hit showing tied a season high and lifted Ray's line to .259/.358/.478 across 285 plate appearances in the Southern League. After a rough campaign at High-A Carolina in 2017, the Brewers' 2016 first-round pick has made major strides this season while facing higher-caliber pitching. He has boosted his BB/K from 0.31 to 0.49 and has nearly doubled his power production (.129 ISO in 2017, .219 ISO in 2018). The outfielder's toolsy profile makes him an appealing hold in dynasty formats, especially if he's able to maintain the improvements he's shown with his plate discipline as he rises through the system. Could he finally be the guy we were hoping for? Any chance he gets to see some AAA time this year?
  11. Sportsnet announcers just confirmed its left calf tightness.
  12. Yesterday's rain out pushed the rotation back a day. per the team's homepage He'll be a two starter next week.
  13. Is he a two-starter? CBS has him going Wednesday and then next Monday. I'd put him in for two starts in my weekly but he's sitting if he's only against STL all week.
  14. I read Alford had a great fall league. He dropped a lot on many of the prospect Top 100 lists out there but an injury plagued 2016 would do that to anyone. Is he undervalued right now? Still a raw project but isn't over the hill yet.