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  1. Another 100 yard game for the chosen one. 8/10 last games in double digit fantasy points. Top 15 RB next year Since Week 6 in HPPR (12 TDs over that span): 13.50 10.20 17.80 4.60 3.90 11.50 50.80 32.74 15.70 11.10 Now imagine if Titans weren't a dumpster fire.
  2. Well enjoy 2 targets a game. I'll take Kyle Rudolph over this bum. It's harsh but his floor is as low as anyone's now, and he doesn't even have the upside he use to. He's just a complete shell of his former self. He gets out-muscled by DBs and Safeties now and he's not fast enough to beat the LBs anymore. He's just... .bad I'll lay 5 to 1 that he's in the WWF next year.
  3. There's no RB2 with anyone starting for KC. I'm not sure they value him any more than Ware tho. Not saying they should or shouldn't, but I don't think they do.
  4. Final f--- you to this lumbering sack of s---. At least he didn't get paid for this year since his contract was all incentive based.
  5. Gronk getting outscored by Ertz isn't luck at this point. Gronk has been a** all season.
  6. Maybe we can get a TD here but knowing Brady it will be run run run run edit: yep run run run FG. i ******** hate the pats
  7. Can Gronk at least get us 1 for 9 or something? f---
  8. Alshon back in after cramp scare. still hasnt done s---, but hes back at least
  9. Alshon out with cramps. Hope he gets back in hes busting so far
  10. He's blocking which would be retarded if he was injured so I think it's just Bill trolling everyone like he has done all year. Gronk is on an incentive based contract too this year which makes it even funnier/sadder
  11. How is Gronk worse than guys like Kyle Rudolph on a weekly basis? For f***s sake even with Gordon out smh they wont even throw it to him
  12. All all you whiny Titans D bitches get what you want. just bitch bitch bitch and get rewarded. sounds about right.
  13. Ahhh right I totally forgot that's where he started out
  14. nice decline on that penalty lmao. 10 minute drive incoming now
  15. That's weird, I've called Gabbart Bortles before in a weird Brain fart. Maybe some kind of Mandella Effect.