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  1. This is fantasy football in a nutshell: I limped into the finals with bandaids all over the place. My opponent dominated his way with Conner and Gurley leading the way. Today I just beat him with Samuels and CJ Anderson So proud and happy with CJ's performance today. 4 days ago this dude was chillin at home. CJ Anderson goes on my wall of fame with this one lol
  2. The fake punt call was irrelevant. Maybe the Saints would led a clock draining TD drive and the Steelers never even get a chance to get the ball back. The fumble cost them the game, period.
  3. Poor JuJu.....hate that for him, he was trying hard.
  4. It'll be a shame if the Steelers don't make the playoffs, they have the talent to hang with the big boys.
  5. LOL trust me if anyone can blow a 50 point lead in a fantasy finals, it's ME.
  6. I wanna be real careful here.....I have a 50 point lead in my finals.....I had Ben, Samuels, and Kamara going today. I feel like I"m getting greedy wanting Ben to throw some yardage against the prevent defense here....or Samuels... But if you've watched Ben this year, you know this is PRIME TIME for him to throw a game sealing interception there.
  7. How was that not pushing off by Michael Thomas though? He shoved the defender 23 back 2 yards off of him to make the catch. Contact within the legal contact area?
  8. I wish they'd run it. On the bright side, the Steelers are gonna have some time to answer.
  9. He was wide the hell open, he shouldn't be on the field if he can't catch a direct pass with no coverage. Not like Brees threw into double coverage there. Plus he was under a ton of pressure and still found the open WR
  10. Quick poll: Has Tedd Ginn salvaged his career? I know he's not lived up to 1st round status but has he carved out a decent NFL career?
  11. Are the Steelers out of the playoffs if they lose this game? In must-win next week if so?
  12. Gotta wait and see if that was a bad call. If the Saints had received the punt and ate up all the clock and scored a TD, the Steelers get no chance to return. Either the Steelers stop them here or they don't but they get time to get the ball back.
  13. Guys, I'm pretty sure my opponent in my fantasy finals wants to absolutely kill me right now. He got to the finals with Todd Gurley and James Conner. I just beat him handily with CJ Anderson and Jaylen Samuels.
  14. Next play was exactly what I needed, f'n Adams been quiet all damn game. Rodgers kept running the ball in. I'll take it.