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  1. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    This. I saw him open a couple of times and Mariota wasn't under pressure. It seemed like a breakout was imminent the last few weeks but you can't start Davis until he can do better than this. You can absolutely drop him but he is worth a hold in deeper leagues.
  2. Well at least 84 is making up for my other 84.
  3. BRB... Dropping Davis for Mathews
  4. Need more points from 84 & 84, please!
  5. Marqise Lee 2017 Season Outlook

    Keep an eye on the weather forecast. There is a pretty big winter storm rolling through Cleveland Sat/Sun. Calling for light snow and 20+ MPH winds on Sunday morning. I just picked Lee up off waivers but I'm going to leave him on he bench this week.
  6. DeVante Parker 2017 Outlook

    So much for a 2017 breakout from Parker. Seems like a high floor/low ceiling PPR guy is all he is going to be this year. Could do worse but definitely a disappointment.
  7. Time for some Parker garbage time!
  9. Jerick McKinnon 2017 Season Outlook

    All these people in here acting like Murray set the world on fire today. 17-68 and a 1 yard goal line TD isn't anything to get this worked up about. It is obviously a committee in Min and both will have their weeks.
  10. Matt Ryan 2017 Season Outlook

    Seattle game isn't looking quite as scary now but it's still in Seattle.
  11. Matt Forte 2017 Season Outlook

    He has a good matchup so it sucks that it's looking like he sits this week. With their BYE next week it gives his knee time to get right. Hopefully we get a few more good PPR games out of him after that.
  12. CJ Anderson 2017 season outlook

    Hopefully you don't need any points from him to win then. There will more than likely will be a negative game script for CJ. When Denver is down they don't run and he doesn't receive targets now that Booker is healthy. If you play him you are basically hoping he gets a crack from the 1 after a PI in the end zone.
  13. Ameer Abdullah 2017 Outlook

    D.) All of the above <---------- Correct answer
  14. Abdullah! Squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  15. Mike Evans 2017 Season Outlook

    The way it was explained on the NFL Network this morning (I believe it was Rappaport) was that the in game ejection is usually sufficient punishment for an altercation such as this. He basically said that if Evans had been ejected (like he should have been), he most likely wouldn't be getting an additional 1 game suspension. Since the refs didn't eject him, he will serve his punishment next week. AJ Green got ejected and therefore has already served his. I'm not saying that I agree with this, this is just the way that it was explained. To me, it does seem silly that Green will only miss half a game compared to Evans missing an entire one.