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  1. A lot of wishful thinking and crutch arguments going on in this thread.
  2. I would hold in a fart from this heavily blessed beauty like Josh Gordon holds in a bong hit!
  3. R-E-L-A-X Rodgers was under pressure all night. Vikings defense is legit. Only the 2nd game back for Jordy and he and Rodgers don't look like they are back in sync yet. I have been expecting it to take a few weeks for this offense to start firing on all cylinders again. If they are still struggling after their week 4 BYE, I will start to worry.
  4. The sleepers I had been targeting kept getting picked before me, and I ended up taking a late round flyer on Benjamin who I really hadn't considered drafting at all. Looks like he's going to be River's #1 WR with Allen out, despite all the hype for Tyrell Williams (who also looked good). The Chargers offense looked just fine without Allen & Woodhead. Gordon looks like a totally different player this year and teams will have to respect the running game. Benjamin should provide solid WR2 numbers with upside like we saw today. It's nice seeing him used for more than just deep burner routes, too. I'm sure that he will have his share of “duds,“ but it always feels good to hit on a late round flyer.
  5. And the 2016 Nick Foles award goes to... *drum roll* ... Blake Boooooortles!
  6. I'm grabbing Graham and sticking him on the end of my bench. Second season with the Hawks and he should have a better handle on the playbook. Unfortunately, he got injured last season just as Wilson and the offense shifted to a more pass oriented system. If he hadn't been injured he may have caught some of those TDs from Wilson's end of season surge... We will never know. But if Wilson picks up where he left off, Graham could be on his way back to fantasy relevance.
  7. U wut m8?
  8. It's OK to start panicking Watkins owners. Worse than him being put on season ending IR.
  9. This is a question that should be asked in the AC Forum
  10. Don't ever assume that a team has to use a player becausr they paid him. That's a crutch argument and shouldn't influence your decision to start or even roster a player. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. See CJ Spiller on the same team. I have no shares of Fleener, but if I did, I would hold for now. If you have other decent options available on your WW I would consider grabbing another TE.
  11. Be patient. It was his first real game action in over a year. It was also an exceptionally hot day in Jacksonville. His conditioning wasn't 100% yet and will only improve.
  12. Looks like Torry Smith is droppable in all formats. Took a late round flyer on him just in case Chip could make him serviceable. Feel bad for the guy. He's obviously frustrated with Gabbart.
  13. Considering this was basically Jordy's first "pre-season" game, it was very encouraging. It's obvious that when the play breaks down and Rodger's scrambles to buy time, he still looks for Jordy (as seen on his TD yesterday). I expect he will only get more comfortable with his knee and his yardage totals will increase in the next couple weeks.