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  1. Anybody else playing the Jim Bob Cooter drinking game? Take a shot every time the commentators say his name... I'm already wasted!
  2. I know dem feels. Need 1p more points from him. Those 6 points would have helped a lot. To make matters worse, the Saints didn't score and will be down big the rest of the game.
  3. It doesn't come out until January 8th. It looks really good though.
  4. Nice to see Hightower getting some passes. Just need about 12 more of them.
  5. Stay in the flames!
  6. So much for Rodgers being able to make any WR good.
  7. All the signs were there to grab Rawls for free before last Sunday's game. Didn't grab him in any leagues. Should have taken the reports of Lynch's injury more seriously. Hindsite is a real mofo sometimes.
  8. I wouldn't think any team will want to sign and start Peyton after what he's showed us since the end of last season. He needs one more win to pass Favre on the all time starting QB wins record. I can imagine that is the only reason he wants to play in 2016. It's kinda sad.
  9. He had a WR to block that DB. Most likely would have taken it to the house.
  10. Just need 12 more catches by LaFell for 0 yards each! Edit: make that 18
  11. Is anyone else missing bonus points for over 100yards rushing in ESPN for this week? Specifically for Doug Martin. Points were there yesterday and today they are missing. Seems like a glitch with ESPN. Just wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing.
  12. Having to roll with Sproles this week due to injuries and byes (in a PPR league). Matthews has been ruled out. I'm hoping he will catch a few passes and maybe squirt through for a TD. Who's coming with me, maaaan?
  13. I am starting him with not much confidence.
  14. This is the prime time Andy Dalton we all know. Good grief.