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  1. I don't get what the problem is.. He's only 26, the guy is on pace for like 700 yards lol Just hope he gets going, he has been pretty solid... Cept minus the 2 seasons I've drafted him so far counting this one
  2. All aboard , I want any part of Mahomes in my life
  3. I'm big time all in for Rudolph, I just feel bad for Ben because he always puts on a game face and never let's the negatives get him down. He was so happy going into the season and even after last weeks beat down he stayed positive. I want Rudolph as our next man up and I think he's a perfect Ben replacement, just sad if Ben might truly be forced to shut it down if Rudolph basically does what Ben did with Maddox back in the day. I wasn't ready for it this quick is all
  4. Conner will never be a feature back, dude is made of glass and that really sucks to say that
  5. Yea he just needs to get outa this game in the clear. Even if he can scrap together 10 pts and get out I'll be happy
  6. It's hard to fathom or understand if he ran off and it looked like his arm was just hanging. But hopefully he's alright
  7. What sucks about DJ is that's a first round pick, I can handle losing a 2nd or 3rd but losing a first round snag hurts. It's doable but it's hard to recover that type of production. Edit : well hopefully that above post is a good sign, if he's gone today that's fine but not ros please
  8. Don't have juju this year but as a steelers Homer, I gotta say that so far it seems he was a major product of ABs coverage pulling. Sorry to anyone who drafted the dude... Maybe it'll change tho. And DJ sucks, done with him.
  9. Someone needs to introduce this kid to wrist curls
  10. Williams hurt as well, there's no way gates doesn't make it back
  11. Looks as if you don't have this cat on your roster