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  1. If I could just pick who I want then sure, there are better options.. When people 11 in lineups and benches with 6 to 7, you can't just pick and say oh I want this player. Inman is 28 and is going into his 4th season will now be behind Allen, Williams and Benjamin... Whereas Shepard has already had 1 solid rookie season and is the clear cut number 2. It doesn't require OBJ to get hurt for Shepard to be productive. Sure he might not be productive for you on your small lineup but he will produce for others with deeper teams.
  2. My point is you said Shepard had a slump for 4 weeks, Matthews has many slumps as well. With that said I'd draft Matthews most likely over Shepard as well in a real draft, but we can't just pick and choose in real drafts as the guy before might have the same idea on a player. But Matthews isn't a player I'll lose sleep over missing, he's decent in spurts. And like said above I'm sure they're going to work on their wr lineup as well. Again, you've said you have a smaller lineup so yes, if I had smaller lineups like that I wouldn't be so interested in some of the lower end wrs like Shepard. But as it is for my leagues a guy like Shepard can make for a nice 4th or 5th wr
  3. You're speaking about Jordan Matthews, his disappearance act is up there with the best tho..
  4. I'm with you Cory, a little surprised at how high he jumped but he's a keeper of mine so I hope he performs to those expectations.. Still I'd of guessed 4th or 5th round simply because cooks is still part of the equation and that's where the struggle starts. But it'll just depend on how my teams flow in other leagues around round 3 to really make a choice. I think Thomas is going to be pretty solid this year, hopefully he can have similar consistency he had in 2016
  5. I'd be surprised, alot of that stuff is just fluff to me... I don't see shady going anywhere. Either way, I want me some shady as I do every year
  6. Speaking of Matthews, Shepard outscored his point total I'm 2016 in my leagues. So as said the kid can make for a nice player to round off a lineup, especially if his red zone targets continue. I just remember a handful of times Eli whiffed on some red zone targets to Cruz and being so annoyed because it wasn't OBJ or Shepard.
  7. But as a fan I'd expect a more positive outlook than saying he will have no fantasy relevancy this year.
  8. Bolt If you're a fan of Shepard how can you be so down on the kid? You totally contradicted your first few posts in that one paragraph. Nobody is saying the kid didn't have his own share of areas that need improvement. But if you watched any of the games at all you'd of seen that Eli looked absolutely lost in a lot of them. If you're a fan of him I think seeing him snag 8 TD's is a great sign of things to come, he now needs to make even more with the opportunities he gets.. Not to mention reuben randle was not a bad flex play when he was "on" a few weeks ago a time, I'd like to say Shepard is simply a better player and will be a more reliable WR2 for the Giants than Randle was. Any flex that can land 10 13 15 points a week or every other week is a decent flex in my book.
  9. I agree, it's time to ride that ship off into the sunset. I'm happy I at least had him during his explosions tho and won some leagues with him, so good times with the Cruzer
  10. I'm just not computing this, so one season for a rookie determines the rest of this future? I mean you're acting like he's played 6 seasons now and questioning why hasn't he flourished more. It was one season, and he put up 8 TD's. That has to account for something.. I'm sure his coaches aren't like "why didn't you put up 13 to 15 tds son, you loser".
  11. John Brown had 189 points in 2015, Shepard had 157 in 30 point difference overall.. So we're not talking a massive night and day OMG difference to where John Brown is just this heads and shoulders better player to plug in. He has his share of duds
  12. And how many big plays do you see every game for brown? I'll take a guy who can regularly score some tds over a guy who is a one trick deep threat pony. I like John Brown but my point is who Shepard is the clear number 2 and I feel that can open more doors for him overall
  13. 3 wr, 2rb, 2 flex is what I run. This is why alot of these discussions are so mangled because everyone is lookin at players with so many different league setups.
  14. Well I'm speaking from a 3 wr, 2 flex 10 man league in which one cant be that choosy when lookin for a 4th or 5th wr on their team in a lineup
  15. He's saying not even as a flex, which is my beef. Definitely not a WR2, maybe maybe.. Maybe borderline WR3 but he's definitely and easily flex material and that is where I'm at with it. I think anyone who snags 8 TD's as a rook is worth being curious about when they could get even a few more targets