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  1. If old man Fred Jackson at 33 or so could put up about 1300 combined yards and 10 tds, a 31 year old lynch will be able to do the same or even better. Anything can happen, but lynch is one of those pickups that could tip the scales for someone especially if they draft solid and make a few nice ww pickups. I don't see what there is to hate about lynch returning behind a great line, he's not a first round pick but I think mid to end of second round he's fair game at the moment.
  2. I expect even more domination this year tbh
  3. Plus the fact that Freeman has missed 1 game in 2 seasons also says a lot about his durability so far. He's just a pretty safe pick all around these days imho.
  4. Personally I think it's almost impossible to predict Freeman as we have never seen him regress yet, so the basis to me is simply a guess. He might have even more this year, but he's had virtually 2 identical seasons stat wise with the rock, so to me its hard to predict anything. Maybe what he's produced is his max, but the sample size is to small still to know. I think Freeman has definitely etched himself in as a solid pick no matter if Coleman is there or not.
  5. Well I simply go by production, baldwin was the poster child for waiver pickups when someone got hurt if you needed a low end filler. Sub 1000 yards by a decent margin 4 years in a row, under 6 tds... Is not a player I ever got excited about. The production was shaky through and through. And I don't think his adp was that far off, one season out of 5 he went over 1000 yards... It seemed pretty fluky to me at the time.
  6. Baldwin is such a fantasy enigma, it's weird how he's this household name now but for so many years was bye week filll in ww material, that one explosion of a season really put him out there. I think it'd be a close one for me because I feel Baldwins slide back down the mountain will be sooner than later, and Thomas is a rising star. So it's a tough one for me. Wilson is another factor...i hate the dudes style of play, I just hate it. I know he can explode but he's always been more frustrating than anything when I've had him. Thomas is a keeper for me but in leagues he's draftable I think 2nd is still to early, middle of 3rd I think I'd lock him down tho.
  7. Keenan himself will make sure Tyrell beats him out.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised, I forsee them cutting ties with Allen if he once again can't complete a season. He's one of the most fragile players out there currently imho.
  9. My point is simply that if it could happen it'd be nice. Julios tds I don't see going up either if I had to bet, but in also leave a small mindset open to chance. Julios last few years have looked pretty steady overall, will this year continue? We will have to see.
  10. Yea I think with Julio you are definitely getting some monster points even tho you will get those dud games. If he had season with his standard 13 to 1500 yards and crested to 9 or over 10 tds that would put you in business. Yea but how many moments did ryan simply not throw or look for him the end zone, seems alot of times Ryan was eyeballing guys like Douglas and what not. He seems to stop looking for Julio around the red zone at least from what I've noticed. Getting there Yea he is all about Julio but seems to look elsewhere when they are 10 to 15 out.
  11. I vote for 2 games every night of the week
  12. That's why I'm scared personally is he's due lol but yea, I'm mad I haven't been able to snag him in the last 3 years at all in any of my leagues.
  13. Less commercials is always welcomed, I just mean little stuff cut to streamline the games more when it's those little details that just somehow are a part of it all like refs going under the hood. I never was staring at my watch thinking omg look at the time, it was a build up, just small little details in life that I come to appreciate. When it comes to things like hockey my only beef is more around opening it up for more scoring, increase net size a few inches, or make goal pads a touch smaller etc... But Im a stickler for little details. However ultimately i guess I'm fine with how things are, I just tire a bit of the go go go mentality around me and I don't want to go go go lol
  14. When I hunker in for a sports game I'm not really concerned if it's 2 hours or 3 hours or if a football game goes from 3 hours to 2:45, I'm in and ready to watch and tryin to mince up minutes like this is just stupid. If I'm simply that busy then I will not be watching. The whole thing of speeding games up does nothing for me, where's the fn fire? I need life to slow down, not speed up.