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  1. I've hated every second owning him this year. People were way to quick to crown this turd, he's a mediocre player and that's all there is to it. He's broken 1000 yards rushing once, that's it... Mediocre as it gets. Not that Houston has helped a ton, but there comes a point where you gotta make some magic happen on your own every once and a while
  2. Title says it all
  3. Shady be lookin like this soon
  4. Yea if he can be back in a week or so I'd be happy for just making a quick ww snag
  5. Yea, I was just semi being sarcastic/joking, but I do want those big points. I have him in my 2 main leagues where I'm rolling hard, he needs more touches. Reid is an idiot, I agree...i hate how his offense runs
  6. Starting to think he's jag
  7. Quiet here.... Anyone starting him this week? How is Chicago against number 2 wide outs?
  8. Could also grab Brate or Doyle... But thinking Davis or Fleener the most here.. What say you?
  9. That's really not valuable when that could be someone actually worth rostering. Not saying Watkins isn't worth a hold right now, but to say him sitting there thru week 16 if he's not even doing anything is valuable to me is anything but valuable, just sayin. I'm skeptical on him but it is what it is, we will see. This type of move doesn't seem to pan out got me anymore . He's on my waivers because nobody else is clamoring for his return. Again I hope it works out, but I don't forsee myself having all of the sudden a RB1 producing wr in Watkins with a preemptive strike like this.. I feel each week it'll be "he's close to returning" and never any actual return
  10. Dropping with authority
  11. 7 points from Beckham
  12. Im just saying he wasn't really a waiver pickup, it's no big deal
  13. Most teams drafted Thomas, just saying
  14. Sorry guys, I snagged him and played him. My fault.
  15. Quoting myself, As I said, it's law lol 3 in a row was not allowed. I dont know why I don't listen to myself more, I'd win every championship every single year.