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  1. I agree but best to not count on that with Freeman, he's missed 1 game in 3 seasons. I think Coleman is a great value in general tho, can produce like a rb 1 here and there and if that's in your flex that' could be a game changer some weeks.
  2. I agree, I like cooks a lot this year but I don't believe Edelmans usage dies off. I think Edelman has plenty to still do on the field.
  3. Just weighing some options, got a few points atm but lookin for a few more. Would most jump to the 8th spot per say for a better 2nd round stud? It's hard to predict the first 8 picks as Id love to get McCoy at 8 and then grab a nice 2nd round pick, but I'm not sure. What would some of you do?
  4. Yea sometimes posts on here make it seem so easy to just grab cuffs etc... And in any real competitive league that just doesn't happen. I know even myself personally I've went after others cuffs to have trade bait or what have you, and so do many in our leagues. The bottom line is not that it can't be done, but playing with elliot right now is definitely going to be tricky for whomever takes the dive because like said above the room for error decreases. It's also not that fun imho... I am as competitive as it gets but a section of fantasy for me is the fun of football and having one of my number 1 picks out for weeks is such a killjoy. 6 weeks is brutal, I keep tryin to justify it all but I can't get there if 6 holds.
  5. Unless something changes I'm just passing altogether I think and it's a shame because I was really looking forward to drafting him this year hopefully. But in h2h going 6 weeks without your stud first pick or maybe 2nd pending the league, is something that could put you behind and in h2h it can be a struggle to yet back if you're down and out by a few games. I'll let someone else deal with that.
  6. I think AR15 could be one of those trap players this year where people pass and he actually has a year that looks like what everyone hoped for last year, just because that's how things work out. I think bortles is flukey overall, but when he's clicking its pretty decent.. Just never know with fantasy, I'm hoping to land Robinson in least 1 or 2 leagues..
  7. I think league sizes and roster depth dictate things a bit. If he can have another season similar to 2015, it's not a bad deep flex option. I'm fairly old school to where I've always looked at rosters and hoped for a base average of around 10 points a player, obviously that varies greatly with guys having huge weeks, guys sucking etc... But to have say 2 flex spots on a larger roster I don't feel guys like ginn, if hes scoring is a bad addition, one could do worse. Because he's also good for those few explosion weeks. For me a guy like ginn is nobody I'm putting huge stock in but he's not a player I'll Fluff off completely under the premise of a deep flex fill in if he and Brees seems to gel decently. Not everyone is a slam dunk in fantasy, but some guys can be a nice fill in or occasional match up plug in and I think ginn is one of those guys.
  8. I love ginn this year with Brees, might be an excellent sneaky flex option on people's teams. Going to try and grab him in my other leagues as well.
  9. I was just saying where I'd be ok with taking him, I already did in one league at about that point but I most likely would take Evans over Jordy if I had say the 8th pick. But honestly as much as folks aren't always keen on the older picks, I don't think Jordy going before evens is that far fetched simply because Jordy has not given us a reason to believe he's going to regress greatly yet, if last year is to he considered. Plus i take into account their qb situation and I'm always more comfortable with Rodgers slinging it to my number 1 wr. If I had to order those 3, I'd probably go Evans, Jordy and green. And green last only because Dalton is so on or off. But ultimately one can't go wrong with either of these 3 as the foundation of their WRs imo
  10. I wouldn't feel at all uneasy about him being the foundation of my WRs, he might not pull last years numbers but he will be in the vicinity as long as he stays healthy. In ppr especially I don't think there's anything wrong with taking him on the wrap. Grabbing a Freeman/Jordy if possible, or a Gordon Jordy combo if possible is a great way to build a team. Jordy will get his still, absolutely.
  11. Axe Elf jynxed this dude into oblivion last year
  12. I don't think there's any questions about Henry talent, it's all Murray and his stability and that's really the sum of it all. Murray has been pretty solid the last few years so while I'm a Henry fan and was impressed last year I just don't see how much will change this year unless Murray goes down. But I can also keep Henry as well in a league.
  13. My fault, I drafted him for the first time... Classic
  14. For the rz, absolutely