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  1. Sorry I haven't been posting much guys, just between work and other things I havent been able to scan the board. But yea, glad brock did what I simply hoped and had a decent night to keep things rolling and get a second week.
  2. I'm game with whatever fellas, I say we start drafting right now tbh
  3. I honestly don't think Moncrief will ever be much of a consistent or huge fantasy name unless he's traded to a team that makes him number one or unless Hilton is gone. I don't know, colts WRs don't excite me much
  4. I think 4th maybe early 5th depending the league and that's mainly based on cooks being a big factor still, which could change but I think if Thomas has another rock solid year next year he pushes to that late 2nd early 3rd. But you could be right also Cory, he might fall in 3rd if he has a huge pre season and people get pumped up. Just glad I'll have him from the get go in my main league hah
  5. Hope he closes out his career as a steelers, what a good guy and a great player to boot.
  6. Keeper next year, really pumped about it as I think he becomes the main stud to own after Brees
  7. The 16-0 champ is here, I'll give everyone a chance to surrender before we begin!
  8. Hah true, but it was still rather annoying. Seeing 1 point from fleener, or then Dwayne Allen, or jess James etc... It was so irritating. I just like to set it and forget it with tight end. But if my team wasnt able to compensate I'd of been hurtin without having any type of true tight end points
  9. I am one that has loved gronk for years, had him basically since his first year and won championships with him during some of his best. But I think I can finally let him go this year at the adp he's still going to go, unless somehow he fell to me at round 3. I will say this tho, having kelce, olsen, gronk, Reed even is all a must... Because even tho I went 16-0 with a team I virtually had nothing going on at tight end all season, it was brutal. So I still think it's a must and worth it to get a solid tight end but I think it might be on to pass on gronk, especially if kelce continues doing what he's doing and can be had a lot cheaper
  10. Nah, I think McCoy still rolls just the same even with different oc
  11. Yea I enjoyed his rook year for the value, got him round 5. But yea just seems he's really hit or miss overall, and being paid could definitely be what killed his efforts
  12. Eh his yards were nice but 7 total tds was just ok. Overall I'm just not a fan of him, he's either hurt or sucking most of the time rather than being good.
  13. Not saying he's that great but he had some nice games, even a few flashes of those would of been nice. He's a big part of what sunk one of my teams
  14. I think it's possible, I believe Johnson is in the same echelon as guys from the more recent past like Tomlinson, Alexander, holmes, etc... Those guys had dominating seasons Year in and out, same with early Peterson years. We simply just don't see it much, however I think guys like Johnson, Zeke and bell are able to revert back to big time work horse backs
  15. Yea I'd that do, or I'd see if I could get McCoy and Gordon. I think they could be a solid setup, although not sure if people are going to catapult Gordon into the top 7 picks, I think he's first round but tail end. Course maybe he will go earlier than I think