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  1. Give me the strongest argument to take OBJ over AB first.. I'm only entertaining it because I've had brown a few years now, I just want to get in early with Beckham and enjoy him in his prime, so it's something different. I feel both are worthy of number 1 picks. But I'm a Homer and want brown, but I can look past that if I feel Beckham might just be the most dominate receiver this year.
  2. Axe is that you? Lmao
  3. It just gets old bro. I enjoy actual insight when you post it, but why must you do this nonstop every day any chance you get? I mean there comes a point where the shtick has to be old even for you
  4. You must of not been around last year when everyone doubted Forte just as much
  5. Sorry about so many auto corrects, I just reread my post and it's a mess lol
  6. Yea, I'll take that every time. This dude isn't gonna fall off the face of the earth like so many think.
  7. Let's just hope for little of this with Hopkins
  8. His hamstrings are a pain in the a**, that's really all there is to itl At least hurt something else every now and then Jeffery!
  9. McKinnon hype happens every year now. Then the McKinnonites get trolled if Peterson gets hurt and asiata Rolls in 3 TDs for the day
  10. It was more of a rhetorical question, Not saying he doesn't ultimately play but it gets so old how it's always a gtd and struggling with these hammies for years now. There's never a time I can remember where he's just ready to go and zero health issues
  11. Has Jeffrey ever had a season where every week his hammy isn't in question?
  12. Honestly I think for many it's simply because it's breaking new ground. The jags have long struggled to really get to this point, that's the beauty of the NFL in that teams can build and become something. But it's still new territory and it's not something you can just automatically say easily "yea, jags, allen and bortles, they're our elite talent studs that will pave the road the next few years for high end production". While yes mostly likely this is the case, it's still something new to get used to. When we've had the high end established teams and players and new ground breaks it's just something I think that takes a year or two before it's automatic for everyone. I don't doubt the talent of Robinson and bortles one but.. But I do know the jags haven't been the pinnacle of an offensive juggernaut, so that still weighs on my mind. Only thing to do is just go all in or simply give it one more year. That's really all I can do.. I'm hoping to her Robinson at least once but he's a keeper in 2 of my leagues already so Im out almost already. Anyways, even tho it's still weird seeing a team like the jags rise up with players like this I look forward to it and to see what they can do
  13. Hard to say. I still think 4 to 6 is the range just based on the fact that I think first games are probably gonna be a bust for him and once Brady is back I think he will feed the others more. But that's just me. Chandler also got his if I remember correctly mainly when gronk missed a game or two.
  14. He was so awesome they signed Forte instead of giving the backfield to Powell