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  1. But that's the thing, I don't know if it's a bad decision to take him in the first.... I just think for me it's a place I wouldn't feel comfortable with at this moment. Even some of the great like jordy has always lingered in that start of the second round area... I can't recall jordy actually being first round even tho he's has some excellent seasons. I just wish Robinson didn't propel so quickly into the first round
  2. I do like his going adp as opposed to last year. I just hate Bradford with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. In 5 seasons he's had over 20 TDs once, 21. I think he's one of the worst QBs going today, the dude is atrocious... Id be depressed if I were a Philly fan and that's who I had to watch every Sunday.
  3. And just for reference even when I'm saying I'm not incredibly high on someone, I'm always tweaking my mindset. Come pre season if bortles and Robinson look good, I might even change my whole first round view. There is never a bias for me with players, just where I believe their price tags are. I only know my one draft spot so far, have 2 more leagues, but where I'm sitting sadly I don't think I'll be able to get him on the way back. But I'm gonna try as he is a player I want, just not ready for that first round pick on him. But like I said pre season might change that
  4. What I'm saying is that sometimes in football and in fantasy when things on paper look great, unexplainables can happen and things not exactly work out. I'm not saying I'm the wise sage of fantasy but after playing now since the late 90s I've been around so many players that look great on paper but somehow things don't work when they should. Not saying that will happen here but if that does happen then all I can say is been there before. Let's agree on this hopefully, the jags haven't been an offensive spectacle, they are starting to show signs of being a really capable team now. But in the world of fantasy they haven't had much of an arsenal so this is new territory I am the type of fantasy player that doesn't get deeply invested in hype, I tend to go with my vibes and it pays off and sometimes it doesn't. Here's a true story, after last season...when fantasy season ended that is, one of the first players I said I wanted for this year was Allen Robinson. I kid you not. ONLY issue for me is first round, that's it. I mean im Tryin to convey to you that my personal belief Is he will have a nice season, I would enjoy him on my team, but the price tag I thought would be round 2 ultimately
  5. Well if that's all you're fishing for then sure bortles and Robinson by now could have a much better rapport together. I'm not denying that the connection won't be effective, nor am I saying Robinson will have a bad season... But I think if someone wants 1st round production they might be disappointed. If he puts up an amazing season then I'll gladly accept that I was wrong and will have a chance of mind going into next year.
  6. As i've said it's hard to say simply because Robinson had a great season last year, very nice season. But there's so many variables involved, for instance taking Hurns for example, he has 1000 and 10 TDs. Easily one or two of those Robinson TDs could of went to hurns and jumped him to 11 12 or 13 TDs, so hurns is a factor not to be overlooked. Plus Robinson is now getting a lot more attention, they could start to really double up on him and try to eliminate some of his huge plays. Plus add in the fact they big time improved their defense, in which if executed properly they will probably not need to air it out as much, it seemed last year it was sort of like "were gonna just air it out all game unless someone stops it". Ivory is capable of 4 to 8 TDs, and Thomas I feel if his health holds up is going to want a piece of the pie. Last season seemed like a perfect storm for AR. Allen Robinson is going to be a fantasy household name, but first round names have been earned by the elite WRs who do it consistently for a few years. And its yet to be seen if Robinson will be one of those guys
  7. That 4 game suspension helps the situation tho, otherwise people would get nuts and start drafting him in the 2nd or 3rd I bet
  8. I think you haven't read the thread lol because I've stayed numerous times I'll take him gladly at start of the second, but he hasn't proven, and he hasn't, that he's a first round pick. That to me is a fair sentiment overall I believe.
  9. I hope so, he's had a lot of time to smoke and get it out of his system. So hopefully he's a little more mature bout it now.. It's just hard not have doubts, but I'll definitely pull some triggers somewhere on him
  10. But I thought after his first big time suspension he'd of learned... Came back and lost another whole season lol its like, who let's that happen? I hope the kid stays cool but week 5 is a long way away for him to get that itch lol
  11. But you're not looking at it from both sides. Not once have you ever gave acknowledgement to the fact that maybe he hits a slump this year, even if you don't believe it. You're only doing everything you can to convince yourself and everyone else that Robinson is without a shadow of a doubt worth a first round pick
  12. I'd take a shot In 7th for Gordon. Although it wouldn't surprise me if Gordon somehow screws this up between now and week 5
  13. I think I'd rather go empty QB slot before plugging Gabbert in
  14. I have no agenda, I said numerous times Robinson is a decent pick, just not in the first round