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  1. Yea I think Coleman is more reliable, but here's one last question.... I have Ryan too, just stick with Brees at home? I feel one of the two is definitely going to have a huge night
  2. I have Brees and either Tevin Coleman or Tamme... I had Coleman in originally, is Tamme more of a chance to get 20 to 25?
  3. Welp
  4. Glad he finally did something in his underwhelming career
  5. I've come to learn finally that colts TEs are not worth the hassle tryin to figure them out
  6. My fault, I traded for him last week
  7. Yea, it's just I feel mccluster is a legit lotto ticket ha. I just always seem to make the wrong choices lately with pickups
  8. Like I said Chris Johnson is one, 16 carries for 56 and a td already shouldn't be overlooked. But I have mccluster currently and there's guys like Hunter Henry, Jordan Howard etc..
  9. I hear Ya, but what gets me is when I see Chris Johnson with 16 carries and a td already. I feel sometimes the obvious pickups are what I miss when I'm trying for something deeper. Not saying CJ is gonna do much but never know with Arians and if Johnson got injured, but I look at dexter and think maybe I need to switch him out before in stuck with him
  10. Pretty much how it goes
  11. Would you guys take a chance of Dixon over say Duke or Hill? Both those turds just warming the bench
  12. I do it every year and one by one I drop them as they don't pan out, while names like Chris Johnson come back from the grave and blow up, or Mike Wallace... Just yea, I don't know if it's this boards ability to make player hype even harder to pass on or if it's really a lotto ticket type thing
  13. Yea actually i was. I wish Miller had similar output to Crowell but I'd never make that trade. Now Miller for say Anderson is a trade I'd easily do at this point, but otherwise I'm not trading Miller nor have plans to