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  1. I know it's part of the game but the way these guys go down anymore it's killing my enjoyment for fantasy
  2. I got a feeling if Jackson does become something it might be the end of Eddie lacy. The dude has not been himself for 2 seasons now, just never know
  3. Gonna be awesome when he puts up a 3
  4. Charles had to pass that torch eventually
  5. Well I have to admit, he is really looking like a huge man child out there, it detracts from great plays. I'll still take the points lol but doesn't change the fact that he looks like a moron
  6. Well yea that goes without saying. I was able to get David and Montgomery in a few leagues, it's the fact that people are touting names like Wright, Humphries etc... And I'd like to think one or two of these leftovers can be something but it's way to unpredictable these days to gage it. Wright always disappears, he's never been able to sustain
  7. A lot of names hanging out still, but so many just seem mediocre. Humphries is hard to pull the trigger on, even as the WR2... Vjax hasn't done much lately in the spot. Kendall Wright is houdini, Rishard Matthews is hard to read still, garcon seems mediocre still, just alot of guys that don't scream game changers to me yet
  8. He had a few nice games And as I said above neither was Terrance West
  9. Situation and opportunity is what makes a great pickup a good portion of the time. Look at Terrance West, a total bum until recent. Davis could be a team propelling pickup if he really runs with the opportunity
  10. Lol bye bye Dixon, what a waste
  11. Yea that's true, I mean continuing where he left off if you wanna get that technical
  12. Just sucks, I thought he'd continue doing what he was doing last year
  13. Things can change, I meant as macadoo as HC... Perhaps he's seeing the game from a different Pov and it's just not gelling yet. But I hope more than anything things get moving
  14. Was coming in for an edit but you basically beat me to it. West was a total fail up until about the last few games. Situations change everything
  15. Alot of times the stupid obvious pickups are the ones that work for some ungodly reason. I'm not a fan of forsett but he has has moments. And Washington has 76 yards and is hurt. Not like he's lighting the world on fire yet . Riddick has been decent but he's always played behind someone and been a situational back