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  1. Travis Kelce 2017 Season Outlook

    Way to early to say that
  2. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    Just 8 to 10 points even, he doesn't need to go nuts every week but man
  3. Jerick McKinnon 2017 Season Outlook

    But McKinnon always does this, explodes then in a game or two goes down. I have him in a few places but this is always his pattern.. Hoping for the best tho, would be a welcomed addition
  4. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I just wish I understood why or if it's because it's fresh that we forget how seasons in the past had just as many. I been playing since late 90s and I personally don't remember this many injuries, but it's been a long time now. I watch videos of old games and guys were still fast, I get that people say it's so fast these days but it's not like guys we're moving at half speed back then. I just wonder if it's conditioning, or lack of, or if it'd because it seems on every play guys just throw their bodies at anything. Sometimes I don't know just seems guys overkill it when a player is wrapped and going down, you'll see 3 more guys dive at him and it seems just unnecessary to me, don't know
  5. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Well I think we will bounce back, but yea I'm sort of bummed how Ben has been lately in general, but that jags D is pretty stout so I give them lots of credit. I am bummed tho because we might not get another Ben for awhile. That pens loss the other night didn't help either, I miss fleury already.
  6. Biggest Busts 2017 Season Outlook

    Love how first year having Cooper and baldwin and can't enjoy them for one game, it's so old.
  7. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Yea I haven't been glued to rz like I was, just tryin to enjoy games at a time really.. But it's sad because I used to play fantasy and love my steelers games more than anything but fantasy was sort of 2nd, now it's other way around and I'm finding that I dont like the feeling
  8. Will Fuller 2017 Season Outlook

    Have you seen that offense? Why would you sell a player who has a QB putting up those type of points almost weekly? Just sayin
  9. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    What I'm finding is fantasy is starting to make me not even care about the actual game of football in terms of just enjoying the sport, I sit and stare at numbers and I mean maybe after 15 to 17 years of it I finally am hitting a point where I just need a break, not sure. The older years felt more predictable, i dont know.. And I am doing decent in my leagues overall but I remember just living for my steelers games and now it all seems so pedestrian as I'm so concerned about other players numbers. Just one of those moments I guess I'm having. I love to draft and that is the best part seeing your teams on paper.. It's the whole playing part where I'm losing some steam lol
  10. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    How is he employed at all?
  11. Aaron Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    Not expecting a ton, this backfield is becoming a chore to really care about these days.
  12. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    Chiefs scare me a bit tho. I'm bummed tho as I knew I should have grabbed him before Sunday for Brees replacement, I suck
  13. Marshawn Lynch 2017 Outlook

    Well, it's been nice
  14. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    Thanks Murray