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  1. Well it was fun while it lasted
  2. Didn't legatron have a huge thread?
  3. Yea that's it, was workin and caught a quick flash on my phone and didn't get a chance to check anything out.
  4. Didn't they just sign a lineman? Got a ticker that said they're tight on cap space now
  5. The raiders haven't had a wr get 1200 yards since Rice was there... And I get that they haven't had an AB but still, that's telling. My point in winning isn't pinpointed on a single aspect, you only have 1 winner ultimately... But you have teams that are simply always in the mix and teams that well, aren't. Like already said there are players that would love to be on Pittsburghs losing years simply because even when we lose we still have a competitive edge or play spoiler for other teams. But for a player I'd imagine being a team that actually let's them do what they love to do is whats key. Meaning they might lose a game but they looked damn good still doing it. Reiterating a bit ago my point, Pittsburgh let brown and bell for that matter explode year after year out there. The offense and the team was genuinely good even when the records didn't indicate that every year , losing wasn't compounded by also being absolute garbage on the field. I don't think raiders with how Carr has been playing, and just their overall structure... Will let AB be AB, I don't feel he's going to go out and own games like he did and that to me is what I'm saying he will miss. That's just imo... Maybe this turns it all around got Carr and the raiders, but I'm doubtful.
  6. I just don't see it all panning out if bell ends up there. Something tells me that when it comes to actual winning, games etc... They won't know what they had til its gone but I think we're entering an era of player that simply doesn't care about winning and just wants to get a huge payday win or lose. So even if this is disastrous brown nor bell will care as long as they have their bucks.
  7. I just personally find it mind boggling this situation set itself up to the fact we got virtually nothing worth while for arguably the best wr in the league... I mean how about a 1st and a 5th? I just find that part infuriating honestly. But as a Pittsburgh native im simply sad to see him go just because he's been such a staple.. I can't get over the fact that we've had 9 seasons with him, I mean... Wut, 9??? Just insane to think about. It sucks tho because we lost wallace in similar fashion in terms of leaving on a sour note, and I can't remember how it was when sanders left but still I am just mad thst the 3 Bs era is over. I mean these guys have pissed me off but I've rooted for them since day 1 and it's so weird to think they're gone. Had to be what it felt like recently when Jordy got sent out
  8. The only way he becomes a steal is if he dropped into rounds 3 or 4 and didn't miss a beat but that won't happen, otherwise in a 2nd round pick there are so many more players that are a sure bet
  9. Ill be absolutely amazed if AB plays without a hitch and isn't shortly throwing tantrums on the sideline from being on such a colossal turd team.
  10. Yea, I can already guarantee my team will be fine passing on the likes of a 31 year old Antonio Brown on a dumpster fire team like the raiders, easiest pass ever... Let some other sucker take him
  11. I can't stand how we never get anything good in return in situations like this, fn whatever
  12. I know, it's why I'm annoyed by AB even more. I thought he was a lock to be our main for his whole career... It's all very disappointing
  13. The point is 9 times out of 10, and this is imho when a person goes thru something like cancer and survive, and do what conner was able to do they develop a greater appreciation for their life and anything they're doing. I mean if you want to get that technical sure we can see how conner turns out but the point is that right here, right now he's a class act and seems to have a more humble approach. If that changes then that is something that is addressed at that time but for now, we absolutely need more guys like him. Brown and Bell didn't start off to bad but from living here in Pittsburgh I can say they had their antics, and subtle ways early on that made one raise an eye brow.