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  1. I'm game for whenever to draft, I say we get a little more onto July tho and then we can probably better determine.
  2. Yea fellas were good to go. And yea Cory lets get our head count, and this year what I do want to avoid if possible is super long draft picks or to hopefully try and when we see a round that could wrap up make a push for it, just little things like that to keep the flow flowing. I just need to get the league setup again, I can look to do that today
  3. Decker is always that wild card pickup that can really give you an advantage as he is sneaky good, not the most sexy name but a name that can borderline those wr 1 tds and I hope he does well with Mariota, just needs to stay healthy. But that team In general doesn't thrill me either, so hopefully decker can be had as a decent bargain
  4. I honestly didn't see that, but it's no biggie. Either way I just hope Sammy is a go this year.
  5. You're not telling me anything I don't know. I already stated I'm skeptical but know the value one could get out of him if he somehow pulls thru and has a good season.
  6. I fully believe he could be a great wr, I just hope this is the year he's finally healed up enough to last. I'll most likely take a grab at some point in some of my leagues but I hope it's not a repeat of last year
  7. His first 2 seasons were pretty solid imho for where he went, especially his second with 1000 and 9 tds.... What sucks is I know what will happen and that's if I pass on him this year he will actually have a great season or at least a good season like he's has before, and If I bank on that and feel that's a reason to take him hoping for a repeat of 2015 at the very least, he will dud out. So I feel it's an absolute lose lose situation lol I did that with Eddie lacy. Grabbed him 2 years ago after recent production and he was absolutely horrendous, thought can't give up and went back in last year to the same thing. I just feel that with Watkins easily.
  8. Great thread, will read again x3
  9. Meh, there are so many seasons where your end season roster is light years away from your initial draft. And most of the time at the end of a draft there are potentials scattered all over that fall onto the waivers waiting to be picked up that even if someone doesn't make a great last pick they can quickly get out, drop and pick someone up.. You're putting emphasis on each pick to such degrees where sure, it can at times be a lotto ticket but 9 times out of 10 I'd say the last pick on someone's team is gone a few weeks in. Not every time but a good portion of the time outside of your lighting in a bottle deep grabs that maybe, maybe pan out..
  10. I think it's simply just different speculations is all. Rawls had relevancy 2 years ago, that could feasibly happen again as lacy is not the pinnacle of reliability lately and prosise is just there and still an overall question mark, I don't think it'd take much for Rawls to pass him but that's just me.. If Rawls is sitting at the very end of a draft there's a lot worse one could do than grab Rawls if they felt inclined to. Stranger things have happened in backfield but I wouldn't totally turn my nose to Rawls in the grand scheme of things as the season professes.
  11. I think that's simply dictated by someone's draft in terms of what they might or might not need.
  12. I believe in Landry but absolutely hate how they use him and or under use him I should say. But I think his team is the quick answer as to what holds him back.
  13. Absolutely, I'm not saying anything is in stone. I'm sure both juju and Bryant can both be productive along side AB, we just have to see. More than anything I want them both to be awesome.
  14. Most analysts here in the burgh thinks it's just Ben being Ben, he wants to sometimes play it that way but he's still only 35...not that he can't retire sooner than later but I feel at least, 3 more years minimum. I really don't see him actually being done until he's about 38 or 39 but that's just me
  15. Btw Ben is not on the "heavy decline", he has a solid 3 to 4 more years left and most likely was speaking out of frustration after what happened against the pats. Juju at this moment is under Bryant, but we have time left to see if bryant doesn't screw up. I'm big on MB but he has been anything but reliable, if bryant gets hurt or somehow does screw up again I see juju having a great season. Overall I don't think it's out of the question for juju to have a few nice games. He will be a good stash for sure