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  1. Kings of Leon is my "new" favorite band. Awesome stuff!
  2. Friend of mine just got me hooked on BassDrive. Anyone here listen to it?
  3. I have been listening to a lot of early 2000's late 90's music. Shyne's first album, Talib Kweli...This is all stuff that i listened to in high school, really brings back memories. What are some of you all's favorite tracks or albums from this time period?
  4. Yeah, I probably should have specified that it wasn't really a collaboration with Kanye. More that Kanye was involved with one track. I love the new album. Just wish it was longer but then again, there isn't much Common puts out that I don't. I think he was an awesome lyricist and combining that with the Neptunes making some pretty sick beats, I think it is a nice up beat album. Kind of weird to hear Common rapping so much about women though, some of is lyrics are pretty weird but such is he.
  5. Common's newest collaboration with The Neptunes and Kanye is a different path for him but still Common is one of the best lyricist of my time IMO. I recommend grabbing it if you like old school Chicago style rap with actual substances to the lyrics.
  6. I am listening to...Citizen Cope...as we speak.
  7. Yeah, I listen to that song a lot. It is funny. Rehab has a lot of other good stuff, check em out.
  8. Bloodhound Gang revived this song when I was in Junior High. I don't get to say this very often but that makes me feel old to say that.
  9. I like it because of the uniqueness I think...the whole reggae/jamaicain lead signer adds a lot of flavor to their music.
  10. I have been listening to lots of Skindred lately. Anyone else listen to them?
  11. Agreed...Aside from Meteora, most of there music is crap IMO. My austrailian friend introduced me to "Skindred" which I have been listening to lately, most of their stuff is really good but some of it is a little too heavy for my taste.
  12. Very good song...Gary Jules is a great great man.