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  1. If this were any other team, I'd do just that. But this is KC. If there's even a remote possibility of acquiring a potential starter on THIS offense, I'm taking a shot.
  2. Don't think I've ever lost a season from prematurely burning a pick on a prospect that didn't pan out; I have lost a couple for not jumping on a prospect when the opportunity was given to me. So yeah, I'm grabbing him.
  3. Need 1 more Cleveland FG or PAT. With my luck, Browns will try to run out the clock coming into the second half.
  4. I need the Browns kicker to kick 3 regular field goals, or 2 big ones.
  5. Eh, a few examples where that hasn't been the case. Josh Gordon in 2013. Deandre Hopkins in 2017. Heck, I'm starting Chris Thompson this week and the 'Skins are hot trash.
  6. CT might have his best year yet. Unlike Kirk, Case Keenum isn't afraid to throw deep and often to stretch defenses and give CT space in the flats.
  7. Reed should drop himself out of football. His concussion count is probably in the double digits right now.
  8. It's only the first week, but there are indeed players out there capable of producing such a profoundly negative impact not only on our teams but to our psyches as well that you've no choice but to purge your soul of their presence and condemn them to the free agency wastelands. Patience and week 1 rhetoric be damned. This week, I've dropped Jameis Winston. I'm tired of the excuses, about hearing how much of a stud he is. No. I need someone reliable in that position, not a player who could potentially find himself outscored by my opponent's kicker every other week. Goodbye, Jameis. I'll continue to root for your in real life, and the image of you snagging the inside of your mouth with your two fingers at pregame will always be embedded in my mind. Enjoy your new home in Drop City. How about the rest of you?
  9. If you started Winston, that's a W for your opponent. Just ask him....
  10. Who gives a crap when in the game he gets the points?
  11. JuJu needs a JuJu on the other side to take the pressure off him.
  12. Started Russell over Tom Brady, and #12 has already out produced St. Russ in a single half. Going to lose.
  13. Apologize for prematurely denouncing the RB lord of garbage time points.
  14. CT is an essential component to that offense and if you're in a ppr league and are in need of a solid flex player or an emergency fill-in, then you grab him quick if he's available.
  15. Whether a team signs him will depend on what Antonio Brown, his legal team, and the NFLPA will do with regard to his Raiders contract. If they do nothing, he'll sign with a new team relatively soon but no one's going to sign him if he's in the midst of some contractual and legal drama with another team.