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  1. I am worried Fournette's production is going to take a hit when Bortles starts handing the ball off to linebackers, keeps throwing the ball into the dirt and continues to insist on playing with a blindfold.
  2. I had Hill two years ago and after last year, I definitely think Mixon has a chance to take the lead role right away. Everything I've read on Mixon describes him as a top talent. He's big and has wheels. He catches passes. Had huge production in college and maybe most importantly for his value this year, he's supposed to be very good in pass protection. The only thing that really worries me is Cincy's O-line. For those that like, what round? I'm guessing you'll need to burn a third round pick come August.
  3. Anyone want to take a stab at projections for MillerTime? Finished RB #17 with 159 point in standard.
  4. Welp. There goes my RB2 target. I could see K Hunt bouncing around rosters and the waiver wire before blowing up in the fantasy playoffs. What a headache. I'll probably end up drafting him too. Ug.
  5. The Pats told the media for the umpteenth time this offseason that they will not trade Garappolo? They must be really, really desperate to NOT trade Garoppolo.
  6. It's difficult but I wouldn't draft him before round 4. He won't last until round 4 so I probably will not get him. I had AR15 last year and thus forced myself to sit through a few Jaguars games and while AR15 had some drops, Bortels was un-f&#*ing-bellevably bad. At times it looked like he was playing blindfolded. That makes a difference. Also - new coach, Tom Coughlin calling the shots and they just drafted Founette. Jobs are on the line and the Jags want to show some progress in the win column. Would you bet the season on Bortels? Looks to me like they are going to run first and then some.
  7. I really like Lee a lot too but what about Hurns? I feel like he and Lee hurt eachother not only for production but for consistency as well.
  8. Good points. Preseason will be interesting.
  9. True, I'm just guessing, but with all the risk/reasons I listed in my earlier post, I just feel like it is really unlikely he tops ROUND 4 production (i.e. 175 points tops in standard.) I am pretty confident in also guessing he will do much better than an RB4 barring injury. If he puts up 1500/20 then great! Could happen. I just see that as being extremely unlikely. Whatever happened to AxeElf? All that hubris pre-season and still in hiding now?
  10. Agree LV. He is one of the more interesting RBs to me at his current ADP
  11. Agreed with this. 4th round production looks like his ceiling. Raiders were not afraid to use the RBBC and take away, say 4 of Murray's 12 TDs and he falls out of the RB2 category in standard. Lynch is also old and has been out of the league for a year and seems to have some questionable commitment issues. That's a lot of risk for what looks like a 4th round ceiling.
  12. I want to so badly but you just can't at the price he is going at. I need to see a second good year. I've been burned by WRs with only one good year Braylon Edwards being the worst and probably the best comparison to AR15 in terms of one monster year and then falling off a cliff the next (and in Edwards case falling all the way to rock bottom while dropping every life line thrown to him along the way.) The earliest I would consider him is the 4th round in standard. Bet someone takes a shot on him in the 3rd.
  13. It looks to me like Ware's weekly production took a huge hit right about the time his left guard Parker Ehenger went down.
  14. "The Saints signed former Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller, traded receiver Kenny Stills to the Miami Dolphins for linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and a third-round draft pick, and released backup cornerback Corey White. Spiller's deal is $18 million over four years with $9 million guaranteed and a $5 million signing bonus, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter." Joking. That said, I agree that AP could get more than 133 carries. Clusterfudge.
  15. Yes, I like and appreciate your analysis, I was just confused by the numbers and didn't know if the data would help. I think at minimum you have to rank MG right above Isiah Corwell - similar concerns with consistency but MG clearly has much better upside. I've done a few mock drafts on Fantasy Pros, and while its pre-draft and early, Crow has been going in the 4th round.