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  1. Darwin Thompson and Darrell Williams I assume. Or maybe Reid uses different formations. Just to be clear, I hope to high heaven I’m wrong and he blows up. It’s just: new playbook, iffy ankle, not starting left tackle, otherworldly passing attack and two other RBs one of which, D Thompson, was a preseason star and it all makes me nervous. Plus as I said I’m in a non ppr league. I’d feel better in ppr but not RB2 better, more flex.
  2. Sure, but it shows he isn’t 100% on the playbook yet. Andy Reid said 2 things of note after week 1 - (paraphrasing) 1) it will take him a little while to get up to speed. McCoy knows a bit of our offense but a lot of what we are doing here is different than what we did in Philly and 2) I’m not going to put him in situations where he doesn’t know the pass protection schemes. “I wouldn’t do that to him.” That hold seems to indicate that McCoy is still learning the offensive pass protections so I think that will cap his opportunities this week more so than each week after as he picks up more of the playbook.
  3. Im in a non ppr league. I also think, if his ankle is ok, he could be a high end RB2 ROS. I don’t think Reid likes Williams as evidenced by his badmouthing him all off season and jumping to get McCoy. I also think McCoy phoned it in last year on the Bills. Wouldn’t you? However this week makes me nervous. McCoy still doesn’t know the playbook that well and was dinged with a holding call last week. I’m sure time in the MRI machine and rehab room didn’t help him close the gap any. I hope I’m wrong! I’ll be pleased as punch if he blows up against the Ravens minus KC’s starting Left Tackle! I figure that would lead to a solid 15+ touches ROS. I just don’t feel like the odds are stacked that way this week.
  4. I own McCoy, desperately need him to do well and do have hope for him ROS (as long as his ankle is okay) but this is the correct take for this week. The Ravens D is a solid unit and is certainly better than Joakland. KC is down their starting LT and LMcCoy is banged up and on a team with the most unstoppable pass attack in the NFL. They have 2 RBs other than McCoy who know the offense in DT and Darrell Williams as well. McCoy will be lucky to get 4-6 points this week. As an owner, my hope is the sit him so his ankle can heal up
  5. You are so right about Gurley. I actually panicked made a bad trade to get rid of him and despite not getting equal value, I enjoyed week 2 much more. Was stuck watching the Rams game too. He may have a top 10 season but rightly or wrongly I’m still relieved to not have to stress over that knee
  6. He’s really small, not that fast and I don’t think he’s a pass catcher. He is sort of like Chis Carson in that he had an incredible work ethic and his over-achieving ways have paid off for him. Definitely rooting for this kid. As long as Shady wins my a championship in the process 😀
  7. I hope they just rest him. It’s not like KC needs a running game.
  8. I don’t completely disagree with a lot of the concern in this thread but Cousins also completed less than 50% of his passes and had several passing plays and multiple TDs wiped out by penalties. I think there is a decent chance that as Cousins and the team get a better handle on the new offense things will improve. They clearly were not comfortable the last two games.
  9. The Patriots DST is going to be a league winner. Miami and the Jets with a 7th round pick for QB and the Bills are in their division. They also play the Giants, Redskins and for some reason the Bengals. The Pats always have an easier schedule than most but this is ludicrous.
  10. The Pats won’t let go of AB as long as he’s a productive player. My guess is AB will be a beast come the fantasy playoffs as h learns the offense, I doubt the Pats would put up with all his baggage if they didn’t see him as a big asset. I have to say, it’s going to be fun watching the Pats try to keep a stiff upper lip as AB drags them through the mud all season.
  11. Sure,but will it be 50/50 or 70/30 come October?
  12. There was a lot of preseason hype around Hill but he didn’t do squat and didn’t even reach 4 ypc against Miami last week even with the Ravens putting up 59 points. Mosert is one Breida hit away from bell cow. Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything here
  13. I'm with you on Gurley. That knee scares the crap out of me. Given the fact that they limited his touches and he avoided contact the way he did after they drafted an RB in the 3rd, signed M Brown again and hearing all summer that no one knew how TG's arthritic knee would react, it seems to me like the Rams just used him exactly the way they did in the play offs: limited touches and no goal line work.
  14. True. Still, 60% of the RB touches on the Chiefs offense is still pretty solid. Haven’t checked but didn’t someone mention K Hunt did what he did on 15 touches a game? He was a pretty good RB to own.