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  1. I actually like this spot in standard. You can go D Freeman or D Murray and then grab J Howard/M Thomas or Gronk
  2. The RB position in standard is so bad this year, in Standard Scoring you can draft Antonio Brown and feel bad about it.
  3. No words. Healing and prayers OBJ!
  4. The NY Jets are going to lose to Ohio State. Badly.
  5. I see your point, money over winning unless it is a generational talent like Ray Lewis. Im sure you are right but adding "money over winning" to the mix still doesn't make me feel any better about the NFL and their fans giving a murderer like Eay Lewis a pass over a guy that takes a knee during the national anthem.
  6. Clearly you haven't seen or read any of the reports regarding Joe Flacco's spine injury or Ryan Mallett's 7 INTs, 50% completion percentage and tantrum in practice. If the Ravens don't sign a competent back QB - and Kap is clearly the best one available now that Cutler is in Miami - they are doomed this season. A review of Mallet's start this week; Ryan Mallett completed 13-of-22 passes for 113 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions in the Ravens' second preseason game. Mallett played the entire first half. He was actually worse than his abysmal numbers, showing truly disastrous ball placement as he tried to check the ball down to running backs. He could have thrown at least 1-2 more interceptions. Mallett, who plays with zero feel or creativity, simply doesn't have "it." He's now 22-of-40 (55 percent) for 171 yards (4.28 YPA), one touchdown and two picks this summer. No team can afford to lose its starting quarterback, but the Ravens' season will be over if Joe Flacco does down at any point in 2017. They need an upgrade at their No. 2 spot. Aug 17 - 10:09 PM CK would absolutely be a "significant help" over a train wreck like Mallet.
  7. I'd take him ahead of CJ because the Broncos QB situation is a dumpster fire, they have a brutal schedule and I smell RBBC. He could overcome all that but it seems like a riskier bet then D Cook. I feel like Ware might be safer than people think so that's a tougher call. Cook has looked great so far though and has an one of the easiest schedules so I'd be fine taking each over the other.
  8. That's what it is looking like to me too and feel like this guy might finally solve my RB2 problem but I got scared when you said COP.
  9. Please clarify. You are concerned they may only use him a COP? Thanks Also, if he blows up in pre-season game 3, I'd feel pretty good about taking him over CJ and wouldn't mind having him over Ware
  10. The other thing that is so awful about this is what does it say about the NFL AND their fans that it was the Ravens - of all teams - that refused to take CK because he takes a knee during the national anthem even though they DESPERATELY need another QB! This means that the NFL owners and all those people writing letters are more differential to Ray Lewis even after he KILLED someone then CK! WTF? If R Lewis gets a pass, why not CK?
  11. There just aren't any fun and reliable picks available at the 2/3 turn in standard. L Miller, Crowell, A Cooper, hell, Dalvin Cook is almost a 2nd round pick! Not disagreeing but but I am very down on the late 2nd 3rd round in standard this year so, I'll take some optimism. May take DB too, we'll see
  12. I was hoping you were serious. Like someone mentioned above, the 2/3 turn really sux and he's always there and while I know he's safe, I'm a bit concerned about the upside. Nice to see some faith!
  13. Can't tell, are you being sarcastic? I think he could be a top 5 but the O Line, run-first scheme and Jimmy Graham makes me think 6-12 range is more likely.
  14. A guy who sits during the National anthem as the starter of an NFL team near the Florid/Georgia line? About as ugly as it gets. I'd be all for it but if the Giants and Ravens were overwhelmed by hate mail, I think it's fair to wonder just how far beyond hate mail it would go in Jacksonville.