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  1. Mixon visiting Chargers:
  2. Have you seen what John Fox does with backfields? Even after Howard's two solid games as starter he tried to revert to an RBBC for two games and torpedoed the run game in the process. If I remember correctly, I think it took a Lanford injury to re-install Howard as the lead back. I would think its unlikely but Fox's track record concerns me a bit.
  3. That's true. What concerns me is the coaching staff did not seem to want him and the small sample size. I would have no problem grabbing him in round 4 Standard, but I don't think he is going to last that long. Even Round 3 seems like it could be a reach.
  4. THIS! THIS, is why John Fox scares me and is my biggest concern with Howard: Benny Cunningham - RB - Bears Bears signed RB Benny Cunningham, formerly of the Rams, to a one-year contract. It's a solid, under-the-radar signing for the Bears. Cunningham is a dependable pass-catching and pass-protecting runner out of the backfield who didn't get many opportunities behind Todd Gurley in L.A. Cunningham can also return kickoffs; he has a 27.1 average on 95 career returns. His addition could spell trouble for Jeremy Langford and/or Ka'Deem Carey behind Jordan Howard. Watch John Fox try to do his best Sean Payton imitation and destroy Howard, not to mention the Bears.
  5. Tough not to touch on this since Howard's value is affected by how he compares to other back so, a quick tangent, why all the love for Ajayi? The coaching staff did all they could to dump him last year and when the begrudgingly gave him a shot out of necessity, he had 2 huge games - both against Buffalo one of which went into OT - had a few other good games(?) and some decidedly not RB1 games. Plus, he's only got 1year as starter on the books. Why would you touch this guy in round 1,2 or 3?
  6. Also good points. Back to square 1
  7. You guys are bringing me around to seeing Howard as not worthy of a 1st round pick in standard. Good points all. Thank you.
  8. All true but AP wasn't a huge part of the passing game and he did ok.
  9. Yes. Fox is a disaster waiting to happen. I always suspected he was wasting the backfield in Carolina but when he punted in Seattle territory, down by three scores in the Super Bowl with a still great P Manning in that offense? I would still like to punch him and no I'm not a Bronco homer. One of the worst moments I had owning Howard last year was watching the Chicago-Tampa game on stat tracker and seeing a drive where Howard go for 6-12 yards a carry all the way down to the Tampa 1 for 1st and goal and then watch Curler throw for 3 and out. After he had already thrown a pick and lost a fumble. Fox is a special kind of pain in a**. Just ask Elway. How many coaches do you know who get fired after taking their team to the Super Bowl? Fox could very well be Howard's kriptonite and is definitely a concern. Dip stick that he is.
  10. Forgot about McCoy and Murray. Good point.
  11. "Just way to many unknowns for me personally, I'd have to dedicate some time to watching his tape, but in the first round he's not even on my radar. Maybe in the 2nd, we start comparing Ajayi/Miller/Gurley/Hyde, and I understand the temptation there, that's probably the right tier anyways, which is 9~13 range for RBs I think? 2nd round scattered ADPs" I have a lot of the same concerns that you do taking Howard after only 1 year but the part of your statement I bolded is one of the main issues I have with Howard's value. I'd rank him just before Ajayi/Miller/Gurley/Hyde or at least in that category, which as you pointed out (at least with Howard) has more risk than you'd like in the first and second round. The problem is, if you don't draft an RB in round 1, that group - or worse - is what you are looking at for an RB1. In standard scoring that is trouble. This plus the fact that I think Howard is the safest of that group (see this thread) I think in standard this pushes his value up a bit. Also, I don't disagree that ideally Howard would probably be drafted in the 9-13 range for an RB, but, in standard scoring, other than LBell, DJ, Ez E and possibly D Freeman and M Gordon, who would you rank higher than Howard right now pre-NFL Draft? I can't really think of anyone which would make Howard the RB 6 off the board which in turn boosts his value.
  12. More reason for optimism is his scouting report from last year. He was spot-on what the report predicted which compared him to Arian Foster and called him "the best pure runner in this draft" which included Ezekiel Elliot. Overview When Alabama-Birmingham decided to shut down its football program before the 2015 season, the Hoosiers found an outstanding player waiting for a new opportunity in Howard. The Alabama native had two very productive years for the Blazers, who stood by him during the recruiting process after he suffered a torn meniscus and a stress fracture in his pelvis during his junior year in high school. Howard earned five starts as a true freshman in 2013 (881 yards, 6.1 yards per rush average, two touchdowns) and then exploded for first-team All-Conference USA honors the next season. He actually set a UAB rushing record with 1,587 yards on a workhorse-level 306 carries in 2014, scoring 13 times. The step up to a Power Five conference didn't faze Howard, as he won over Big Ten coaches for first-team All-Conference honors (1,213 rush yards, 6.2 yards per rush, nine touchdowns; 11 catches, 106 yards, one touchdown receiving). Rushing for 174 yards against a tough Iowa squad, as well as 238 on 35 carries against Michigan, showed he has the talent to succeed at any level. Pro Day Results 40-yard dash: 4.59 seconds Short shuttle: 4.34 seconds 3-cone: 7.14 seconds Analysis Strengths Showed ability to step his game up against top competition at both UAB and Indiana. Rushed for at least 145 yards in every full game he played. Natural runner who combines tempo with a special feel for spacial relationships. Pro­-ready vision gives him outstanding feel for run lane developments at the line of scrimmage and onto the second level. Consistently chooses best angles and creases for optimal yardage. For a big back, can make himself skinny through tight quarters. Decisive and punishing. Drops pads and accelerates into contact to batter would-­be tacklers on the second and third levels. Drives legs through arm tackles and goes about his work. Hard-­charging when its third- or fourth-and-short. Showed potential in screen game as receiver. Weaknesses Doesn't have sudden one-­cut ability and has to tap brakes to hit it downhill on outside zone runs. One-speed runner. Can be chased down by backside sprinters before getting to the second level. Takes big hits due to bruising running style. Scouts concerned about ability to stay healthy. Missed four games and parts of three others with knee and ankle injuries. Upright pads and narrow base leads to slips and balance issues when trying to make sharp cuts. Rarely factored into passing game at UAB or Indiana. Draft Projection Rounds 2 or 3 Sources Tell Us "He's the best pure running back in this draft. I've coached some good ones and he's what you look for. His injuries will knock him back a round or so, and he's not as well-rounded as Ezekiel Elliott is, but I think this kid is the best runner in this year's draft." -- AFC running backs coach NFL Comparison Arian Foster Bottom Line Howard has the optimal size and talent needed to strap the pads on and become a productive workhorse for a team looking for one, true lead back. Howard's vision, power and subtle shiftiness allow him to create and break tackles along the way. Staying healthy in the NFL is a legitimate concern for Howard considering his relentless running style. If he can stay healthy, Howard has the ability to become an instant factor as an NFL starter.
  13. I got thinking about this in the Jordan Howard thread. It seems to me - in standard scoring - if you do not take an RB in round 1 or early round 2 you are basically left with junk as your RB1 (as it stands right now pre-NFL Draft.) Guessing LB, DJ & EzE go in the first 5 picks. After that, the only RBs I would feel decent about having as an RB1 are J Howard, M Gordon and D Freeman. Those guys are all bound to be gone by 2.3. The above in mind, I'm thinking I have to take an RB in round 1 but I would love to hear ideas for a Zero RB or even an RB1 in round 2 or 3 approach. Thoughts?
  14. L Murray outlook: Yuck.
  15. That means you are looking at M Ingram or C Hyde etc as your #1 RB. Howard was within 8 points of the #1 WR in standard scoring last year with only 7 TDs. That's some nice consistency with a room for more upside. So, if WR over J Howard, then who do you see as your #1RB? Curious.