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  1. Gary Sanchez will be set back down to the minors. bust
  2. Cubs Are the best team in the world. Nobody is even close! Can't wait for next year with a full season of Kyle. This is only the first. Wouldn't be surprise if they win 5 more of these over the next decade
  3. Lmfao! He isn't that good! Great stuff! Keep it coming! Please tell me this is a sarcastic post? Hard to tell.
  4. Goodnight Cleveland! Not only did you lose the World Series the days of using the wahoo are over. What an embarrassment to MLB using that nasty racist logo. Cleveland had no business being in the World Series. Glad to see their luck run out. NL>AL
  5. Are we really acting like the Cubs don't have a scary lineup? Are we forgetting only 2 teams scored more runs during the regular season? They probably would be 1 if they had a girly dh or played in Colorado.
  6. You realize that none of the giants bats would start for the cubs besides posey. cubs bats do need to wake up.
  7. He might be better on it. Many people believe it is a performance enhancer for some athletes.
  8. 255 avg 15 hrs 60 rbi. pretty decent for a catcher. he is not going to be as good as Willson Contreras but he will be serviceable
  9. Under for sure. He has a little pop but lets not get carried away. He has never hit over 20 in the minors in 1 season before..dont believe the hype!
  10. Genius move by maddon. Wanted to save his sp and play the matchups. Zero runs given up once Jason was pulled. Best manager in the league and it's not even close.
  11. Fluke. He will hit more hr this year than next.
  12. MVP. Best player in baseball and it's not even close.
  13. Is there a lamer team in baseball? Maybe the Yankees? Time to tear it down and rebuild again. Just a odd mix of average old players.
  14. Geez. How far have the Yankees fallen. When players like starlin Castro and Tyler Austin get the fan base excited. Poor George is rolling in his grave