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  1. Genius move by maddon. Wanted to save his sp and play the matchups. Zero runs given up once Jason was pulled. Best manager in the league and it's not even close.
  2. Fluke. He will hit more hr this year than next.
  3. MVP. Best player in baseball and it's not even close.
  4. Is there a lamer team in baseball? Maybe the Yankees? Time to tear it down and rebuild again. Just a odd mix of average old players.
  5. Geez. How far have the Yankees fallen. When players like starlin Castro and Tyler Austin get the fan base excited. Poor George is rolling in his grave
  6. 10-16 since ASB. Ouch! Bye bye playoffs! Ouch!!!
  7. You serious? This is the best team in baseball and it is even close.
  8. Margot pulled from the game!
  9. Did he get reinjured because he already return from the injury reported last week.
  10. he is. margot isn't.
  11. chapman wants to play for a contender. no chance the yanks get him back from the cubs, if the cubs want him. I doubt the yanks would pay the money either. The dropped the ball on cano afterall all. good luck winning with the cubs scrap!
  12. that would be great! I won't play yahoo fantasy football until multiple matchups is an option. The way it is set up now you might as well flip a coin. come on yahoo add some features for the players.
  13. where is multiple matchups per week option yahoo?
  14. perfect time to sell while he has a some value left. its going to be a long fall from drew ROS. He isn't that good of a pitcher
  15. we want multiple match ups per week. come on yahoo! quit with the updates for housewives and little girls and give us players something useful!