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  1. He would appeal to the yankees. He would be their ACE if he was a yankee. Sorry you guys missed out on him. Bottom line is you will not find a more consistent pitcher who is under control at a very good price. Cubs got a very good deal.
  2. With those starting pitchers 0.0 chance. Get real yankee fans
  3. They have no starting pitching. They are so far away in terms of talent from the Astros, Dodgers and Cubs.
  4. Incorrect. You must be a biased uninformed yankee fan. I never seen a dopier fan base. Horrible trade giving up a top 50 prospect for a washed up 3rd basemen and a few closers who will be out out of the league in a few years. Just a head scratcher of a move. Yanks have no shot at the title so why make a move like this? I get Judge is having his career year (believe me he value has peaked) and the yanks have overachived but with that pitching staff, they have 0.0 shot of a title.
  5. Great trade for the white sox. Not sure why the Yankees gave up so much for a scrubby Frazier. They have not shot at the title. Dopey trade
  6. love this trade for the cubs. Great contract and a durable steady pitcher whose numbers will improve moving to the NL. Theo did it again!
  7. cubs don't need RP at all.
  8. A very good chance its career ending.
  9. still need an owner to take over a team email
  10. the email is its wrong in the initial post. sorry!
  11. i need one owner. email me at
  12. Gary Sanchez will be set back down to the minors. bust
  13. Cubs Are the best team in the world. Nobody is even close! Can't wait for next year with a full season of Kyle. This is only the first. Wouldn't be surprise if they win 5 more of these over the next decade
  14. Lmfao! He isn't that good! Great stuff! Keep it coming! Please tell me this is a sarcastic post? Hard to tell.
  15. Goodnight Cleveland! Not only did you lose the World Series the days of using the wahoo are over. What an embarrassment to MLB using that nasty racist logo. Cleveland had no business being in the World Series. Glad to see their luck run out. NL>AL