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  1. The fact that you are asking this question is troubling. It's TROUT and always will be TROUT. BTW - Look at how Ramirez did in the 2nd half of last year. He is very overrated at the moment and regression is already taking place.
  2. I'm taking that deal in a heartbeat. Give me Vlad and MadBum and I'll be a happy camper for years to come.
  3. I'm a very big believer in Vlad, but Judge is proven at the MLB level and he has a ton of value on his own. To add Snell into a trade for Vlad is just not wise. If the other person in the deal is trying to get another starter, give them 1 of your other SPs, not Snell. You have a ton of SPs to pick from, I'm sure you can come to some kind of agreement. If not, you'll be fine keeping Judge and Snell. Sometimes, the best trades are the ones we don't make.
  4. The exact order you have them listed in.
  5. The biggest problem in keepers or dynasties is finding owners who will not check out when their season is going bad or team is struggling to grow. I also try to have a waitlist for my leagues which helps when it comes to replacing owners. It takes a lot of work on the part of a commish to keep and find great owners who don't bail at the first sign of struggle or a challenge. I actually talk all new owners over the phone prior to sending an invite. I have a great core group and we don't take just anyone. The group is only has strong as it's weakest owner and we all expect that every owner know what's best for their team and will compete day in and day out. I've been lucky to build a great core of managers over the years. Yes, we do replace some now and then, but we don't miss a beat. We've had some great turnaround stories as well.
  6. Buehler.... Buehler.... And it's not close.
  7. No I would NOT do that. I would either hang onto to both of them in a powerhouse lineup or try to trade them individually since that have serious name value.
  8. That is a huge potential change. As a commish myself, I would be looking closer at replacing owners who are not able to compete under the original keeper rules. I've been in many leagues over my 20+ years of playing fantasy sports. We've voted on minor tweaks over the years and there is nothing wrong with doing that. It's always to improve the league experience as a whole. A change this drastic would almost require a total redraft to be far to all. There are a ton of folks out there that like rebuilds, that is why I would try replace the most incompetent and least competitive owners, before I ever tried to make a change this big. I agree with another poster as well, that this tends to be more of a problem in keepers than a true dynasty. Good owners can turn teams around and still be competitive while doing so. I've seen it done 100s of times over the years.
  9. Acuna, Turner and Harper in that order. Blackmon is the oldest so I wouldn't be keeping him. Acuna has the highest trade value, but I would keep him. You might not get another chance at a talent like him for the next 3 years. I would keep and try to trade Harper, because his name and hype out weighs his actual fantasy impact. Turner supplies much needed steals which are harder and harder to come by every year. Hope that helps.
  10. This is great advice and I would not be in any hurry to trade Altuve for prospects. If I was to trade a player like Altuve, I want proven assets in return.
  11. I'm looking for a cash Yahoo keeper or dynasty league between $20 and $50 buy-in. I've got over 22 years experience in fantasy baseball. I prefer an auction draft if a draft is taking place. I'll play roto or H2H. If your league allows: tanking, quitting, and/or dead teams, please DO NOT ask me to join. I despise tankers and quitters more than anything. Please send me a direct message if you need someone.