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  1. Trade away Mccaffrey? WHIR

    negative...he has been trying to get mccaaffrey for weeks now... he will not cancel this offer last week he offered antonio brown/mccoy/lamar miller for him i declined that one....so then he traded brown /njoku for james white lol
  2. Trade away Mccaffrey? WHIR

    really think i should take this?
  3. Someone offered me James white brandin cooks Mccoy for caffrey on paper it looks good right? Can james white actually match caffrey? but im 9-1 locked into the 1 seed although cooks would be a great flex play now with cooper out is it worth downgrading from caff to white especcially when caffreys playoff sched? 12 team PPR QB Mahomes RB Gurley RB Mccaffrey WR Theilen WR Evans TE Engram Flex Allen Robinson K Greg the leg D Bears Big Ben AP Carson Baldwin Sutton Njoku Jags d i would have to drop 2 players obviously
  4. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Cooked. Drop. Its over guys
  5. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    looks good...however, if thats true about what rodgers said (15 carries) then he will just be a rb2. 15 carries is not alot
  6. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    about 5 or so pages ago there is a link stating that winston is still in their plans and could play again this year
  7. even though u are thin at rb i still wouldnt give up Hill for those 2. I would want something better
  8. Howard for Dalvin Cook WHIR

    Howard is simply matchup dependent ...im not sure what his schedule is like but i do know he faces the rams and packers in the playoffs..one would think it will be all cohen in those games. if u can get cook for him youve done well
  9. Aaron Jones or James White?

    the answer is always james white....stud
  10. JHoward for Fitzmagic WHIR 100 percent

    in no way shape or form could i land another qb for howard. Fitz is the best i can get
  11. Kerryon or Ito? WHIR 100%

    kerryon since he isnt fighting for playing time against a superior rb
  12. Trade Keenan/Sony for Zeke??

    pass for me...i would rather own sony and keenan over zeke
  13. This is tough for me. Logic says to get fitzmagic since my only qb is brady and he hasnt been good this year. also...we get 1 pt per 3 completions and 5 bonus pts for 300 yds and 10 bonus pts for 400 yds. 6 pts per td but then there is this which scares me: http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-news-fantasy-football-benched-buccaneers-qb-jameis-winston-real-chance-play-again-season-ryan-fitzpatrick/xbuzqqd8lfid1b5bhlurmkxwj on the flip side JHoward faces the rams and packers in weeks 14,15...making him a very risky play since i get 1 pt per 3 carries and 5 bonus pts for 20 carries which are impossible to get with him. im 7-2 QB Brady RB Barkely RB Fournette Flex Aaron Jones WR Diggs WR Evans TE Ertz K Greg the leg D Rams Cooper Kupp Marvin Jones Greg Olsen Jordan Howard Dez Bryant Streamer D
  14. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Bell's agent does this for a living. I doubt he was unaware of the situation
  15. i rank them like this Hilton kupp woods cooks hilton and kupp are close but hilton has the higher ceiling woods anc cooks are pretty close too