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  1. still experiencing inflammation hmmmm...is he a drop?
  2. anyone think Shane Greene takes over as the closer?
  3. so kimbrel is eligible to come off the DL Monday the 16th??
  4. Rest in fckin peace aaron fckin jones u overhyped bum
  5. 17 carries would be one of his best games..he doesnt get a ton of carries
  6. Obviously this guy is a drop, However, do we use him for the seattle matchup in the playoffs? Seattle's offense doesnt look good.
  7. One would think Lugo would get the rest of the save opps for the year but lugo pitched 2 innings in a non save situation. Hmmm
  8. who does he face the next two weeks?
  9. so he still has to come back by week 10? how come?