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  1. Ertz or Samuels at TE, WHIR

    samuels easy choice.....samuels would never get 5 pts like ertz just did.....samuels def has the higher floor as a rb
  2. Gurley, Brady, Fitz or Kelly? WHIR!

    im going against the grain here...your scoring highly favors rbs....gurley 30 pts per game? brady only 18? if gurley starts play him
  3. need to start 3 in ppr damien williams @ seattle jaylon samuals @ saints Mixon @ browns Mack vs giants
  4. Davante Adams 2018 Outlook

    thats about to change if rodgers sits
  5. Josh Allen 2018 Outlook

    williams will probably get most of the passes from rodgers not jones....you know how GB does it
  6. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    not very startable vs the ravens in week 14
  7. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    Arob has been injured this year...and has also gone up against some of the best shadow corners all year long.
  8. Trade away Mccaffrey? WHIR

    negative...he has been trying to get mccaaffrey for weeks now... he will not cancel this offer last week he offered antonio brown/mccoy/lamar miller for him i declined that one....so then he traded brown /njoku for james white lol
  9. Trade away Mccaffrey? WHIR

    really think i should take this?
  10. Someone offered me James white brandin cooks Mccoy for caffrey on paper it looks good right? Can james white actually match caffrey? but im 9-1 locked into the 1 seed although cooks would be a great flex play now with cooper out is it worth downgrading from caff to white especcially when caffreys playoff sched? 12 team PPR QB Mahomes RB Gurley RB Mccaffrey WR Theilen WR Evans TE Engram Flex Allen Robinson K Greg the leg D Bears Big Ben AP Carson Baldwin Sutton Njoku Jags d i would have to drop 2 players obviously
  11. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Cooked. Drop. Its over guys
  12. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    looks good...however, if thats true about what rodgers said (15 carries) then he will just be a rb2. 15 carries is not alot
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    about 5 or so pages ago there is a link stating that winston is still in their plans and could play again this year