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  1. Maybe the 30 day thing wasn’t from Fowler. It appeared that way in the CBS fantasy blurb via Rotowire. The 30 day thing was cited separately by Schefter and added to the CBS blurb. Still, I don’t see anything here to give me more hope.
  2. It also states that he has until 30 days before the end of the regular season to toll this season. Says he will definitely report by week 13. Oh, super! As long as we can get him by week 13! I think this article was written from a very non-fantasy perspective. I see this article and it makes me think we need to take whatever we can get for him. Week 13 might as well be a Leveon Bell situation for fantasy purposes.
  3. Whoa, good point. If Watkins went down next game, this guy is instantly in the WR2 conversation till Tyreek returns. The odds are actually about even that Watkins misses time versus not missing time. If he’s actually talented he could be borderline WR1.
  4. Was Hardman being covered by Jalen Ramsey the rest of the game after Hill was out? Because if so that would probably explain why Watkins was running roughshod and Hardman was getting no target share.
  5. The best argument for playing Mitch Garver more...Look at the numbers and compare them with Yordan Alvarez. Almost identical in just about every way. At worst Garver is a poor man’s Yordan. They essentially have Yordan at catcher and yet choose to play him about half of their catcher AB’s. There is no backup catcher in MLB - and not many starting catchers that should warrant benching this guy other than normal rest.
  6. Thank God you don’t judge a player on one series of football.
  7. Isn’t that just free money then? He’s not going to cash in this year and under the CBA, he hasn’t earned the right to become a free agent so it only reflects poorly on him. LA didn’t have to offer him a raise on his rookie contract. Until Leveon Bell came along, there was no precedent for this at all. The problem is the players made a bad deal in the CBA and need to live with it until they can get a better deal. Otherwise gain some solidarity and go on strike.
  8. Do we even know the years or guaranteed amount that LAC offered? I think that’s as much an assumption on everyone else’s part as what I’m assuming.
  9. How is Gordon not learning from Leveon Bell last year? A $10M a year contract is apparently top 5 for RB’s. Lev Bell misses all of last season’s pay and did not cash in with a massive record breaking payday like he was expecting. He got $13M a year for 4 years. If that’s what Gordon hypothetically were to get next year, you can subtract the $5.8M plus fines that he loses this year making his $10M offer nearly a wash. And he’d get to stay on a contender and not have to get his payday by going to a bottom feeder like Lev had to because there was no market among quality teams. This can only end up with him getting similar offers next year and having to go to a team like the Bucs or a situation like Philly where he’s sharing the load with another quality back making him now an afterthought among his former peers of top RB’s.
  10. Special Teams Captain. Probably a little more impactful if it was an offense captain.
  11. How exactly does Melvin Gordon benefit from holding out and missing half or all of this season? Wouldn’t he also have to do the exact same thing again next year? Does he believe that this is just a game of chicken and that the Chargers will eventually give into his demands? Because they’ve made it awfully clear he’s not cashing in this year. No trade partners have come along. He just looks like a joke at this point. How does he not see this??
  12. This season has been a ludicrous slap in the face to the sport. It’s not steroids - but it is egregious in its own terrible way and needs to quickly be a forgotten footnote is the game’s history.
  13. That seems about right. Benefit of a better line and better track record goes to Ingram. Better workload puts him ahead of Tevin.
  14. In This League Podcast with Chris Welsh and Scott Bogman is funny and smart. They’ve done like 11 live mock draft pods this summer and a bunch of other shows.
  15. In one of my non-PPR leagues, QB’s get 6pts per TD and a 5 pt bonus for 300 yards and another 5 pts for 400 yards. RB’s and WR’s get 5 pts for 100 combined rush/rec yards, 5 more for 200 combined rush/rec yards. With bonus leagues like this, it seems to favor QB’s even more. RB’s are favored next as they’re more likely to bonus combined rushing and receiving yards. I’m planning to take Mahomes at 1.6 in this league. It will be called a reach but he scored 100 more points than the next QB and 300 more points than Todd Gurley.