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  1. Short keeper trade WHIR

    1st and Aaron Jones is tempting. I can’t believe you’re out of it with Conner and Kamara though. You might just want to hold those two as they’re top 3-5 guys overall and locks to be studs next year. I’d hold. They might just help you run the table this year.
  2. Should this trade be vetoed?

    Fair deal
  3. 12 team standard league. Right now am at a point where Mixon or Jones and Alshon or Hilton are sitting. I’m thinking I need to trade Mixon/Jones for a top RB or one of the two plus Hilton/Jones for a top RB or WR. Or do I just be happy with a 1st place team up 200+ points and play matchups and keep the depth in case of injuries. QB-Mahomes RB-M. Gordon RB-Conner WR-Hopkins WR-Hilton Flex-Mixon TE-Ertz Bench RB-Aaron Jones WR-Alshon Jeffrey RB-Austin Ekeler RB-Jaylen Samuels QB-Baker Mayfield
  4. Check out the new Rotoworld Beta Site!

    I'll just share what I felt the need to email. And I'm not the guy who emails my thoughts, but I just hate the new format...I also agree there's too much white and too much space where you have to scroll below the fold for a mile to see all the front page info. Seriously???? Why would you change to this format. You’re popular for the ease of use of your website. This interface is awful and terribly spaced across your page whereas Rotoworld has always been great since the beginning because it was easy to navigate quickly and very concise. Now, I look at Rotoworld and for the first time, I literally can’t figure out where anything is at. I just don’t understand why after all these years, if it ain’t broke, why you feel the need to do a full overhaul. I know sometimes the inclination is to let your designers and developers earn their money, but this seriously flies in the face of why Rotoworld was such a great aggregator of fantasy sports news. This thing just looks like you’re trying to be ESPN or Bleacher Report – and it doesn’t suit you. Please do not change to this format. And if you do, please at least leave the app alone so we can still have one simplified aggregator of fantasy news without all this fluff.
  5. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    I don’t get what Rodgers problem is. They kept showing his face after every time he threw a garbage uncatchable pass and he was all shaking his head like a jag that they didn’t go-go-gadget-arms and catch it before it bounced six feet in front of them. His body language was BS towards his teammates and it was invariably his fault every time. When did this guy become such a prima donna d!ck?
  6. How is Conner injured? He wasn’t even playing!?!
  7. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    The thing is, the opportunity was there to nab this guy for a waiver wire spot, FAAB or for free. There’s no risk. If there’s a possibility that he can catch lightning in a bottle for half a season, it’s worth a flyer. Anyone who says, “nope this guy is done and not worth dropping a minimal bench player, extra DST or whatever”, is just being obtuse. He either burned you the last two years, or you don’t like mouthy WR’s or you missed out on him. Either way you’re being obtuse. Anything is possible at this point. He could totally suck or he could be a WR2 or just anything in between. But to just say he’s not worth a pickup, is being obtuse. Being obtuse doesn’t win championships. The guy who got burned by Randy Moss who said I’ll never draft him again looked dumb when he broke records in New England. Or all the dopes who ignored AP’s fresh legs on the preseason and said he was either undraftable or a late round pick at best. It’s a low risk move that could bring upside. He was a must add. Now let’s see how it plays out in New Orleans. For winning teams it’s a no brainer insurance policy for the end of the season and the playoffs. Nobody you pick up on the wire in week 10 should be expected to carry your team. Why would this be any different?
  8. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    People left Randy Moss for dead after his Raiders stint (pretty much same age that Randy left Minnesota and Dak took over - stats were similar for both before). T.O. Was probably written off multiple times. Vick was considered done by many after Atlanta. Even this year AP was cooked. Just because he’s a bad guy doesn’t mean he can’t string together half a season on fresh legs in the best offensive system he’ll probably have ever played in. His time with Dak Prescott was marred by injuries and at the time people still thought Dak was a good QB. When Romo left, Dez’s production immediately dropped. He’s was still always rosterable other than when he was hurt. He’s 29 and was a physical specimen just a few years ago. Is he worth a speculative flyer? Sure. I’ll take him and let others roster Devante Parker, Chris Hogan, John Ross or Maurice Harris. My money is on the guy getting targets from Drew Brees and the one not getting defensive attention that’s being focused on MT, Kamara, Ingram, Hill, etc. nobody is counting on top production but it’s certainly worth the flyer. I’d rather he produces on my bench than someone else’s lineup. You’re only taking a flyer to catch lightning in a bottle for part of a season. You’re not signing him to a 5-year contract.
  9. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Flyers are flyers. Funny how everyone left AP for dead. There’s a chance Dez has a little something left in the tank with fresh legs and one of the best passing offenses in the NFL. There are plenty of low end trash WR’s that are owned in fantasy that I’d never start unless my team was decimated. I’d rather take a flyer that Dez could find magic for a half season over some hopeless never start WR5. That is IF Dez was signed. At 29/30 he’s still younger than a lot of productive guys. He’d only ever been halfway decent with Dak, but really the drop off was likely due to health and more likely the loss of Romo. I’d pick him up as a speculative add if I had someone who I have no plans to start anytime soon.
  10. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, notice how I said I don’t know how they’re doing it. Stats and record aside, they don’t look like the numbers they’re putting up. But somehow they win and end up with the stats.
  11. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I’m not sure how the Patriots are doing it. Gronk looks like junk. Brady’s all over the place with crap throws bouncing five yards in front of receivers or missing five yards wide. Looks like his deep ball has little to no accuracy. Even worse, Brady looks like he’s not even interested out there. He played that Bills game like he had somewhere else to be the whole game. That game was torture to watch. I’ve seen most of the Pats games since Gordon joined the team and have noticed that Gordon isn’t even getting looked at as a read in the progressions most of the time. He looks more like a decoy out there like when Megatron was playing hurt. Problem is, Gordon should be fully healthy by now. The Pats getting JG has been a disaster. I’d expect him to be only marginally worse on the Bills. And if I’m going to keep ranting, what’s so damn complicated about this offense??? Has anyone been watching all the dynamic RPO stuff happening around the league? This playbook looks like a basic b!tch when I’m watching the plays they run.
  12. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Since neither side is really speaking definitively on the subject, it really seems like the may have worked out a compromise like this. It may be something that somehow violates the CBA so it would then make sense to not comment. It would explain why the situation has not gotten ugly between the FO, CS and Bell. The only people making noise are some teammates who would not be privy to such a compromise.
  13. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    It's week 9 and through 7 games, James Conner has 9 rushing touchdowns. I'm surprised there's not any talk (maybe there is locally) about the historic value of Conner's season thus far and how bringing Bell in to take on half of the load would be unfair to a guy who is 5 TD away from breaking Franco Harris' team record of rushing TD's (15). He's on pace for 21 TD's right now which would put him in a tie for the Top 6 single season TD's in NFL history. Bringing Bell back into the fold and just giving the job to him after all he's done, would be robbing him of history. Even giving them an even split would seemingly be unfair to what he's accomplished and on pace for.
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    As a 3x Mahomes owner I’m putting in claims in all three of my leagues as insurance and for the week 12 bye.
  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    He threw 3 INT’s once and just 2 total aside from that game. He’s not known for being turnover prone or inaccurate. Not even sure why TB was so quick to pull him because most have known Jameis is trash for a while. Fitz was pretty damn good despite a few picks to the Steelers. Was otherwise pretty lights out until he ran into a red hot Bears Defense. They beat the Eagles and Saints on his watch and the PIT game was close. They’ve had a tough a** schedule.