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  1. Who to add????

    I’d hedge your bets and get both Smith and Meredith.
  2. Bell for Coleman and Gordon- 100% WHIR

  3. TY for Cook...WHIR!

    Hold Hilton!
  4. Pick 2 RB, ppr WHIR

    Yeldon and Ito this week. I’d go get Carson off the wire if you have someone to drop. I’d rather have him over ito ROS. If you have to drop ito just start Barber this week.
  5. McCaffrey for Julio and Bell? WHIR

    I’d do that! You’ve got good RBs that can cover in the meantime.
  6. WHIR - Trade Fournette for Newton??

    Not needed. Keep holding LF till healthy. You could do better if you had to trade him and you don’t need a QB.
  7. Big trade advice. Whir

    I’d do 1 or 3 but not 2. 3 is the best. Wentz is back and chance that Brees regresses in the Winter is definitely possible.
  8. Hold cmc. Too much risk on Cook.
  9. Get Latavius? WHIR

    Can’t give up Jarvis Landry in any type of PPR for a cuff. I’d do Ito but not Mack either.
  10. Drop Aaron Jones?

    I wouldn’t. RBs are fantasy currency and WRs are replaceable. Jones has the ability to be a top 10-15 back if he gets the opportunity. Even if McCarthy can’t come to his senses on his own, if Williams or Ty get hurt it could still happen.
  11. Kerryon johnson & Clement for Dalvin Cook

    I’d begrudgingly hold but it’s tempting to get the best player. Just too much risk where clement and Kerryon could both breakout and have more value if Cook continues to split.
  12. Eli or tribisky this weekend?

    Bears fan here. After watching Eli on TNF I’m not sure I trust him in any matchup. Mitch is going to be throwing a lot against NE. I’d mitigate risk and go safe with Trubisky.
  13. 12 team standard with 5pt bonus for 100 all-purpose yards (rush/rec). Start 2RB/2WR/Flex. I still have Melvin/Mixon along with Hopkins/Hilton but it leaves my RB depth light. I could counter for Marlon Mack instead of Agholor. He came to me asking for RB help so I initially offered him Hilton and AP for Thielen and he hasn’t declined, just made the above counter. Am I better off unloading the risk and uncertainty of AP/Conner? WHIR!
  14. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    I’m wondering if Jones value picks up with more usage as the weather gets worse. You can’t chuck the pill 50x a game when it’s 14 degrees and snowing.
  15. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Sure looks like it’s not lost on the Steelers how good Conner has been.