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  1. Thanks for mine. This Seems fair and if you have strong WR depth I say do it.
  2. Thank for mine this is tough but if you don't think he'll be there next week when u can drop Dalton than this is tough, it would be Smith or Hyde.
  3. Thanks for mine, i feel id go eith Dax
  4. Seems so crazy to suggest trading 2 rb1 but Gurley is able to produce enough to make up for it and you get Adams and now keep Ridley. Losing Boyd is slightly tough, but Adams, Baldwin and Ridley or solid and if you can get Coutee with that offense finding it's rhythm puts you in solid shape.
  5. You have Burton, his bye has past and he is producing. So I would make the move, good luck.
  6. Team A for me. Miller is starting to produce and that offense seems to be finding it's rhythm and B our has been solid. White is a legit RB1 while Micheal is out, but that may only be a few weeks. I'd go team A imo.
  7. So in my 10 team standard league I have Matt Ryan on bye and need a QB, Dalton cleared waivers and is available, so is Mayfield. Just don't know who to drop. I have 1 player on my bench not on bye and that's P.Barber, I had him on my bench and R.Jones in my lineup. Was hoping it they would make it easy on me and Barbers injury caused him to sit, not looking likely. In that case I could have placed him on my IR and picked up a QB for this week and Jones would have had a better chance to perform. Now who's the drop? It's either Barber, Jones or I.Smith, leaning with one of the Bugs right now but which one? Thanks!
  8. OK, so who should I start at my final flex spot? Leaning L.Miller, should I stay put or get I.Smith in there? (for what it's worth I have M.Ryan, J.Jones & C.Ridley going on this team already). Only other option would be K.Cole. Thoughts?
  9. In my 10 team half point ppr league I have an offer to get Gordon & McCoy or Collins for Conner & E.Sanders or Baldwin. Would you make either of those deals?
  10. Thanks for mine! I think that could be a decent trade for you, it leaves you real thin at WR though especially 3 of those WRs haven't had their bye week yet. But if Bell does come back or gets traded you have 4 real solid options and could have a nice trade chip in your pocket to get that WR core back.
  11. So couple questions. One does this trade seem fair and (or) make sense? Two this trade is with an 0-6 team, should I proceed or would it be vetoed? I was looking at all my leagues for J.Gordon owners and seeing if any trades could help my team. I found a Gordon owner and was thinking of trying to trade A.Cooper (hoping his name gets it done) for Gordon or A.Cooper & T.Burton for J.Gordon & D.Njoku. Think either of those have a shot or are worth it.
  12. I believe you need the WR help and have some RB depth, make this trade and hope the league approves it
  13. Ajayi & Enunwa as well, but yes tough call.