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  1. Gordon was holding his hand and looked like he was in agony
  2. Think Gesicki is worth keeping an eye on too. Maybe Rosen will target the TE / check it down a lot more than Fitz.
  3. You're deep at WR, but I honestly think if the Colts open it up a little more and let Brissett throw a bit more he can be a fine starter.
  4. Replied thanks Thanks - your link goes to a create new thread btw. Note - this is a start 3 WR league if that changes anything. Appreciate it all
  5. Yeah Edelman now after AB news for sure. Pollard would be good if you have room, I probably wouldn't spend a waiver on Samuels unless you think he provides value immediately.
  6. With the AB news, I have a nice stable of decent WRs. Godwin Golladay Gordon Fitz Chark Thinking of offering one of these guys for Ertz. Chark is obviously not going to work, but would you trade any of the others for him? I'm currently starting Dissly. Thanks
  7. Dude, just get a new phone what the hell lol
  8. I’m not going to go back and review the tape but it’s likely the Titans picked up on this if true.
  9. I mean, he has her in a group text with his lawyer and some other people and he tells them to start looking up info on her. Then pictures of her kids and places she plans on going pops up. Menacing? Not really. Some could say he's trying to intimidate her. Probably just being a knucklehead and flexing, but he's clearly an idiot. This is apparently recent, so it happened while he's a Patriot. It's not about how threatening this was, it's about the unwanted / negative media attention. It's better for all of our fantasy teams if he stays out of this stuff.
  10. It's ironic cause my man DC is probably a huge fan of Fournette seeing as he's from LaFayette. Bo Jackson is laughable tho
  11. To be fair he wasn't shot out of a cannon into the open, he made a spin move then it was a footrace