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  1. im on the same boat. I decided to play hardman (and im a Tyreek owner)
  2. hardman. He is taking Watkins role. Robinson should see a drop with Tyreek back.
  3. Bump! come on guys t-minus 24min to kickoff. Really need someone elses brain tak on this one.
  4. Just got news tyreek is active. I also have mecole Hardman, who I believe will and has been taking Watkins role (who is out) I also have courtland Sutton and m.breida. In short, who do I bench? Mecole, Sutton or Breida? WHIR! Thanks!
  5. Edmonds. Hiliman won't be gainimg much agaisnt stout NE def.
  6. Thanks! Bumping Anyone else? My only concern is that Giants have been very forgiving against the pass and again, the text QBs have been mediocre against KC this season.
  7. Brady plays at home tonight VS giants. Watson coming off a 5 TD game vs falcons and playing against KC. (I noticed no QB has gone for 300 yards vs KC this season yet) 6pt per TD. Thanks!
  8. I'm on the same boat, very hard decision. Fitz could go for over 400yds and 3 TD and luck is basically guaranteed at least 2 TDs.
  9. MVS at SEA tonight Carson at home vs GB L.Miller at WAS Sunday Also have A.rob at MIN. HELP please!!
  10. Title says it all. Who to start? Luck playing JAX Fitz playing WAS Thanks!
  11. Title says it all Carr playing @SF tonight Fitz playing @Car on Sunday Thanks!
  12. Title says it all. 0.5ppr HELP! L.miller C.carson J.richard Pick one.
  13. Bump. Anyone? I hate having to choose between these 2 guys right now but here i am..... sigh