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  1. His name sounds like he would be a kid on Roseanne. Well he is worth an add to see what happens.
  2. There will be at least one rushing td from the Broncos this week. Let's hope that Freeman is the one. I am rolling with him this week and praying he gets over 10 points.
  3. You know what you need? Some Snead. #RevengeGame
  4. Fire Fisher I mean Joseph. Get this non jag the ball damnit
  5. Same here. I grabbed blue this morning. Kind of hoping Miller sits.
  6. Anyone know how the 3rd down role between Barber and Quiz was last year at the end when Barber was the guy?
  7. Ok guys, finally got back on the train with my last draft. I am looking forward to getting big games from him this season. Domination commence!
  8. I got him for 14 in my league but that's mostly because everyone else blew their loads on the top 10 rbs and other areas early on. I ended up saving money and was able to get him cheap. I would have spent more if i got bidded up. This was last week btw.
  9. How we feeling about week 1? How confident are we that he'll get third down work? I am worried Saints gonna go up big and he will not get much work. On the other hand I could see him getting a rushing td. I still like him for the season but I am still in the wait and see.
  10. How much is he going in auction ppr? I'm thinking I will be able to get him for less than 40 in my draft... well at least hoping that.
  11. Well hopefully this recent stuff will lower his value as maybe people will get gun shy about him being on their team.
  12. I think it's time to dump Rotoballer. Smoak is on fire!!!
  13. Ump called a ball when it should have been strike three to Odor. Would have been a better day if the ump helped out. I am still holding.
  14. No it's actually the Flamin Hot Munchies bag.
  15. I was thinking it has to do with his 497 plate appearances. I am sure he will sign before the end of the year for a playoff team.