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  1. I told you guys!!! I'm not impressed with Baker tonight. I think OBJ has been making his own plays.
  2. I am surprised he has not been used more in the passing game. He looks great on his college tape catching the ball and his blocking looks fine. Let's hope this groin injury is minor.
  3. I think that even if they are down he will be involved via the pass game asevidenced by these first 2 games. His snap percentage is high. Also in week 1 during that fumble, supposedly they committed penalties on him that were not called. Again, had that not happened he could have had more points. I really do think we have a reliable running back. I am happy with the pick so far. I think better days are ahead.
  4. The QB had Fournette wide open in the endzone on the play before he threw it to Baby Chark. We could have been looking at a very solid game from Fournette had the QB threw that and if the game would have gone into OT. I think he is going to be a high floor, low ceiling play all year, with like 2 monster games sprinkled in. All in all, he will be consistent. I expect 12-18 points every game from him.
  5. I had added him, but I ended up dropping him today. I think if he does play Sunday he will be limited. I do not want to take that chance. Once he gets healthy he can be solid, but I worry this injury could linger.
  6. And if my finger had poo it would be you
  7. I am asking what would need to happen. I am just curious how the whole retirement thing with one team to go to another works. I was not saying that would happen.
  8. Not speculating, but being hypothetical. What would need to happen for Gronk to play for the Chargers. I am not sure how retiring and coming back to a different team works.
  9. I dont kaare about this jabronie. XFL bound for this guy.
  10. Man, looking at how many pages this thread gets me all excited that I got some beast on my team. Then I open it up and see how polarizing it is. I wish McCoy would just retire.
  11. I thought there was a chance at him announcing his return. What a tease!!!!
  12. Matt Forte rookie year upside here. I am glad I got him in my main league. I am really looking forward to watching him on Monday night.
  13. That is an awesome price for him. Well done! I hope I can get him for that much.
  14. I think this is the last year he will put up dominant numbers. I think he is worth taking at the discount that he is at. I may not end up with him but will target him despite the arthritis talk.