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  1. KJ looked like he was about to breakout. I liked what i saw
  2. Barkley's in a league of his own talent wise but to say Gurleys not elite? I can't name a guy thats had back to back 2K years.
  3. Gurleys touch total with CJA in the mix: 18 5 11 Im not buying this. 20+ touch player in '19, ill buy that. Super star and always has been.
  4. Stat pushing? Hard to make a point without supporting evidence. I guess this day in age its all fake news
  5. I guess this guy can tell the future. Find me one year where the top 5 RB didn't change? But I guess its set in stone according this. The SPARQ score + elusiveness PFF rating + the possibility that the Browns are a top 5 offense (very possible) = ?. I'm not going to pretend I have the answer.
  6. Better as in talent? Barkley's light years ahead of everyone. Barry Sanders and LTs child perhaps.
  7. Scrimmage yards as a starter 80 75 90 209 128 72 83 100 115 20 I guess his floor is the 20. He was one of the league leaders in broken tackles with limited work. Ive been high on players just like this before and been disappointed, its fantasy, if it were predictable than no one would play it. Just recognize the upside. I always draft for upside, especially rb cause the league is full on interchangable wr3s that are week to week, and can match a wr2, if theres any difference. The way i see it, is there a back end 2nd rd wr: Keenen, diggs, theilen, ect. that didnt bust every once in a while, if not more than Chubb?
  8. Unless my eyes decieve me, im pretty sure Chubb runs circles around him. Id bet chubbs first 5 weeks would have been more than what Hyde produced with that touch distribution. What would Chubbs game been against tge Raiders with those big runs+ 20 more carries on top. Keep em in there
  9. Nick Chubb anyone? Rush:196--996--8 Rec: 20--149--2 + 114--382--5 (Hyde) 6--29--0 (Hyde) = 1556--15 (Browns lead back) If he progresses like most of us think he will, sign me up for some Zeke like ascension.
  10. I watched this guy create almost every yard on his own, with the exception of an eagles game and a redskins game. Its something i havent seen in a while. Other elite backs looked like a shell of themselves in that situation. You all have eyes. Please pass on him, more Barkley for the rest of us.
  11. Aaron Jones in the same sentence is a little surprising. Hes more an upside back with the likes of K. Johnson and such. Chubb is definitely an intriguing second rd pick for now. Reminds me of the CMC hype last year and will most likely creep up there into the first too. Combine Hyde's production with Chubbs and you get monster. Ill buy.
  12. Its funny to see a guy bust so bad and still finish around 1400 and 11 or so. Them stats definitly deserve 2nd round with a floor like that.
  13. I mentioned earlier in this post to watch DJ pick 3 to 5 yards at the goal line. He has exceptional if not elite ability to find creases and shift his body to make defenders miss in tight space for short but necessary gains. Barkley showed he did not have that kind of vision and ability in college.
  14. Quit over thinking it. DJ 2016 with 2 O-line on IR by week 5 and Palmer still slinging but not good at all 334 0.5 ppr points. DJ points extrapolated 2015 starts with a great team and Palmer lights out. 300.1 0.5 PPR points Leveon, the alleged goat and probably pick 1.01 in 2017 257 0.5 ppr points 2016 251 0.5 ppr points Gurley, 2016 with a great team 333 0.5 ppr points What am I missing here? Watch DJ at the goal line. Vision for days. My money's on the Cards having at least an equivalent 2016 line with better QB play (Palmer was really that bad for the majority of the season). Ouch, they lost John Brown......silence. Still have a sneaky D. Just take the best talent which might be Gurley, Barkley-stretch but in the wheel house, might not. If your wrong about the Cards being pathetic, you'll be sorry.
  15. I guess every running back enters the NFL at 21 and declines at 25? Most backs career trajectory begins at 23/24 and ends at 28, putting DJ exactly in his prime.