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  1. With Hunt not being able to practice and now a hernia? Chubb should beast all year.
  2. Who to draft, JuJu or Chubb? The league is a 0.5 ppr, 2 player keeper life long keeper league with no player penalty.
  3. To clarify, offseason keeper trades have to be kept, otherwise you can choose amongst the players on your team
  4. Would you make this trade? The hurdle being that I have to keep Zeke no matter what and can't fall back on another player (D.J. or Chubb). So the hold out could be the downfall but the only reason the Zeke owner is willing to make the trade.
  5. Hill > Bell in a keeper. Plus, with Hill, Kamara, and Odell's price tag, keep Zeke for sure. You have plenty of budget to fill the rest of the roster.
  6. I posted this in the wrong section and want to get a little more feedback. Odell will be solid with the upside of having past Antonio like stats for years to come. I do think Chubb and DJ both out score him this year and probably next year, especially with DJs ADP. In Chubbs defense, I think he has the talent and the team around him to be considered in that top 5 RB range similar to a Zeke Elliot once the season is underway. Hunt is really good but if Chubb is one of the best RBs for the first 10 weeks, do they take him off the field or ride what's working? I think he gets his all year long but there's a lot of If's. Also, I imagine Hunt isn't a Brown next year unless the want to pay him more than the Million he's getting now.
  7. Chubb for me. I have a feeling that Chubb goes wild and puts him in the Zeke range of players.Hunt is really good but probably won't be a Brown next year with the money he'll want.
  8. I find it hard to believe that Gurley puts up 2K on the Giants last year, or anyone else. Maybe I'm just a fanboy but you have eyes don't you.
  9. Don't forget how trash the Giants were last year. Saquan 2018 was Gurley's bust year IMO. He created almost every yard himself where Gurley couldn't. I think there is a massive talent gap between the two, and everyone else in football.
  10. A guy this talented with 350+ touches and splash play ability, I think his floor is higher than 1500 yds. Buckle up because your watching the best pound per pound athlete in sports.