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  1. Wow a closer who k'd 13.8 per 9, blew 5, saved 42 with 2.74 era is DONE at 30! Wow I heard that. Lmao Wow
  2. Traded Sal Perez for Zunino and draft picks! Rolled with Cervelli and got beat round one, lost by 2 RBI. ???
  3. Bumgarner looked to have gotten hurt during his last at bat, so that's why they took him out. Heaney... No reason I could tell, which sucks cause I need the QS. ???
  4. You kinda did when you compared him to Ian Kennedy dude. Like, let's not act like that didn't happen. LMAO
  5. Told you... some organizations just know how to fix things. True it's still early, but it's a great first step. ?
  6. Yeah... It's called a slump! EVERYONE has one. ?? Glad he's performing to your liking. ?
  7. I really despise everyone's handling of him. I get he's not Freddie Freeman, but damn he is performing pretty well for what they paid to get him. It's like he can't catch a break.
  8. Well the one thing about him going to the Braves organization... They have a solid reputation of fixing pitchers. They always have, so on that alone my optimism is high. I mean... Anibal Sanchez. Lol
  9. Well should be a little easier with no Judge or Sanchez. ?‍♂️
  10. Guess the Rays management has been getting tips from Scoccia on how to mess Cron up by benching him when he does good or bad!! ??????
  11. There's always potential if you can miss bats. It's year 2 for a 25 year old. Everyone doesn't start out being Verlander! ???
  12. Now That's good news. That means he's at least listening & applying whatever they're doing to him. Whether it's conditioning (which I think was seriously the entire issue), or his mindset/approach. I just remember the last time they sent him down last season... He came back and was nice!!
  13. Why do y'all keep looking at his results?? He is remaking his swing!! He's not down there to "look good" he's going to over hual his swing, so his results are going to look bad. The only updates I wanna know are " how he looks physically, & are the swing adjustments taking hold" I'm not looking for him to hit .400-15 doing the same s--- he was doing before.
  14. I'm holding in deep leagues as injuries mount and his multiple position eligibility will be valuable as the year wears down. Plus slumps happen & he's been known to be streaky. So I'm not really worried. For my team he's a guy who can start on that Sunday when one of your other players is resting & might do good.
  15. I'm holding, people act like he didn't have a legit reason for being out of shape. This is still a 24 year old, All-Star who has increased his production every single season. It's funny how fickle we can be in this"what have you done for me lately"attitude. This is still the same guy who for all the complaining about his K% was still on pace last year for his 1st 30-100 year before the injury. In a redraft yeah sure this year is lost probably, but in dynasty.. I'm buying.