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  1. Clayton Kershaw 2019 Outlook

    During post season interviews he sounded confident that he could get his velo up a bit. He answered almost as if he knew exactly what he needed to do and it was fixable. I wouldn't put it past him. Velo or not, however, his fastball location has been the concern if mine for years. With a few less ticks he was getting hit harder by it. It's a 4-seamer and fairly straight. He needs another offering. Something that can move away from righties. Either a 2-seamer or a change. He's played around with a change for years, but it has never met his standards to use it in game.
  2. Edelman or Woods in my flex? Full PPR.
  3. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    I paid $18 of my $240 in an auction keeper yesterday. I was expecting him to go for a bit more. I'm happy.
  4. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    Denver's run D still looked sketch. I'm thinking he was a good 1st week
  5. keeper Help

    Gordon for sure.
  6. I would pass on Gronk all together. I like JuJu more as a talent, but think that his role behind Bell and Brown won't grow unless one of them goes down. Hogan has thrived with Brady. He'd be my choice, but I would also entertain someone like Landry, A-Rob or Gordon if they were still around. Hogan's target share should go down once Edelman returns. (1) Howard, (2) Mixon, (3) McKinnon, and (4) McCoy Help me out?
  7. Watson is the wild card. That said, I would still probably trade Brady, Henry and Cupp for Fournette. So I'd do it. Help me out?
  8. I love Mixon, but I hate his situation. I want to convince myself that I should own him, but I just can't do it. Mohomes is built for someone like Tyreek. I'm not sure he'll be super consistent week over week( due Mahomes), but he'll have some monster games & single handedly win you some weeks. He's the safer pick, IMO. Help me out?
  9. Not bad at all. We like a a lot of similar players. IMO, WR is the one area it's ok to be a little light, even in a PPR. Receivers usually emerge throughout the season. You can usually find 1-2 guys per week to stream based on matchups, even in a 14-team league. I would use guys like Marshall, Sutton & Williams as potential streaming options. Marshall & Williams will likely show early in the season what their roles (if any) will look like. Marshall may not even crack the roster. If they're not producing, you can easily waive them and look for someone else that can help & not feel too terrible about it. Help me out please?
  10. Help Me formulate a trade...

    You need the WR help. He doesn't seem to want to move the only two guys that I would want from him. I don't think that you're a match. If you want to target Hunt you would need to offer Freeman & Ajayi, IMO. Even then, I'f I'm Hunt owner I am probably telling you to take a walk.
  11. Struggling with my Keepers

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Auction Keeper with a $240 draft cap. Full PPR (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, DST, FLEX & Super Flex; 6 Bench) Here are my noteworthy options. I can keep 0-4: Jimmy Graham $12 Rex Burkhead $8 Derrick Henry $15 Chris Hogan $20 Julian Edelman $8 Chris Carson $6 No elite players here. The top tier players will go $60-80 then things start to get thin. I am pretty set on keeping Burkhead & Edelman. I think that Carson and Henry offer decent value at their prices, but that would give me 3 RB's and I plan on targeting at least 2 more bigger ones during the draft. Do I sink that money deep in my roster because they are pre-draft value or does keeping Jimmy or Hogan make more sense? If so, which RB do I cut loose?
  13. Auction Keeper - Keep 4

    No Jimmy Graham? I feel like he's one of my more valuable pieces. Additional note: I can keep UP to 4. I don't have to keep anyone if I choose not to.
  14. 12 team, $240 Draft Cap. Full PPR. We start 2 WR, 2 RB, 2 FLX (1 Flex can support an extra QB). The list looked a whole lot better before the Edelman suspension, Michel getting drafted and the Dion Lewis signing. Still some good value here though. Top RB's go for $50-75. Average backs (see Carlos Hyde entering last season) still went for $27. Which 4 would you pick? Player 2018 $ Robert Woods (LAR - WR) 15 Jimmy Graham (GB - TE) 12 Rex Burkhead (NE - RB) 8 Derrick Henry (Ten - RB) 15 Chris Hogan (NE - WR) 20 Julian Edelman (NE - WR) SUSP 8