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  1. Freddy Peralta 2019 Outlook

    I don't see a spot in the rotation for him without an injury:. Chacin Anderson Davies Nelson Woodruff Barnes Perhaps if someone goes down and the Crew decides that one of Woodruff or Nelson are better suited for the pen, then sure.
  2. Corey Seager 2019 Outlook

    Recent reports have him running at close to 100% and he should be ready by opening day. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25981242/dodgers-say-corey-seager-nearly-100-percent-elbow-hip-surgeries
  3. 2019 Draft Strategy

    I kinda like where Grandal and Contreras are falling right now. I wouldn't reach earlier than that.
  4. Jose Altuve 2019 Outlook

    I am definitely looking for him at the turn (12-13)
  5. Nathan Eovaldi 2019 Outlook

    I think that most people don't trust that he'll remain healthy.
  6. 2019 DL Stashes

    Kopech if you're in a keeper league and he wasn't held on to
  7. A.J. Pollock 2019 Outlook

    I am thinking the same thing. Verdugo's bat to ball skills are something that this lineup lacks. I could see an OF of Belli, Pollock & Verdugo with Muncy at 1st and Taylor at 2nd. This allows Kike to move around.
  8. Looks like AJ signed a 4yr/$55M deal with the Dodgers. It was a much needed right-handed bat for their OF. This likely pushes Pederson or Verdugo into more of a 4th OF role. Can this guy stay on the field for a full season for once?
  9. Nick Pivetta 2019 Outlook

    I can't find a video anywhere, but mlb network had a breakdown of a few pitchers with different delivery slots vs the launch angle philosophy. Pivetta is over the top and pitches down in the zone; right into most bat paths. I thought it was an interesting bit.
  10. Cody Bellinger 2019 Outlook

    I agree with this. I do think that LA adds another right-handed option for their OF. I think Bellinger is in the OF with Muncy at 1st and Chris Taylor at 2nd on most days. There will be times where Muncy plays 2nd and Belli goes back to 1B. He'll maintain his eligibility.
  11. Patrick Wisdom 2019 Outlook

    Asdrubal Cabrera signed with the Rangers and the talk is that he'll play 3B.
  12. Hicks went 27/11 last year with 90 runs and 79 RBI. I've always liked him and felt he just needed an every day job. Can we expect an encore?
  13. Good K9 and BB9 rates last season, but got hit around a bit. What can we expect this season?
  14. Flashed some decent bat to ball skills in the minors with some speed. Does he have a path to catch most days for Texas?
  15. Looks like he may have a chance to grab on to that 3B position. Anything to see here?