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  1. Cause for celebration! Time to bust open a bottle.
  2. Is he still hanging out with Gisele at the Brady household? Because that might get weird.
  3. Man, I don't know if you guys are just backing AB because he's on your fantasy team or what. This is clearly harassment. Time for the clown to go.
  4. You know everyone is going to pickup the Jags DST now, and next week they'll give up 42 points.
  5. I mean, 11 carries for -8 yards is pretty epic. I bet he would own this race.
  6. Oh wow. Fournette actually managed to lose yards since the 1st.
  7. This is the exact same pair that I grabbed. My thinking is I'll play Stafford for potentially the next 2 weeks (@PHI, KC - should be a shootout), and then run with Dalton after as his schedule and game scripts suggest they should be throwing quite a bit. I'm not particularly thrilled either, but you know, as they say...
  8. In standard, if you have options, I'd be fading Bell this week. You know the Patriots know how to take out an opponent's best weapon - so I am fully expecting stacked boxes, coverage accounting for him out of the backfield, and forcing the Jets into an uncomfortable mid-to-long range passing attack (or an attempt at least). In PPR, I do expect a lot of 1-2 yard dump-offs so you'll still get yours there.
  9. On this train. For at least a week. Please save me from my Scam disaster.
  10. Let's hope for the JuJu effect. Meaning, AB will get his, but Flash will get the team MVP. Then AB will go ape-s--- crazy, skip the most important game of the season, and contribute to the Patriots to missing the playoffs.