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  1. I have and will always hate the Patriots; but I have a great admiration for Gronk and how he played the game. Well-earned retirement and a congratulations on the hall of fame career.
  2. The league is on notice, and this is going to be one hell of an exciting ride. Win, lose or draw. So now that everyone's said what needs to be said, there's only one thing left to do.
  3. Maybe the Giants are playing the long con. Make Eli happy today, to land Peyton as GM or coach tomorrow?
  4. Is this a new battery incident, besides the one where he choked his pregnant girlfriend and punched her in the stomach? Just trying to clarify.
  5. This was my first thought as well. He probably realizes he is horrible in the booth, and was just looking for an out. At least he'll know what to do with his hands now.
  6. I am officially dubbing them the No Sack Colts.
  7. Colts need to sack up and start playing some ball. This is becoming a turdfest.
  8. Staying away unless he makes it to pick 120+. Showed nothing with OBJ on the field, and Shurmer doesn't appear to care about using his talented TE.
  9. That was pass interference. Obviously home team getting the advantage here.
  10. Damien Williams needs to calm the f--- down so his draft price stays under the radar.
  11. Saving face in the public arena. It's actually a good move in my opinion.
  12. I could see the Patriots making a move for him. Brady and Belichick have limited years left. I don't see why they wouldn't maximize their opportunities, given that their plan for Josh Gordon fell through.
  13. He went mid to late 2nd this year. With the season that he had, there has to be a drop. I would imagine anywhere between 25-48.
  14. I did a little digging and found this passage: Teams that negotiate guarantees for players also negotiate scenarios in which the guarantees will void. Though these vary team by team there are some pretty standard void mechanisms that are used across the board. Such mechanisms include non football injury caused by performing dangerous activities such as sky diving, suspensions for personal conduct, steroid, drugs, or conduct detrimental to the team, incarceration, holding out, retirement, and doing something to undermine the team. As you go team by team you will see some different things that are team specific like failing a physical. Source So it certainly seems feasible that Pittsburgh could get rid of AB all together and not suffer any cap consequences... if they wanted to go that route.
  15. Couldn't the Steelers void his contract for conduct detrimental to the team? I mean, have to imagine there is some language in there that says if you just leave and don't show up for team functions that your contract could be nullified.
  16. Wondering what special teams position he will be playing next year. Gunner A or B?
  17. Well I think we learned two things: 1) The Squeelers almost lost to the worthless Bengals without him. Therefore, he has a pretty significant impact to the success of this team. 2) He is a selfish idiot that is willing to put himself above the team (although I think we already knew this). He'll still be picked around the 1/2 turn I would suspect - however I won't be drafting him.
  18. Whelp, Brownies lose. At least I can take solace in the fact that Ben the rapist is held out of the playoffs.
  19. He's still making plays against a terrific defense. Already has tied the record for most touchdowns ever for a rookie quarterback. All that while not even playing the first 2 1/2 weeks. The future is bright.
  20. I think that's the important part. You have to remember that both coaches were hired before Mayfield was ever here. Once he realized they were petty and/or not good for the development of Mayfield, he got rid of them. I think the rookies Dorsey has hit on so far: Baker Mayfield Denzel Ward Nick Chubb Genard Avery Antonio Callaway Missed on: Austin Corbett (jury still out) Chad Thomas (has not been effective) Three others not worth mentioning (low picks) That's a very good success rate in one draft. Looking back at his KC days, you can tell Dorsey has the talent evaluation skills to field potential pro bowl talent. You're right in that the Browns organization has been chaotic for the past two decades. However, we have not had a franchise quarterback for the past two decades either. It's amazing how competency at this one position stabilizes an entire franchise. I stand by my statement that this is a MUCH more attractive franchise to coach at or be a part of more than EVER before. Now that the Browns will have the full field of coaching talent and free agent talent available to them, I suspect that we will see the Brownies become contenders sooner rather than later. And Mayfield will be the driving force of all of it.
  21. Completely different front office and situation now. I would say this is the first time since the return that the Browns have had a non-first time, competent GM running the show. With a franchise quarterback in place, plenty of draft ammunition to shore up depth and any lacking positions, it's no longer a destination that players and coaches want to avoid.