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  1. I'm not seeing the revenge angle. The Browns supported him for a decade during his drug abuse and Grand Marnier days.
  2. Now hold on, let's not jump to any conclusions. Let's talk it out and debate the merits of each and every argument. I think, down the road, we would all regret hastily coming to a decision on this matter.
  3. This guy's a cupcake. Takes 14 weeks to come back from a 6-8 week injury. Who's going to want to sign him long-term after that.
  4. Hard to get points when he's inactive.
  5. Latavius owner entering the Kamara thread.
  6. Wow, someone explain to me what just happened. That series of events doesn't seem possible.
  7. Gase is so bad he somehow makes multiple football teams worse. 🤣
  8. "Right now, we're just missing Chris [Herndon]. Once all the guys are back together, I think we're unstoppable as an offense -- or we can be," [Sam Darnold] said, referencing the injured tight end. Source
  9. So confusing tracking DWill's yardage. Not easy to tell if he has 2 yards or 1 yard rushing. 5 yards or -1 yard receiving.
  10. How this thread has reached 166 pages is beyond me.
  11. It's possible this kid is better than sCam at this point.
  12. We should send a Grand Marnier care package to the Pats with Gordon's name on it. Obviously he's not the same talent without his fuel.
  13. Honestly, I was anticipating him being available at this point. He should have been placed on IR.
  14. Doesn't look like he gets gassed on special teams anymore.
  15. How dare you bring logic into this place.
  16. If this is true, I despise him even more now.
  17. Starting off with a big fat -1 from the Packers DST.