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  1. 5 minutes ago, K197040 said:


    I doubt Hill was on steroids or any performance enhancing drugs.  


    Agree to disagree then.  Because I'm pretty much of the belief that 95% of NFL players are on some type of performance enhancer.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, K197040 said:

    It’s awful.  The reality of what happened is obviously way beyond fantasy football and NFL.  I honestly can’t understand the mentality of beating a 3 year old.  The anger that he must have...I don’t know how you get there.


    Steriods, performance enhancing drugs, increased testosterone, and a willingness to turn a bling eye to his behavior all his life.

  3. 21 minutes ago, bhawks489 said:

    Pffft there's no more curse


    2018-Tom Brady




    All of the recent ones had good years outside of gronk 


    No more curse huh?

    50 minutes ago, Mahomes named Madden cover athlete.

    10 minutes ago, Tyreek Hill dirt bag evidence found.

  4. 18 minutes ago, Duckbutter said:

    Why not just have a randomizer program as your last position and it just picks a number from 1 to 25 each week. It's a position that takes zero skill(fantasy I mean) so whats the point of having some random amount of points added to your total each week. We already take them last in the draft so there is no value to the position. 

    I do agree its your league=your rules so I don't really care. I just don't get why we still include them in conversations. 

    I feel about the same way with DST. 


    To be fair, you did decide to enter a kicker thread to have a conversation.  I'm not sure what else you might have expected to be discussing here.

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  5. I'm not sure I understand the NFL drug abuse policy.

    Stage One - Fine

    Stage Two - Four to six games

    Stage Three - 10 games, up to one year

    Any subsequent infractions - Shouldn't this be the same Stage Three penalty?  Meaning 10 games or up to one year?  Why are we even talking about him coming back for training camp? Even though the suspension is indefiinite, it shouldn't mean that it could be less than his previous Stage Three penatly, which was a year.  So, at earliest, if you account the games missed last year, we are talking week 15.

  6. 3 hours ago, fingers said:

    So is this a save face move for Witten?


    This was my first thought as well.  He probably realizes he is horrible in the booth, and was just looking for an out.  At least he'll know what to do with his hands now.