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  1. 4 hours ago, Chest-Rockwell said:


    Yesterday afternoon it was reported Vrabel said the team will decide on its starting quarterback Monday night. If that report is accurate, it means Vrabel made his decision last night. Now, if Vrabel did indeed make this decision last night, it'd be nice if he'd, ya know, go ahead and inform us of this decision, and I imagine, eventually, he probably will; however, to this point, he's yet to have done so.

    Silly if you ask me. The Titans have a playoff caliber defense. And on offense, Derrick Henry is has the build to take on a heavy workload, while Corey Davis has the measurables and ball skills to be an impact receiver in this league. A relatively competent a quarterback makes this team a threat to make it out of the AFC; albeit a moderate threat, but a threat nonetheless. However, a relatively competent NFL QB, Marcus Mariota is not. To be sure, Ryan Tannehill might not be either; and if I'm being honest, more likely than not, he isn't. Yet, with Tannehill, we cannot say with certainty yet, one way or another. 

    Mariota on the other hand? Everyone and their mother knows Marcus Mariota ain't worth a lick as a starting NFL quarterback. In fact, I think even my great Aunt Lakey knows this, even though in the 96 years she lived on this planet, I don't she ever once tuned into an NFL game, let alone kept up with the ongoings with Tennessee Titans signal caller. And I say these things in the past tense because she's been dead for about a year now; yet, even still, she knows Marcus Mariota ain't worth a damn lick as a starting NFL quarterback.

    Nice guy I hear, this Mariota fella; and I'm sure he'd make for a great customer service rep; and as such, he seems athletic enough to me that I'd be willing to wager he'd be one hell of an intramural league quarterback for just about any general customer service intramural football league that exists in this country, from sea to shining sea.

    But circling back to your original question:  at this juncture, no, we don't yet know who will be throwing footballs to Corey Davis this week, as it's still yet to have been announced.

    Actually, I should probably rephrase that...

    Because what we DO know is, whether the Titans starting QB this week winds up being Marcus Mariota or Ryan Tannehill, under no circumstances will Mariota be throwing any footballs to Corey Davis. Now, at one point or another Mariota might soft toss a couple balls harmlessly into the turf that one could argue were "pass attempts" aimed towards the general vicinity of where Corey Davis was standing...

    But the actual act of Marcus Mariota throwing a football to Corey Davis?...No sir, that will not be happening; not by any measure.


    3 hours ago, Chest-Rockwell said:


    That's the million dollar question; the answer to which, I don't believe anyone knows yet. To find out the answer to this question, the first step in the process, or this "quest" if you will, is contingent on Mike Vrabel anointing Ryan Tannehill the starting quarterback. And it wouldn't even have to be a permanent anointment. Just giving Tannehill A game as the predetermined starter, and the week's worth of first team practice reps and game-planning that come along with that would be a nice start. I think just a singular start for him would go along ways towards shedding light onto that question.  And hopefully Vrabel complies in regards to this first step; and hopefully he does so beginning this week.

    But until Vrabel does, all we can do is speculate. And speculate is what I'm doing when I say....Tannehill would probably pose a moderate upgrade for Davis. In other words, something less than significant upgrade for Davis, but greater than miniscule...and certainly not worse.

    Earlier in the thread I was expressing thoughts that, all things considered, a switch to Tannehill could very-well make Davis roster-worthy again. If all goes right, perhaps a decent WR-3 or flex, with a ceiling as a WR-2 on occasion...and possibly even with a manageable floor, as opposed to Davis' weekly floor up to this point over the entirety of his 2.5 season's as a wide receiver in the National Football League, which has been otherwise UN-manageable.

    But what I'm also thinking is, that even if such a switch to Tannehill doesn't ultimately amount to Davis being roster worthy in the long game, I feel if such a switch were to be made, that switch in and of itself makes Davis at least worthy of a temporary add as a wait and see flyer; ya know, if you have the room for it. And then if nothing comes it after, say, a week or two...then dump his a**; no harm no foul.


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  2. 9 minutes ago, Gohawks said:

    Let's play a game. Below I will list RBs and their snap percentage each week. Take an honest guess which one Gurley is.

    A. 68%, 72%, 60%, 79%

    B. 70%, 61%, 97%, 64%

    C. 70%, 64%, 74%, 76%

    D. 32%, 58%, 60%, 46%

    E. 38%, 54%, 57%, 61%

    F. 74%, 46%, 42%, 54%

    G. 57%, 54%, 75%, 70%

    H. 77%, 54%, 44%, 76%














    A = Cook

    B = Chubb

    C = Gurley

    D = Ingram

    E = Mixon

    F = Jacobs

    G = K. Johnson

    H = Carson


    Just to prove my point how of illogical, tinfoil hat, and ridiculous this thread has become. Most of these guys are regarded as bellcows and workhorse RBs. Among them Gurley was tied for 3rd in snap percentage week 1, 2nd week 2, 3rd week 3, and tied for 2nd week 4. Last year Gurley played 75% of the snaps this year he has played in *GASP*...71%. The main issue is the Rams line has experienced a fairly large downgrade and McVay is displaying a tendency to shy away from the run due to this. Goff has also been quite bad and thus these two combinations lead to less running room and less scoring opportunities. Has Gurley looked a little off? Yes, very much so but I cannot stress enough it is nowhere in the same galaxy as this thread makes it out to be. 

    How dare you bring logic into this place.