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  1. Concussion. Not watching so I have no idea what the status is.
  2. Ridley 75 yard TD. Been waiting on this guy to show up.
  3. The disaster known as Hue is currently occurring in Cincinnati. Warning in effect until 7pm EST.
  4. What game are we talking be about?! This is madness.
  5. It'll make a great 30 for 30 someday. Or a "Football Life" short.
  6. John Dorsey knew what he was doing getting rid of this train wreck. Good luck to you Josh with your mental health. It's doubtful you ever see a football field again.
  7. Tale as old as time. Now that Josh has finally realized that he wants to start playing football, all of his otherworldly physical talents have left him. He'll never get that fat payday he has always been looking for, and in 20 years he'll look back at his youth and wonder, if only.
  8. Fun reading through this again with the season just about played out.
  9. Well you can't say he's not consistent.
  10. Damn it New England. Freaking hate you guys now more than ever before. Can't even beat the Squeelers to help the Brownies.
  11. Ironic that Conner showed the Steelers that Bell was expendable. Now Samuels doing his best to show that Conner is expendable.
  12. When you check your lineup and realize you started Aaron Jones instead of Marlon Mack
  13. What are we thinking for AB today? 6 for 45?
  14. So Kittle and Amari put up like 400 yards receiving and like 80 tds against me last week. This week starting off the same with Nuk dropping 170 and 2. I wholly expect Kenny G and JuJu to throw down another 500 receiving yards on me.
  15. Maybe this is more basic than we all think. Like pouring out a forty for your fallen homie, maybe this was simply Philbin's way of honoring the departed McCarthy. By playing your inferior players and marrying that with deprecated play-calling.
  16. Having a coach that controls the GM is not a feasible structure. But, that's what the Raiders offered to lure Gruden out of retirement I guess so it's what they'll have to live with.
  17. There can be only one Aaron in Green Bay.