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  1. Yes he's played. Browns look like garbage though.
  2. Just poking fun at this statement. We all know who his week 1 matchup is already.
  3. Sucks for the offense, but it also sucks for the defense too. I'm keeping AB in and not looking back.
  4. If I have to explain it then it's not funny.
  5. Good to see zero drops for Ridley. That was a bit of a concern for him coming out.
  6. Are you suggesting holding 3 kickers is a proven concept for fantasy success?
  7. I would have failed your thesis the moment you told me to hold 3 kickers.
  8. All I ask of you Patrick: 1) Don't turn the ball over 2) Consistently carry offensive drives into opponent territory 3) Stall out around the 30 yard line so I can get some field goals Sincerely, Butt kicker owner
  9. Honestly I'd rather him sit this week and get fully healthy. No sense in rushing it back for week 1 and having a setback.
  10. Just checked the preseason stats - 9/9. Looks like it's all systems go for butt kicker!
  11. Anyone trotting him out this week?
  12. Out of everyone on my team, I think I am the most excited about Easy E. Defenses are going to need to roll coverage to OBJ, and linebackers will be cheating up on Quan. That leaves the middle of the field wide open for this dude to rake. I don't think overall TE1 is out of reach.
  13. It would have to be a backwards pass to Gordon on the wing, and then Gordon throws up a 500 ball, runs downfield and wins the contested catch himself. Totally doable.
  14. He could report and then fake an injury. That would be stellar.
  15. At least Penny has a role model. Some kids go their entire lives without a role model.