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  1. That Dobbs trade doesn't look so good in hindsight.
  2. For the Miami Dolphins to be thrown out of the NFL, and all related fantasy points of games associated with them to be erased from the annals of history.
  3. NE DST just put up 30+ on me. Just checked my schedule and my opponent next week has the DAL DST, facing none other than MIA. This should be inhumane.
  4. Atlanta fan getting ready to enjoy a nice victory.
  5. Eagles fan getting ready to enjoy a nice victory.
  6. Assuming that there wasn't a typo, I can see how that would motivate a guy.
  7. No, we've been bad because we sucked. Bottom line.
  8. Replay of Matt Ryan on the last sack.
  9. I'll be honest. I was kind of hoping for 4 TDs.
  10. I didn't realize we were watching JAG tonight.
  11. Yes, I'm here. With Cam and the NE DST I'm just too sad to react.
  12. Well, looks like he's a bench until the next AB incident.
  13. Dolphins just need to forfeit the season. Literally just fire everyone and forfeit the year.
  14. Cam Newton thread still locked down. So many GIF opportunities gone...
  15. Hey Ronald, let me give you a hand.
  16. I don't think Cam is even start-able against Arizona. I really don't know what the f--- to do about him.
  17. Why oh why the f--- did I take Cam in the 10th.