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  1. The wifi connection sucked today. Like 1G bull****.
  2. One of these reporters needs to man up and ask them how it feels to be bent over on the national stage.
  3. lol is your league commissioner Ric Flair?
  4. Holy sheet @DerrickHenrysCleats is being auctioned off on
  5. I keep looking at the pursuit angles of the Jaguars defenders and it has become clear to me that these guys have not yet passed 8th grade geometry.
  6. From now on, whenever a runner fails to break an attempted tackle, I'm going to mutter to myself "Ain't no Derrick Henry."
  7. DH actually just staged a mini holdout in an effort to get an immediate contract extension.
  8. So you know how in Madden you have your returner run out of bounds at the 1 yard line so you can keep getting 99 yard TDs? The Titans should be at that point right about now.
  9. At this point, in an effort to show mercy on the opposing team, the Titans have eliminated 98% of their playbook and will only run HB traps the rest of the game.
  10. DHC managed to break MySQL server.
  11. I would personally would love to see 10 touchdowns for DH. Let's make it happen.
  12. If I was Doug Marrone, I would just retire at the end of the 3rd.