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  1. You know those cleats are on their way to Canton. Pack your bags @DerrickHenrysCleats
  2. In other news, they showed Jonnu Smith getting helped off the field on the 99 yard run. Probably out for the game, if anyone here is hanging out for that.
  3. Troy Aikman: "There's already more points scored in this game than I anticipated coming in." lmfao
  4. Because KC is also about winning ballgames. Obviously he is a talented player. So until there was social outcry, they were going to ride that gravy train as long as possible. If Hunt was a borderline talent, guaranteed he gets cut in February.
  5. My point is people don't have to look for the negative news about Hunt. It is everywhere. It is associated with a negative connotation. If you were a hospital manager, and Hunt was one of your employed doctors, you would fire him too. It's bad for business to have him around.
  6. 1) What due process are you talking about? This is not a criminal court or proceeding. 2) I have no idea who is in your link. But without even looking at your link, I can tell you that there is a video that is plastered everywhere about Hunt.
  7. This 1,000%. No one gives a crap if the act was criminal or not. That doesn't matter and that's not what anyone is talking about. The NFL is a business. The business is about making money. If you employ someone who has this act on video, no doubt it will affect your bottom line. Not that hard to understand.
  8. So if Conner has any sort of significant injury, does Pukesburgh use the tag on Bell again?
  9. Breida jukes so hard he breaks his own ankles.
  10. That's his third or fourth missed extra point attempt. Butt kicker getting his butt kicked.
  11. I've neglected to realize that the 49ers are playing for the first overall pick. Not winning ballgames. Breida going to have a permanent home on my bench.
  12. Agree. We've talked about Hunt for the past 5 days. Let's get over that topic.