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  1. Lmao, that Raider chick shoving her tits in the helmet.
  2. The only thing that can stop the Wallerus, is the Denver offense...
  3. I have a ton of respect for Lindsay. Dude is definitely fearless.
  4. That was an amazingly bad 2 minute drill.
  5. And before we can blink, the Wallerus has 36 yards!
  6. Wow, what an amazing game! With this high of a note, they should just cancel the DEN/OAK game and call it a week.
  7. Well f--- that. I'm hoping for 59-47 garbage time supreme.
  8. I don't think the Texans realize that they're playing tackle football.
  9. Booger: Murray is no Ingram. 1 minute later: Murray scores 30 yard touchdown.
  10. I miss the 90s rap videos where chicks are shaking their asses all over the place. Because even if the music sucked, you still had something to entertain you.
  11. Kamara on pace for 0 TDs this season. Who would have thought?
  12. Well let's do some math. Lamar Jackson snap count = 54 Marquise Brown snap count = 14 54 / 14 = 3.857 Marquise Brown stats = 4/147/2 (receptions/yards/tds) So if I am projecting correctly, we should be expecting around: 4 * 3.857 = 15.43 receptions per game 147 * 3.857 = 567.98 yards per game 2 * 3.857 = 7.71 tds per game Seems like a #1 waiver to me! 🤣
  13. This guy looked like the re-incarnation of Anquan Boldin. I'm a Browns fan, but I was impressed with his physicality. He looks like a tight end.
  14. Yes, Ward was on Corey Davis all day. It was clear that the Titans game planned for shadow coverage and pretty much ignored Davis from the start. I'm not going to get too worked up just yet.
  15. I need to watch the tape, but how does everyone else feel about the Jaguars DST? Obviously a tough challenge yesterday going against the Chiefs. I'll provide my own feedback/updates later today.
  16. Pittsburgh can't even garbage time right. Need to use those timeouts.
  17. I doubted, and I paid the ultimate price. Please forgive me.