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  1. Over-reactions are precisely why I love Rotoworld. Wouldn't be the same without it.
  2. So did Breida get injured and no one reported it? Very curious.
  3. Butker might be my highest scoring player this week.
  4. So still not sure what's going on. Is Luck just taking a knee 3 downs in a row?
  5. So what the f--- is going on here? This is the same Jags defense that couldn't stop the Bills right?
  6. That's a mighty big IF right there. This is the same team that hired a coach that went 3-36-1.
  7. For a split second this made me think about David Boston.
  8. I didn't laugh at the hitting the girl part, because that was a disgusting act. But god damn I have tears in my eyes from the rest of your sentence.
  9. How long until Washington puts in the waiver claim?
  10. It's a joke man. Don't take it literally.
  11. I totally believe it. If you don't want to find something, just don't look. Classic case of CYA. If there's no paper trail, you can't prove they did have it.
  12. Fantasy football players with Hunt: "That's not a kick. More like a gentle nudge."
  13. This is not like the Zeke situation. This is like the Rice situation. Public court of opinion rules when there's matter of domestic violence via video evidence. It would be extremely costly to the NFL to allow Hunt to play.
  14. In 2016 Spencer had 447 yards receiving. He's no pushover. Try again.
  15. You can also say that every time Kamara makes a defensive coordinator and/or defensive player look silly by racking up the points, he is also attempting to injure their career/livelihood.
  16. No guarantees that Mckinnon is even back next year. His cap hit would be minimal next year, and if Shanahan believes that Breida has the goods, which he does, then it might make sense to cut McKinnon and move on to a cheaper option. I'd hang on to see how everything shakes out.
  17. f--- the full-time employee refs. Still can't get ******** calls right. I don't get what the point of replay is if you can't get s--- right.
  18. Well that was ******** horse****. Botched fumble call and then a TD kills my season.