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  1. I'd also go with Sanders. He and Keenum will have a good year together and I don't trust Thompson's health enough (even as an owner)
  2. Thanks for mine. I'd go with Goodwin here just because I like Jimmy more than Mariota
  3. My team: QB: Watson RB: D. Johnson/Mixon/Conner/Collins/Cohen/Jones WR: K. Allen/Cooper/Cooks/Woods/Lockett TE: Rudolph His team: QB: Bree RB: Burkhead/C. Thompson/Henry/Ingram/T. Montgomery/K. Johnson WR: Hopkins/Julio/Hill/Parker TE: Reed/Doyle Trade is my Conner/Jones/Cooks for his Hopkins/Henry Leave a link!
  4. more curious what your thoughts on borderline WR1 was specifically as there can be a lot of variation on position value. But I appreciate the response either way!
  5. I'd go Collins/Enunwa or Collins/Freeman. Thanks for mine
  6. Thanks, yeah team 1 scares me until Baldwin's injury proves to be less intense than I assume. Any idea what a Conner/Cooper or Conner/Landry could get me?
  7. So I have 2 teams with Conner which has given me some RB depth and I could use some receivers in both: Team 1 (2QB, 1 ppr) QB: Newton/Goff/Trubisky RB: Kamara/Gordon/Conner/C. Thompson/Cohen/Mack WR: Baldwin/Cooper/Landry/D. Parker/Enunwa TE: Eifert Team 2 (1 PPR) QB: Watson RB: Johnson/Mixon/Conner/Collins/Cohen/Jones/Bernard WR: Allen/Cooper/Cooks/Woods/Lockett TE: Rudolph For either of these, with the uncertainty of the Conner/Bell situation...Is there value in trading Conner for an upgrade at WR or TE? If so, what kind of value are people seeing? Leave a link!
  8. Tate is probably the right call, but my gut would say Thielen to start out a good season with his new QB.
  9. I'm rolling with the Lions in a couple leagues. Juicy matchup
  10. I'd probably go Henry because of the snap count for Gordon too
  11. I'd go Baldwin too, gonna get a good share of targets
  12. I have David Johnson starting so I need to pick two of Collins/Mixon/Conner. Leave a link!
  13. I'm a big proponent of "go with the guy you want", "go with your gut" etc. but even if I wanted Barkley that much to consider this, it's that hammy that would scared me back to Gurley/Bell who are both proven monsters. Help on mine: