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  1. Tempting but I think I will pass. I do think Fournette will bust out...
  2. Leaning Godwin. I hate starting Geo...
  3. We will see. Chill guys, not the end of the world lol. I'm happy with it. Relax and have a good night...
  4. This is how I am leaning, love the upside. I can Flex Engram but still leaves me with a massive gaping hole at RB. Think I may take it and hope for the best...
  5. I have Kelsey but my only legit option at RB is Chris Carson. I need another RB in the worst way and I think it's just a matter of time until DM pops. Thoughts?
  6. No actual rules, just an agreement that highest scoring team wins side Calcutta...
  7. Money going to owner 2nd in total points. Am I insane? If you win both you should win both correct??? 1st $850 2nd $700 (includes $300 for highest total points even though he was actually 2nd) 3rd $250
  8. Somehow survived this week. Benching Cam next week for Matty Ice. Done with the guy...
  9. Up 27 , I have Cam opponent has Mccaffery. Can't wait till its over...