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  1. Tempted to start Rex over Mike Sanders.
  2. First thing you have to look for is to see if D. Harris is active. B. Bolden is out so I could see NE activating Harris. I think they get S. Michel going this week after last week's putrid performance. I don't think they'll need J. White too much out of the backfield. If Harris isn't active, Burkhead could be a nice flex play. He has a role in the offense regardless and if he gets mop up time...gravy. Even if Harris is active I think Burkhead gets decent play.
  3. I believe Fitz was throwing the ball to him that particular game. Winston has a man crush for Brate for some reason. And Brate had two TDs called back last week.
  4. Starting him over AP in the flex. Deceiving stat line last week. Had the touches. Looked fantastic. Talent is going to win out and bust out eventually. Every time I see him run he reminds me of a young L. McCoy.
  5. Scooped him despite having the #10 waiver. Surprised. I see flex opportunity week 4 @NYG, week 6 @MIA, and week 7 vs SF. That will work.
  6. Any Ekeler owners looking to grab M. Gordon while his value is super low? Tempted to try and secure this entire backfield. And Gordon appears to be hitting rock bottom. Curious what people are getting for Gordon. I actually am having a hard time giving up a M. Sanders for him.
  7. Why? Neither of them run the ball. Ekeler and Jackson are doing just fine on the ground.
  8. Think Rex is a cheap way to get a piece of this offense. He's healthy and he definitely has a role. White is the pure receiving back and S. Michel is only a two down back. What makes Burkhead appealing to Bill is that when he is in the game, he is not tipping whether it is a run or pass, because when healthy, he can do both. And we know Michel can get dinged. And oh by the way, there's no gronk. And their schedule is an absolute cakewalk. Worth a flyer for sure.
  9. Tempting. Especially if A. Brown is out. For me it's M. Sanders or Burkhead.
  10. You didn't draft Hill to play in September. You drafted him to make a difference in November. I remember a lot of dopes dropping N. Chubb early on last year. Holding.
  11. Don't own Zeke, but own Pollard. Keeping him for now and hoping there are rumblings Pollard could start in my 2nd flex position. That said, I'm not hopeful. Looking at the Zeke owner's squad I'm guessing the only thing I could get for Pollard is WR J. Brown. Most likely scenario is a drop just prior to gametime to pick up my guess on next week's waiver wire wonder.
  12. Benching for L. Jackson. Don't like his home/road splits.