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  1. Lot of doom and gloom in this thread. I'm facing him tonight so you're all set.
  2. DJ Moore to outscore Kamara and I. Thomas by 7 points. Basically need Kamara to strain his groin prior to the game going to the bathroom.
  3. No kidding. Wentz with just blinders on and throws to Ertz and that's it. Needed this 4 weeks ago.
  4. Not seeing that he's ruled out other than by dope Brad Evans.
  5. questionable to return. What's the injury?
  6. Leaning Jackson over R. Wilson. It's raining, but I'm counting on his legs more than his arm. Could also see moronic TB secondary falling down or something and letting J. Brown get deep. Just think R. Wilson and SEA will be running all day.
  7. More running? Possibly better for Lamar Jackson?
  8. Apparently, Buck Allen is active. Wouldn't that be just like Harbaugh to insert him at the goal line.
  9. Anyone with an update in Baltimore? Debating both L. Jackson and K. Dixon last second.
  10. That would be brutal. Not sure I could stomach that. That comment alone has me leaning back towards A. Jones despite the rotten matchup @CHI. Guaranteed touches.