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  1. Available before the all-decisive free agency: Hornets, Pistons, Bucks, Kings, Jazz.
  2. The season for simpler games might have come and gone, but we're still here!
  3. Still alive and kicking, and accepting new members, in case anybody wondered
  4. Now that the simplistic leagues out there have all drafted, how about joining something more intellectual? You'd be just in time for rookie scale TO's, plus signing some leftover free agents and/or deciding on waivers to get down to a roster of 15.
  5. Friendly reminder: we're always looking for nerds willing to polish their CBA knowledge and join a fun community! Pelicans, Mavs, Hornets, and two-time champs Clippers are for grabs. (Sign up and contact me directly on ProFSL if interested.)
  6. Brooklyn and Portland are for grabs as the wildest free agency ever looms, headlined by Durant, Harden, and Curry!
  7. Finals shminals, the free agency is approaching The nerdiest league out there is recruiting again! Ready to step up as a CBA-whizkid GM? Or maybe get filthy rich as an agent instead? If you don't apply, I'm sending this guy your way
  8. Last chance to get on board before the tip-off! Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks both need new GM's.
  9. The new season is upon us, and ProFSL's most active and most geeky enterprise offers plenty of career possibilities as GM's, Assistant GM's, and Agents. Please apply here:
  10. Only the Magic still available, and watch out for the craziness when the Moratorium ends tomorrow!
  11. Blazers (with Anthony Davis!), Magic (with Jabari!), and Pistons (with Jameer Nelson!) remain available. Come July 1, our two agencies expect to be flooded with contract offers from desperate GM's, so please try to sign up on ProFSL ASAP.
  12. Draft and Free Agency are getting awfully close, it's a hot period in our league with all those Team Options, Qualifying Offers and whatnot. Got what it takes?
  13. With the trade deadline fast approaching, Nuggets, Pistons, Rockets, and Magic all looking for a GM to make their present and/or future brighter!