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  1. Melvin has been quiet on social media the last few days. Could something be brewing?
  2. Agreed. As a Chargers fan and MG owner I am resigned to the fact that he isn’t playing until week 10 and when he comes back not to be fully engaged. Hopefully Mack and Duke can fill the gap.
  3. So what’s to stop him from coming back week 10 and say I pulled my hammy can’t play? I mean if there is this much bad blood why would he give the LAC anything resembling an effort and expose himself to a major injury over 6 games for an .org he won’t be playing for?
  4. I don’t think he is showing up until week 10. The question I have is... If the Chargers are no longer negotiating with MG and his reps, does that mean the 10m is off the table? I feel like to many bridges have been burned for him to even think about returning to the Chargers. So with that being said if he returns week 10 to the team and mysteriously has a hammy issue and doesn’t play, but is on the team does that count towards his FA?
  5. Oh and he will be back before week 10. It will cost him his salary if he doesn't.
  6. If you can get Damien Williams go for it. I am not getting offers like that in my league.
  7. It is hard to predict value this far out, but I guess what I am saying (and my opinion) is that I would get greater value for him from a playoff team when he comes back in week 10, than from a team in week 1. His name value doesn't change until he hits the field.
  8. I do have some concern about his health, but the reality for my situation is that his value is bottom barrel and the RB spot is my greatest need which kind of hand cuffs me here. I am not a person who trades penny on the dollars. I would rather he come back at some point this year and make a trade for a next year to a cusp playoff team for a draft pick next year or a higher end player. I am presently exploring trades that would be a RB for a WR to fill the gap.
  9. Depends on your needs and the deal. I am holding onto MG as I think he comes back within the first 4 weeks and they meet common ground on the incentives.
  10. I am a Gordon owner and a Chargers fan. Unfortunately I don't see him coming back until week 10 when the financial penalty kicks in. Chargers are cheap and will never give him the 13m he wants. They did try and bridge the gap with incentives, but obviously that isn't enough. I just wish he would try and negotiate the incentives and take the 10m.
  11. BTW, I like your style, Dude.
  12. Don't overthink this one, Dude. Mack and Jones.