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  1. I can’t believe people are benching him.
  2. At this rate he’ll hit 40 homers and score 45 runs.
  3. He's also getting pulled early for defensive reasons when the Padres have the lead. That's going to eat into his at-bats.
  4. You guys must make a million transactions looking for the next shiny object.
  5. Because he doesn’t care about your fantasy team.
  6. I started him. Didn't feel great about it. But in a league with any depth where you're using 1500-1600 innings, I don't see how you sit high quality pitchers. Did it work out? Not really. I'd do it again. It really comes down to format, I guess.
  7. Guys, we get it. He’s injury prone.
  8. Hicks is pretty clearly next in line. Going to be a holds machine in the meantime.
  9. Well, sure, but there was never any reason to expect him to be a big homer guy. He plays in a brutal park. If he hits 20 in addition to everything else, you celebrate like you stole something.
  10. It’s funny this thread is so long because Martinez is the easiest guy to have. He plays virtually every game and hits all pitching. Maybe try not to think too much on this one.
  11. Can someone point me to the threads with the perfect pitchers? I need some of those guys. Apparently the Pivetta critics have them all.
  12. I'd be careful here. Gonzales's K/BB rate isn't as shiny lately even though his results are better and there's nothing in his history to indicate he'll strike out people like he did in April.
  13. The boat left a while ago in holds leagues.
  14. Holland turned down the QO and reportedly a 3-year offer from the Rockies. Boras didn’t exactly nail it.
  15. Saves/holds leagues should become the norm.
  16. Maybe let O’Neill play for a week first.
  17. Ramos lost a save with that cutesy make Neris feel good about himself move and lost a save when the Phillies scored two runs in the ninth to make it a four-run lead. He's far more likely at this point to get the easy multiple run lead, one inning saves. That helps his value greatly.
  18. I can. Dominguez will get the toughest situations and will get some saves as a result. Like six outs with a one-run lead when he’s rested.
  19. They have games against Cole and Verlander sandwiched between two off days. I can see why they might wait.
  20. Chasing your tail with the Angels situation.
  21. Carp will play 2B against some lefties. Gyorko to 3B. Munoz at SS.
  22. I'd be all over Carpenter if I could get him. Even if he has a down year overall by his standards, you've missed the worst times. His ROS numbers are going to be solid. He's still hitting the ball hard and still walking.
  23. I'd bet on Ramos getting more saves than Dominguez because the latter will get used earlier in games and you just can't count on racking up six-out saves. I think Neris is on the periphery at this point.
  24. DeJong has shown better command of the strike zone and is going to right field more. Those advancements have cost him power. Jury is out on what kind of hitter he'll become.
  25. The eternal question: Is the K upside worth the walks? Not today.