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  1. Im not drunk your are drunk. Nagy is bad, and nagy should feel bad for being bad and nagy is a bald headed shine head piece of GARBAGE
  2. All true except im a Giants fan. Nagy just deserves to get FIRED. He is pure TRASH.
  3. im glad Nagy lost, nagy your are a MORON and you deserve to lose. FU NAGY NAGY I HOPE YOU KILL YOUR SELF
  4. im glad the bears lost F U nagy i hate you nagy i hope you get diarrhea
  5. Nagy is a moron the bears deserve to lose because Nagy is A MORON
  6. What Will You Do Differently in '19 - NEVER PLAY AGAIN (I will be drawn back. )
  7. Need to build the wall to keep out all the Gordon haters. Might as well shut the thread because the Gordon vile haters are going to run rampant in here.
  8. lost because i started trubisky over rodgers wheres that trubisky 6 TD game vs TB
  9. I should be asleep because i have a 12 hour shift in 4 hours that starts at midnight and its 8pm PST and i've wasted this entire season and wasted my entire life.
  10. I don't, they deserve this. I get rekt by Goff and Gurley owners all season when they have blow up games and of course this week i don't play any of them. Goff and Gurley owners finally getting the disrespect the rams deserve.