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  1. instead of watching this game and losing at fantasy football by starting fournette im losing at rocket league. good times
  3. Watch Fournette rush for 100+ and 2 TDs while catching 5 receptions for 45 yards, not enough vodka in the world to drown my tears. It's been a rough couple of weeks boys.
  4. benching Fournette just so i don't have to watch this game while i work on emptying a fifth of vodka
  5. Maybe if Flacco was still the QB but Lamar is gonna eggy mule like half the carries bro.
  6. Too many other RBs on the team and QB that runs the ball too that's that stuff I don't like.
  7. Same here i started him week 1/2 but starting players on Thursday night games, that's that stuff I don't like.
  8. FTFY. Must be nice to cheat with impunity. Only reason AB is still playing is because he's on the patriots, any other team he would be immediatly suspended/exempt.
  9. If you own Engram your starting him regardless, benching Engram that's that stuff i don't like.
  10. The way the giants been playing defense last two weeks Evans should go 9 catches for 114 yards and 2 TDs.
  11. Things starting unraveling when Coughlin left. He should have taken over as GM. Gettleman is a trash GM. Shurmur is not much above McAdoo. And i just triggered my self saying poo poo McAdoo.
  12. Well do it or don't i got places to be. Goodell make a decision.
  13. I hope your wrong but yeah Nagy is the best at playing him self. Congratulates you played your self Nagy, every day.
  14. Is it possible Nagy sees the light? Only hope is WAS offense is anemic and I don't see them scoring much so should keep the bears from getting blown out and forced to abandon the run(like they did in week 1, cough cough vomit puke) Yeah hoping Montgomery explodes week 3 and takes the blinders off Nagy.